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Mon - Thurs 8 am - 9:30 pmFri - Sun 8 am-10 pm
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Taqueria Guadalajara, also known as The Guad or Guad's, depending on who you ask (sort of a shibboleth for UC Davis students), is a restaurant that offers a tremendous variety of reasonably priced food. The menu is heavy with (but not exclusively) Mexican fare, from tacos and burritos to burgers. They have a wide variety of meats including fish and shrimp. A regular burrito is $7.99 and a super burrito is $9.49. Free chips and salsa are included with every order. The Guad offers a savings card that's worthwhile if you eat there frequently. The South Davis location has an outdoor patio that's great for beer, glass bottles of coca-cola, and burritos.

There's something amazing about the guad's burritos. They're very tightly wrapped but full of so much goodness. Places like Chipotle tend to give you large burritos but at the expense of having something closer to a ball than a burrito. Guadalajara delivers tightly wrapped huge burritos. You can also add whole avocado to your burrito in addition to guacamole or as a replacement. This costs 50¢ at the North Davis location, and a dollar at the Woodland location. If you want to read about how the Woodland restaurant's tacos compare to other options in the city, check out this review.

Chips are free and plentiful, as is the delicious salsa. The guad is home to the Super Giant Burrito which is about the size of three burritos — it costs about $18. It is recommended that when going with a friend you purchase and share this burrito between two people. For the same price of buying two burritos, you each get an extra half of a burrito (not that anyone would actually need an extra half burrito).

Breakfast at Guadalajara is an excellent deal. Their breakfast burritos have egg and meat with a side of beans and rice. One burrito costs $1.99, it's $1 for each additional burrito. One is enough, two is plenty and three will darn near fill you up.Went into the North Davis Guadalajara on 7/26/11 at 10:30AM and they were not offering this deal DEAL WAS BACK AS OF 11/05/2011, perhaps a call ahead to confirm would be wise.

Try the South Davis location for weekend brunch on the patio. They will make egg and sausage burritos if you ask for them and they also serve a really nice fajita salad.

Note to Vegetarians: the North Davis location DOES NOT use chicken broth in the preparation of their rice and lard is not used in any of the dishes.

If you're planning just to get take out during peak hours, it is wise to phone in an order ahead of time. The North Davis Guadalajara is within walking distance of the high school — it will undoubtedly be swamped with high school kids who have taken the sophomore walk if you go there during lunch on a weekday.

Be careful when paying with plastic. Since the credit card payment system isn't integrated with the cash register, on rare occasions, the cashier punches the wrong charge into the credit card processor. Check your sales receipt against your credit card receipt (you should be doing this, anyway)! They used to charge a convenience fee when paying with plastic, but this no longer is the case. If you get a coupon from these guys without an expiration date, use it quickly. They probably won't take it after two weeks.

The North Davis location no longer has orange walls, it's green with some leaves now (summer '07).


Inside the North Davis location Fountain on the patio of the South Davis location Earlier picture of the South Davis location


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2008-01-22 14:05:40   i've been going to this place for three years. I can never get enough of it. the super burrito always fills me along with the chips. always worth my money. plus, the staff is pretty cool. they know faces that always come and get the usual :D.


2008-03-23 23:07:10   I don't generally enjoy Mexican food, but I did sample the brown rice drink on display. It was good. Very sweet, but with a slight grain that added a seemingly appropriate body. Very earthy. —tombrokaw

2008-03-23 23:35:57   Food and service has always been good, I love their burritos. Try the Menudo (but its only served on the weekends) —NtoWolves

2008-03-28 17:05:01   Overrated sub-par Mexican food. Honestly,you guys may be ordering your burrito incorrectly at Chipotle if you think the "Super" at Guad's is any bigger because it's not. Chipotle consistently makes better quality burritos and uses higher quality ingredients. Why all the hype over Guad's? The only occasion I might go is if I'm having an all-you-can-eat chip and salsa craving. Otherwise its really not worth it.

The only thing worthwhile at Guad's is the Horchata which is watered down and mixed in a shady looking bucket but nonetheless still tastes fantastic.

As for service, well they clean up after you so I guess you can't really complain eh? Make sure you have someone watch your burritos at all times though. Once, our whole table went to the salsa bar and the lady just cleared our table clean of all our half-eaten burritos. Needless to say we weren't too happy about it.

To clear things up people, it's Guad's! [Please note the apostrophe!] Guad is abbreviated for Guadalajara and the apostrophe is used to show the omission of letters, not the plurality of the restaurant even though there are two. When used in context of conversation one refers to Guadalajara as Guad's in much the same way one might refer to another establishment like Mickey D's (aka McDonald's).

Example Sentence: Dude, let's go to Guad's for some burritos aite?

Also, I'm certain that Guad's refers exclusively to the North Davis location as this location is the more popular choice of UCD students for reasons of convenience.

