This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


Taqueria Super Tamale.

1260 Lake Blvd., Suite 103 in Westlake Plaza in West Davis
Mon-Sat 8am - 9pm
(530) 756-4183

A departed business. Replaced by Chuy's Taqueria on Feb 28, 2006.

Many Davis residents have never heard of this Mexican restaurant. They don't advertise other than the sign on their store front. They aren't even in the phone book. Many people who've been here think this is the most authentically Mexican restaurant in Davis.

They're pretty vegetarian-friendly, as they don't use lard or meat broth in their refried beans or rice.

The owner is a very friendly guy. He calls many of his customers "amigo." "Hola mi amigo! How are you doing?" The other people who work there seem to be his family; they aren't as friendly.

They have varied menu options including breakfast selections (served from 8am to 11:30am all six days), traditional a la carte items in addition to 25 combination platters, daily specials, children's plates, group meal options, some salads, and both Mexican and American beverages. On Saturdays they specialize in Menudo and Posole, although this reviewer has yet to sample either dish.

They offer a small salsa bar; although the choice selection can't compare to larger restaurants such as El Mariachi, the salsas are homemade and delicious.

Comments about Taqueria Super Tamale

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  • When my friends and I were regulars here, the owner would usually give us free drinks. -RishiTrivedi

2005-03-02 19:41:04   The name doesn't lie. The tamales really are super. Super duper. —CarlMcCabe

2005-03-08 22:08:07   I don't understand how this place stays in business. Everytime I walk by they are either closed or completely devoid of customers. It may be a money laundering operation for the Mexican Mafia. —KilgoreTrout

2005-03-09 22:23:10   Everytime I've eaten a burrito here I got sick. Don't waste your time. Go to Guad or Taqueria Davis instead. —JeremySmith

2005-03-09 23:17:19   Well, I don't think a place has to do much business to make a profit. As long as you have a little lunch and dinner rush, all you need to do is break even during the other hours. But you stay open during those hours just in case you get a small crowd where you do make some decent money. I've eaten here, and I don't think it's as shady as people suggest. However, there's no reason to go out of your way if El Mariachi, Taqueria Davis or Guad are closer (my order of preference). —JaimeRaba

2005-04-21 14:12:59   Never open, unfortunately, but if you chance upon their open door, don't miss out. —DanielMedinaCleghorn

2005-07-31 00:15:08   I'm from Texas and its refreshing not to have "Baja Fresh" all the time. This place rules... always friendly service... just try out your limited Spanish vocab... never been sick after eating here... always cool Spanish soap operas playinng... get the enchiladas, the sauce is friggin for real... and they have Negro Modelos... —KemblePope

2005-08-25 21:01:52   I had to try this place, as part of my mission to try evey burrito in Davis. I went on a Thursday at 8PM and the place was empty; not a good sign. The very friendly owner/cashier/cook took my order, my money, and then walked right back to the dining area where he was watching Spanish television. I thought this was strange, but thought perhaps I was missing something. Nope. After five minutes he got up, walked back to the kitchen and made my tamale and burrito. Based on Carl McCabe's recommendation, I figured I had to try the namesake tamale. I hate to say it, but the tamale was flavorless, and the burrito had a "heavy", chewy quality. The burrito had almost no vegetables in it. I had to force it down. The salsa bar had two containers of something which