Final note: To all you Davis "townies," you could stand to benefit from a UC Davis education. Please stop harboring an unfound arrogance you have towards students (the "outsiders") who come to Davis for an education. They are after all the source of your livelihood. Without the University and its students, Davis is a Woodland (probably won't be as great because it doesn't have a Target like Woodland does). So stuff it and please do not come to our picnic day. =) —senioritis

  • Guads is better than chipotle if you are not ordering a chicken dish. Obviously you should not go to a mexican place if you want a grilled chicken burrito, you should go to a california/mexican fusion place like chipotle or baja fresh (a mexican restaurant stews their chicken, which to many californians is less tastey than grilled chicken. However, you might have a change of heart if you tryed some of the stewed chicken burritos in LA. But i agree that none of the davis mexican joints do a chicken burrito justice). On the other hand, if you want carnitas or al pastor you either go to woodland or you go to guads (the pastor is pretty darn decent, and you wont find any place in DAVIS that does it better). I agree that there should be no problem with calling the place guads though. As for not inviting townies to picnic day, where's the love? :) —MattHh
  • You are apparently unaware of the purpose of Picnic Day (to bring in the public) and that the average Townie (excluding kids) probably has a higher level of education that the current undergrad at UCD. —JimEvans
  • I am fully aware of the purpose of Picnic Day and I wholly disagree with it. "And the average Townie has a higher level of education 'that'..." Bwahhahaha I think you just disproved your own point. Your statement may possibly be true but you certainly do not fall under that generalization. =) —senioritis
  • 70% of Davis' population has at least a bachelor's degree. Undergrads almost exclusively do not. And the presence of a single typo is really not grounds for stripping someone's degree from them, otherwise we might have the same kinds of penalties for infractions such as capitalizing an improper noun, like horchata. Also, the apostrophe in Guad's is used to denote ownership, not to show that the word is contracted. —JoePomidor
  • To my knowledge the matriculation rate of UC Davis students is higher than the percentage of degree holding residents in Davis. Yes it’s quite obvious that undergrads do not have a degree. Really?!?! However, that is nothing more than a technicality. What kind of comparison is that? I merely wished to disagree with the prevailing view held by residents that college students are a bunch of idiots. As for JimEvans, I was just poking fun at the guy (smiley face = just kidding buddy). In regards to Guad’s you are incorrect. Ownership of what??? That would only be in the case of denoting possession such as, “Guad’s oily chips.” When you say, “Let’s go to Guad’s” there is absolutely nothing that hints at ownership. Guad’s is used mostly in the context of omission by abbreviation (not contraction) such as is found in the word “can’t.” Please review your punctuation rules Joe. =P —senioritis
  • My apologies. When you said that there should be an apostrophe, I assumed you meant only in the context of ownership. Outside of that context, there is no reason whatsoever to use the word "Guad's". Instead, it would be referred to as "The Guad" as in "Let's go to the Guad." There is no grammatical sense in adding an 's', because there is no 's' in the word Guadalajara.—JoePomidor
  • You make a strong point, but for the sake of local colloquialism and putting a final end to this debate “Guad’s” is stylistically less awkward. Fat chance you will ever catch a person much less a college student say: “Let’s go to the Guad” even if it is grammatically correct. Who says that? —senioritis
  • Actually, I and all my friends do. I hadn't heard of using it as Guad's until today. Contextually, the apostrophe-'s' can only mean possession, though. —JoePomidor

2008-03-28 17:32:25   For those "actually from Davis" who call it Taqueria, you're kinda wrong. See, "Taqueria" is a general term describing the type of business. Guad's seems more unique. It would be like calling Borders "Book Store" or GAP "Clothing store"... Who does that? Anyway, I agree with senioritis, without the University, bye bye Davis. —BrandonBarrette

2008-04-17 00:14:02   One of the best burritos in Davis. Service can be poor at times, however - orders are often taken incorrectly, such as getting a regular burrito when you asked and paid for a super burrito. I've grown to really like these burritos, but what the hell do I know... I'm not even from socal. —BrandonWong

2008-04-17 23:41:13   I love this place. I love the management, also. The evening staff is not usually as good as the daytime staff. Try the 'Camarones al mojo de ajo' dinner. Garlic shrimp. Delicious!!! Definitely one of my favorite taquerias. My favorite in Davis, for sure. —TenayaFreitas

2008-05-13 23:39:16   I just ate at the taqueria next to Save Mart in north davis and BOY was it CROWDED. Its only a TUESDAY and the place was mobbed. I also ordered the same dish I got two weeks ago at the same place in Woodland. Some sort of Spicy Beef with peppers and onions. The Taqueria in Woodland was SOOOO much better than this one in Davis. My god, the difference is AMAZING. The spicy beef in Davis was BLAND. It was tough meat in a simple tomato sauce with jalapeños. The one in Woodland was a tender beef in a complex beefy tomatillo tomato sauce with soft grilled onions and green bell peppers. Even the refried beans on the side was different at the Davis place. The Davis place had beans that looked like food coloring had been added to make them a redish-orange color. In Woodland the beans were the brown they were suppose to be. Sheesh. I will only go to the Woodland location- to hell with the cost. It is cheap by my restaurant standards. —JamieParker

2008-06-06 18:05:38   i love the food. best in davis by far.

you should try their wet burritos, they are amazing! —pinkosmile

2008-06-09 19:38:53   I think I go here like once a week now. Everytime there's a huge line. But I don't let the line discourage me, I let it tell me how great the food is. —Adaleen

2008-06-30 20:05:42   This place is my Mexican food salvation! Mexican food anywhere else in Davis is a joke. If it wasn't for this place I'd have to wait until after finals to go home and have my grandma make me something. As for what people nickname this place, I think "Guad" just sounds stupid. —sweetsoni

2008-06-30 20:18:32   Guad always makes me feel sick. It doesn't even taste good enough to make up for the side effects on my tummy. :( —AllisonEriksen

2008-07-30 15:53:00   South Davis Guad rocks! Remember that with something like a burrito, the time of day & chef making it is critical. I think too many of the negative comments on this page come from whiny folks who go at the busiest time of day and expect the world for a lousy 4.99. Anyways, I've gotten a carnitas or pastor burrito at least once a week for two years. The South Davis location used to have this ginormous mexican chef with a Raiders hat who made the best carnitas imaginable. Now he's gone and they reformulated the carnitas to be much more bland/traditional (i'm guessing?) so I go with pastor.

Helpful hints to be a successful S.D. Guad-goer. #1 Add your own cheese. They tend not to put a lot on, get over it and realize they're giving you more meat. The super giant is only worth it if you like sour cream/guacamole — the regular tends to be fatter and loaded with meat. Corrolary - their cheese-only items aren't worth it. That is, the cheese enchilada, and the cheese quezadilla. Chicken enchilada rocks, carnitas quezadilla rocks.

#2 Their pico has diced green chiles in it. They use it for their burritos - so if you're sensitive to it, watch for bright green things in each bite. Not that difficult. Realize doing it this way allows them to give you great tasting, fresh salsa for free. Personal fav. is the red sauce.

#3 Split a Chicken Mole dinner with a friend, or get it when it's on special. It seems expensive (7 bucks) but its a great change of pace from a burrito. Mole towards closing (around 8-9)tends to just be better, wonder if the chicken has had more time to marinate.

#4 Best lunch times: 11-11:30, 1:30-2:00. This is when the chefs make stuff for themselves, and I've gotten some orgasmically good carnitas burritos at these times. Good dinner time is 5-6 or around 8.

#5 Tips for crowds - always call ahead, get your chips and salsa if the line is insanely long (law of averages says a long line will shrink, but a short line will grow). When the say 10 minutes, it usually much less, I typically call, walk over, get chips/salsa/limes, pick up. During really busy times, tell any employee standing around that you've got a 'pickup,' they'll sometimes ring you up on the second register.

#6 Cheapest non-fast food dinner in town is: side of rice and beans + a ton of free chips & salsa. This is also good for a night of tequila drinking (free limes!!)

#7 Daily special is almost always a good deal. I prefer the red sauce to the green sauce and the yellow sauce.

#8 My friend Dave ate 2/3 of a super giant burrito, got a stomach ache, and passed out. The next morning he woke up and kind of unconsciously started eating the rest... —carnitasPorFavor

2008-08-14 22:24:41   Ate at the South Davis location tonight. I ordered the Super Nachos with spicy pork. It was huge and tasty. I've been craving Mexican food lately and so I've eaten here several times this past week. The food is great (and cheap!), but oh so heavy and not great if you're trying to go easy on the bad carbs.

I prefer the South location because I like sitting on the patio. The North location has the ambiance of a frat house. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I graduated more than a few years ago and am old now. —CurlyGirl26

2008-09-01 13:54:52   I have only tried the North Davis location but I have to say their burritos are not that great. That said, they are by far the best burritos in Davis but, for anyone who has lived outside of Davis (say SoCal) you know what I'm talking about. Guess I'll have to deal with it since I often get those burrito cravings. P.S. I recommend saving money to bribe your friends into taking you to Adalberto's. Get the Cali burrito. Your welcome in advance. :) —TheDavisMarine

2008-09-01 17:32:34   This isn't Santa Ana, but Davis, so you can't really expect Mexican food like the mother next door at home makes it. That being said, Guadalajara makes the best burritos in town. Everytime I've been, the beans have been well cooked and the burritos delicious. They are within walking distance of my house, which is a huge plus, and they have soda water in thier dispenser. But the reason I LOVE this place is the fact that I can get tongue as a meat option, which is something Chipotle, El Mariachi, and Dos Coyotes don't have. Since I love tongue, I go here. —ascapoccia

~Agreed though I wish they had cabeza and head-cheese, mm delicious meats. ~DavidPoole

2008-10-12 10:30:18   I love their quesadillas!!! —feichu-huya

2008-10-14 14:31:17   The South Davis location is consistently the best Taqueria in Davis for me. Fresh food delivered fast, super friendly staff and excellent prices are all reasons I return again and again. Their nachos and crispy tacos are simply delicious and I'm always stuffed for right around 4-6 dollars. The salsa bar is maintained well, the chips are made on site and their green salsa is spicy and isn't as runny as other tomatillo based salsa's I've found. Upbeat atmosphere, nice traditional music and great food for a great value make it my favorite. —loneshark

2008-10-22 14:06:08   I like the North and South D locations best. Last week, I tried the Woodland location for the first time. Wasn't bad, but the spicy pork wasn't as good as I'm used to. —CurlyGirl26

2008-10-26 23:59:14   damn. im not complaining bout it. —tila2killya

2008-10-27 12:59:19   Yup, the verdict is in. the Davis Guad definitely has better spicy pork. I confirmed my suspicions last night. —CurlyGirl26

2008-11-11 00:15:59   I AM SO SHOCKED THAT THEIR RICE ISN'T VEGETARIAN! Since I hate going to taquerias for nachos or quesadillas, I don't think I will be coming back to Guads... :( Aree Rating: n/a (it would be unfair if I did) —ArianeMetz

  • I just ask for the vegetarian burrito with no rice, which is just as tasty (if not more so). Don't give up on Guad altogether! —JaneGreene
  • I just spoke with the manager who told me that they changed their recipe to make the rice and beans veg friendly. He seemed to know what he was talking about, so it looks like Guad is safe for vegetarians. They guacamole doesn't have any dairy in it, so that's safe for vegan people. —ScottWeintraub
  • FOR REAL!? YAY! I Have been going to Guads in Woodland since I was in H.S., I was so sad to give it up (as for why I couldn't get the burritos w/o rice...I guess I could do that...but I love rice...:/...BUT NOW I DON'T HAVE TO COMPROMISE!)—ArianeMetz
    • I recently called the South Davis location to ask about the rice and such to see if they have gone to a vegetarian friendly recipe, and was told that no, they still use chicken stock. Even though we live near Mace Blvd. we drive to the North Davis location. —Brett

2008-11-27 00:13:41   i got the supergiant was perfect. THANK YOU BUDDHA —vietgirlwithappetite

2009-01-14 23:19:42   I never realized how often I go here until I found three almost filled out cards in my old wallets. Good times. I usually get those humungo giant super burritos. They are more than decent and for the amount of food, definitely worth it. It's especially good with La Victoria's sauce from San Jose... ::drools:: For anyone who knows what sauce I'm talking about, yes I did shell out six or seven bucks for that bottle. But the combination of this burrito and that sauce is spectacular. —KimN.

2009-03-08 20:47:05   don't come here for the birria, it's disgusting. I mean it. all their other stuff is pretty good. but the birria is the worst i have had. —guasi

2009-03-24 13:10:29   I lived in San Diego for 5 years and had some of the best mexican food of my life. I was hoping this place would be comparable after reading these comments. They make a pretty good burrito, but nowhere near as good as southern California. —JeffS

2009-03-30 03:39:21   The carnitas super giant burrito is the best. Service is consistently friendly, and prices are great. They might take some time to prepare your order if it's busy, but other than during rush hours it's very fast. —DannyT

2009-04-08 23:43:45   I wish there was someway we could hold a California burrito challenge. Get 5 people like JeffS who, when discussing mexican restaurants, do nothing but complain about burritos that come from 30 miles outside the border and hold a blind burrito taste test and see if they can identify what region of California they come from. If only the wiki had access to a helicopter... —JakeJames

2009-04-09 02:02:01   Pretty good food, not as good as back home (San Diego), but best Mexican food in Davis if you ask me. —MattBlair

2009-04-22 23:48:33   You can't go wrong with the Super Burrito with pulled pork and black beans. —TylerSe

2009-04-27 21:27:22   My boyfriend and I bought a super giant burrito to share a while back, and thought it was funny that we had to carry it home like a baby. The first few bites were really good, but then after a bit, we got sick of it. We ended up eating only 1/4 of the whole thing, and the rest went to waste. Maybe it was just the proportion, so I'm willing to give them another shot some time. I'll comment back when I get around to it. —BrookeB

2009-05-07 09:16:27   Best burritos & their chips and salsa are awesome. The super burritos are pretty big so I usually just get one and share it. Also, I love sour cream but they often put a HUGE amount on it, so ask for just a little bit if you don't want to eat mouthfuls of it. Other than that, awesome :) —AmyLeigh

2009-05-24 17:23:22   Their Chimichanga is more than you expect [HUGE!!!] for a low price. I come back home from Texas just so I can dig into their delicious deep-fried burrito! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED —aaron.smith

2009-06-01 09:01:00   This place is excellent! It is pretty authentic in a lot of their menu items. The south Davis location is great for a relaxing beer and great food in the patio on a sunny day. —belles

2009-06-03 18:43:42   I love Guadalajara! Odd thing though...the North Davis location makes the absolute nastiest bean burritos [I don't know what they mix the beans with? But it tasted like some awful aged sauce or something...I about puked], while the South Davis location is amazing. I love them. Also, I have had the burrito problem from the North Davis location more than once, so it wasn't a one-time thing for me. Definitely check out the South location! —HannahFolkes

2009-06-07 17:56:11   The Best Chicken Enchiladas around! —Trena

2009-06-09 11:18:28   Great mexican food, very cheap price. I go there often and get super burritos. It fills me up (I eat a lot) and it costs on 6 bucks. Plus, free chips and salsa. Only mexican place I'll go to in Davis. —MedievaLW

2009-06-20 14:45:22   I had their chile relleno yesterday at the north Davis restaurant. While I generally do not care for rellenos covered in a red sauce, as was the case at the Guad, I enjoyed it; the sauce as applied was light enough for me to generally overlook it. But the best part was how thick and fresh the stuffed pepper was. It actually had resistance to fork which is so very rare (they tend to be flabby and thin as if they're out of a can). The chile itself was not spicy, but it was tasty enough that I didn't care. The egg batter was perfect as can be expected under a sauce; it wasn't too thick or eggy. I had the chile relleno with the ~$5.99 dinner plate and I thought it a pretty good value. —RyanMikulovsky

2009-07-06 14:18:04   regular nachos with marinated steak. yes. —ketan

2009-07-10 16:26:27   The food is so greasy and I hate the table arrangements, they also barely speak english

I just dont like it in general —Churro615

2009-07-21 07:56:09   (North Davis) I absolutely love their burritos & chips. I usually order the super giant burrito with my boyfriend and we split it in half. Carnitas and black beans are my favorite. Spicy pork is pretty good too. —thisisht

2009-08-18 23:22:22   needs more meat in the burrito. —bewbs

2009-08-24 10:17:27   Maybe it's because I come from the Bay Area where there are taquerias left and right, but I honestly don't see this place as any place special. Yes the food is good, especially when you're craving Mexican food, and yes, there are free chips... but there isn't anything (in my opinion) which sets Guad's away from any other Taqueria. I've had the burritos with carne asada and abodaba. I would say that, while the abodaba is more flavorful, it's definitely a messy meal. I've also had the quesadilla, which I regret. It wasn't anything I couldn't have made myself walking over to Savemart and buying some tortillas, chicken breast, and cheese. I haven't had any of the plates yet, but I plan to, as I live across the street. —aileen

2009-12-03 23:03:25   I've only been to the North Davis location and I've only gotten three types of meals from here (burrito, tacos, tortas all with pastor) but they are amazing. This is my go-to spot whenever I crave Mexican food. The supergiant burrito is a great deal if you want to be eating burrito for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! The staff is pretty friendly as well. —jrz

2009-12-06 00:15:52   I was craving a tamale for the longest time, and guadalajara saved me! :) Yummy a-la-carte pork tamale for $2.40. —MissAmyQ

2010-02-12 14:17:56   Love this place! The pastor burritos are the shizzle. Unfortunately after a couple hours, my stomach regrets it and reminds me to never go back. —103

2010-03-24 13:31:56   These guys have the best food! It does get busy at times, so you there is sometimes a small wait, but it is definitely worth the wait! —GillianH

2010-03-31 12:59:13   Perhaps I went on an off day, but I tried the North Davis location for the first time yesterday, and it was rather mediocre. I got the regular nachos with chicken, and while waiting tried the chips & salsa bar.. While the salsa and all the toppings on the nachos were good, the chips were TERRIBLE!! They were very dry, stale, and seemed to be really old!

I may go back but won't trust the nachos again. —redbike

2010-04-22 15:13:42   A lot of people say that Guadalajara has authentic Mexican food...yes, I agree the food is authentic, but it just because it's authentic doesn't automatically mean food tastes great...Guadalajara dishes are mediocre. The tamales there are the worst tamales I've ever had. Very thick, but very little filling. I got the vegeterian tamale last time and it was awful and the chile rellenos were just bland...definitely not like good tasting and authentic Mexican food. Their orchatas are okay and so are their soft tacos. Salsa bar is okay as well, the pico de gallo has no flavor and neither does the guacamole. Next time I go there I'll just stick to my soft tacos and the red salsas. —areli00

2010-05-03 13:33:22   Went to the North Davis restaraunt for a vege burrito. It was not busy, but the burrito was boring. I asked for green sauce to be added inside instead of red and to hold the rice. Neither of those happened. It was big but just not flavorful. Maybe the meat burritos are better. —LokiAbbi

2010-05-04 12:52:33   We at Taqueria Guadalajara appreciate all your comments. Your feedback is important to us as they help us know what problems need to be fixed. New lunch specials coming soon!

Come join us 5 de Mayo. We will be having dollar tacos and beer specials. —TAQUERIAGUADALAJARA

2010-06-06 10:14:40   Not so good. Their burritos always taste and look different to me every time I order the same one. I am a accustom to Mexican food because I am Mexican. But, this Taqueria is not so hot. I know they get a lot of customers....but they need to prepare their food a bit better. My burritos are always wrapped weirdly. I use to think this place was better than Mariachi, but not anymore. Also, a bit pricey! —Jackie89o

2010-06-13 00:22:44   first time i came here i was very impressed. the chimichanga gave me an oralgasm. but now i just feel gross everytime i eat here. the chips are like knives when you crunch down on them. —binladen

2010-07-16 17:41:15   By far the best Mexican in town. The pico de gallo salsa has a touch of thyme in it; wonderful! The pineapple and horchata drinks are great. The grilled chicken tacos are amazing and taste more sinful than they are. —JasperD

2010-08-08 21:36:06   I just ate here for the first time tonight, and it was a very pleasant experience. I sat on the patio, which is very nice. I had a super burrito with adobada for the meat. They accidentally forgot to add the sour cream and guacamole to my burrito, but their delicious salsas made up for the mistake. My partner had a combination plate that included a chicken enchilada with black beans and rice. I tried a bite of the enchilada and it was very good. The two meals, along with two fountain drinks, came out to $16. We were stuffed! —reviewaskew

2010-10-14 08:44:06   this place is so gross. it's definitely NOT authentic mexican food, and flies are everywhere. the waitresses get pissed off when you ask them for little things. —emme

2010-11-03 21:03:33   Ah, two strikes already in my book. The first time I tried Guadalajara's "super" burrito, it tasted bland and dry. I thought to myself "Maybe it was a one time occurrence." Almost a year passes by and I decide to give it another shot. I order another super burrito; the reason I order burritos is cause it gives me the ability to benchmark their cooking abilities through its rice, beans of course meat. This time unfortunately, not only did the meat taste completely absent of any flavor; they barely put a couple pieces of meat in the burrito. I was so mad at this point I had to ask for a refund. No meat flavor, plus very little meat is not a good combination for a good burrito. If you want a decent burrito in davis, you're better going to Taqueria Davis or Chipotle. —JavierDeLeon

2010-11-07 15:44:52   Love this place. The food is great and the staff is awesome! —FrancesKnudsen

2010-11-24 14:45:42   the burritos here are amazing. that one green sauce in the salsa bar is awesome. free chips are great too —hkaeley

2011-01-03 19:36:27   I love their tortas! Sometimes the cashier is nice enough to do 2 different meat in one tortas. I prefer the location in North Davis, although they are busier than the south davis location, I like the way they make their tortas here in the north—different cook I guess. I only come here for their tortas so I can't comment on their other items, but I'm glad they also offer free chips and Salas. I love how crunchy their chips are, I think they fry it there. I prefer this place over El Mariachi, hands down. —kikao

2011-03-09 03:26:28   I have frequented the South Davis location for years. The food here is phenomenal, cheap, and you get a TON of it. For authentic economy Mexican food, this is probably the best you're going to do in town. And talk about the salsa bar! —IanBurau

2011-03-09 15:22:23   Been to both locations. Food is excellent at both, but the South Davis location has MUCH better ambiance. And the patio is perfect during the warmer months. Fave dish are the tacos dorado (crispy) with ground beef - they are not on the menu, so you have to ask for them. Yes, they are greasy and, no, they are not a healthy item. —browneyedblues

2011-03-23 01:47:30   My girlfriend and I frequent the North Davis location. I'm completely addicted to the adobada super burrito. One of those and a horchata and I'm set for the night. —kennethlyons

2011-04-03 14:05:59   I hadn't been to Guad in probably 4 years, but we just went there for lunch. It's even worse than I remembered. Extremely slow line (8 or 9 people in front of us, and it took 10 minutes to get to the counter), very nasty table (there was some sort of gelatin, as well as a bunch of stains and sauce on it when we sat down), and the food just wasn't good. I got a pastor super burrito and was pretty disappointed. The meat is exceptionally greasy, and there's hardly any guac, sour cream, and cheese on it. The chips are almost as greasy as the meat (despite being extremely thick, which I like, most of them are nearly transparent from grease), and the salsas, despite being different colors, are virtually identical. Heat, but almost no flavor.

Guad remains exactly what I expected: a lot of cheap, bad food. —TomGarberson

2011-04-12 18:29:02   My girlfriend and I just stopped by here to grab a small appetizer at the Anderson Plaza location. We bought some chips, guacamole, and an order of Nachos. The chips were all stale and old. The guacamole was terrible. The nachos were outright aweful. Tasted like crap, no flavor, more stale chips and after only eating a few bites each, we both now feel sick and will most likely be vomiting by the end of this review. This place is definitely one of the top 10 WORST RESTAURANTS in Davis. Avoid at all costs unless you like shitty service, stale old food and the awesome feeling of not knowing when you are going to be projectile vomitting, just that its imminent. Avoid at all costs. Nasty. —angrychair

2011-04-16 21:02:04   I had heard that the Guad in South Davis had put a TV out on the patio, so I was worried that the experience would be ruined, but I was glad to find out that the volume of the TV was turned down and the usual Mexican music was playing. My favorite dish here remains the tostada with their tasty adobada (which is beef at this restaurant). It comes with lots of fresh, green lettuce and a bit of salsa and guac. It's a reasonable light meal, but if I'm hungrier, I can order black beans and rice on the side, which comes to quite a lot of food. It's very pleasant hanging out there on the patio, especially with one's dog, and service is usually pretty fast. I am not gaga over the chips, but that doesn't seem to stop me from consuming a lot of them. —CovertProfessor

2011-05-18 16:10:37   Since when is carne asada roast beef? Sadly I do not agree with all the positive comments. Guadalajara's is just another sad attempt of Mexican food in Davis. —EmilyLambert

2011-05-18 21:38:14   @EmilyLambert - Guad's carne asada is no bueno, IMO. Try their al Pastor, or their fish or shrimp crispy tacos. They have some of the best al Pastor I've tried, and by far the best fish taco in the region. The rest of the "Mexican" places in Davis don't hold a candle to those three, although Mariachi's carnitas comes pretty close. Also, don't ever go to the north Davis Guad. It's abysmal. It caters to students, and it shows in the food quality and (lack of) service.


2011-06-22 00:04:13   Great place... I find that their sausage entries do not really work with their burritos. Ironically I find that getting just a bean and chess burrito (no rice) is 10X better than their standard burrito with meat. Plus its 2 dollars cheaper —JohnathonJosephs

2011-08-14 18:16:22   This is a great place for weekend brunch on the patio (as long as you are not an early bruncher). They will make egg and sausage burritos and have a really nice fajita salad. You can also watch soccer on the TV, they turn up the sound when there is a tournament going on—we watched all the world cup games there. —DrX

2011-08-15 23:21:46   The South Davis location is one of my favorite places for weekend brunch on the patio. They will make egg and sausage burritos if you ask for them and they also serve a really nice fajita salad. —DrX

2011-11-27 12:00:41   This has been a favorite for years (at least when we're not on the side of town that has Taqueria Davis). Lately though it's been pretty disappointing; seems cost-cutting measures are hitting it pretty hard. The 'super giant' burrito, which used to feed three, now has less filling than a regular burrito. So you've got two feet of tortilla with basically a small side of rice and beans inside. Hope they return it to its former glory, otherwise, no thanks. —YesItsMe

2011-12-12 05:03:08   If anyone wants to continually complain about guads, they need to take the stick out of their ass. "Too Greasy....Used to have bigger portions!" It's a 5.50 burrito that weighs at least 18 ounces. Their portions sizes might have been bigger but even after the great recession, they are still extremely large for their value. This complaint about grese and salsa are absurd. This isn't Baja Fresh people, this is the closest to authentic Mexican cuisine in Davis. Their free chips are homemade and the salsas aren't from a Tositos bottle (the salsas and chips are excellent by the way). To the person who said this was a top ten worst restaurant in Davis, there are only about 10 anyway! Please everyone, stop coming on Davis wiki and being critical without being positive. I love Guads. It's cheap, it's quick, they are friendly and they are the best value for your buck in North Davis.

I just wish they would take it off telemundo on sundays and play some football games for a change... —Ptyler

2011-12-16 17:06:18   GREAT FOOD! love this place! —JeffA

2012-01-19 13:49:41   I love Guad but just a quick note to vegetarians. I usually get a wet burrito with the enchilada sauce but today I branched out and tried the green sauce after hearing a woman ahead of me order it. Got back to work and much to my disappointment, the sauce had some sort of shredded meat in it so I was unable to enjoy the burrito goodness. :-( —CindiDrake

2012-04-29 17:57:54   This place is Good. If I feel lazy, I always head on over here. They just raised their prices by like a dollar, but it's alright I guess still great Mexican food. Now only if they made Carne Asada Fries, I'd be here every single day. —JaceWinter

2012-05-09 16:53:39   The food is great at the North Davis one. And the horchata is absolutely delicious. I just wish the prices were a little lower. —sarahdavis

2012-05-31 21:25:28   In California we are generally spoiled by the availability of these taquerias that are way closer to actual Mexican food than the Tex-Mex dreck the rest of the country has to put up with.

That being said, this place nails it. The chicken tacos are hands down the best value, tastiest tacos for miles around. Not overgrilled, excellently seasoned, plenty of meat, and the salsa bar is perfeccion.

The chips took a minute to get used to. They are pretty substantial and you have to chew them with caution, but now they've kind of ruined me for the wussy, crumbly store bought kind you see in other restaurants.

The staff and the owner are very polite and always remember me. Probably because I'm in there about 14 times a week. I'd say I'm comprised of 89% taco at this point. —LilyS

2012-06-13 12:49:50   In regards to the North Davis location (the only location of theirs I've visited): As someone who considers themselves as somewhat of a Mexican food connoisseur, I can safely say this is the best and most authentic Mexican food you will find in Davis. The food tastes great and it helps that it is priced reasonably (compared to other local businesses serving the same foods). The staff is friendly and courteous as well. I have been going to Guad's no matter where I move to in Davis and will continue to be a regular as long as I remain in this city. —SoggyWaffles

2012-09-13 09:22:55   Just ok, I've tried several things on their menu, nothing was great, nothing was terrible. For Davis its good, but in other cities this place would be considered bad since most things on the menu lack flavor. A few times I've gone there and gotten a burrito it had way too much rice in it for my liking. —jventura

2013-01-28 21:49:18   My gut may not agree, but I enjoy eating here almost daily since I work and live across the street. The staff is all very friendly and accommodating and I've never been disappointed with my meal. You gotta love the free chips and salsa and it is one of the only places in walking distance from my apt to grab a cold refreshing Dos Equis Coca Cola or two after a long day at work. —KMSchultz

2013-04-04 11:25:27   I love to eat at the South Davis location, even though we live in North Davis. I craved their food during a pregnancy and the spices, texture and flavors were especially enjoyable during those months. Yesterday my little girl and I were on our way back into town and stopped in. Although I wasn't in the mood for Mexican and wanted a healthy salad, I was thrilled to see their fajita salad on the menu. The lady who took our order was so kind and gave a genuine smile, even during their busiest time. The veggie fajita salad was amazingly fantastic! Crisp, green romaine, small but perfect amount of cheese, grilled vegetables, and no dressing necessary. Ate a few chips and salsa and still felt true to my commitment to be healthful. My 7 year-old downed a cheese enchilada and wants to order two next time. Asking to go back the next day! Great food, great patio, great people, fair prices.


2013-06-06 21:21:47   A co-worker brought me to the North Davis Guad for lunch today. I ate the most badass carnitas burrito I've had in Davis - seriously delicious! The free chips & salsa are a nice bonus, the restaurant was clean and had plenty of open tables (we purposefully timed ourselves ahead of the high schoolers), and the staff was very friendly. I'll absolutely be back. —rhamm

2013-06-20 17:52:42   I only really like the Woodland location (I've been eating there since childhood). The S. Davis location is a little iffy. I've gotten sick once from their food (2012) and the N. Davis location is the better of the two davis locations. Though the woodland one is superior. If I don't feel like going to a taco truck, I'll go to guadalajara. —Mogitha

2013-10-05 09:41:32   I heard about their great deals such as the $9.99 super giant burrito and the $1.99 breakfast burrito ($1 for extra burritos). The super giant burrito is even listed as $9.99 on their website and its all over the net. However in the North Davis location it is $12.95+tax. Overall its a long but skinny burrito so you are getting a lot of tortilla with just enough filling for it to be classified as a burrito. Free chips are nice but its no longer worth getting. —Foodfan

2013-10-14 21:23:54   Alright go easy on me wikigoers this is my first review. So I visited the North Davis location and ordered a veggie burrito. Their prices do not seem that cheap to me-a regular burrito was around 6 and if you want guacamole then it's 7 something. So I was craving guacamole and decided to visit this place from the reviews, it did not live up to expectations garnered from this wiki page. The burrito was okay there were bites of strictly beans and rice so it was not very well mixed. I was a bit disappointed at the price as I am paying the same amount for someone who orders meat which takes more time to cook and more money to buy, so why when I am only ordering veggies do I have to pay the same price? Other restaurants do this as well so not only them.

So their salsa bar was okay, not that great. The red puréed salsa was not good at all, it left a bad taste in my mouth but I have yet to find a liquid salsa that I like. My guacamole was separate and basically they just mixed avocado and their regular salsa together. I mean, where was the lemon, the pepper, the jalapeño? Plus I was looking for creamy guac with chunks of avocado instead I got runny guacamole with too many tomatoes. Also their chips were not good, I'm not understanding the rave reviews here were you eating the same chips I was eating? They were very hard, almost stale and too crispy, reminded me of the time I tried to make my own chips and left them in the oven-not good. I got tortilla chips at Dollar Tree that were better than this. Later on I saw the reason, there were 3 tubs full of chips just sitting by the counter to refill the chips. I mean I get prep work and everything but really 3 tubs? If fast food can make fries in a decent amount of time, chips should be the same. However service was pretty nice, I might check out the other locations but I'd have to check on the ingredients in the seemingly vegetarian foods. —AnnumTariq

2014-04-02 19:18:09   The one in south davis (mace Blvd) charges too much sales tax. They charge 8.75%, when it should be 8. —kevin123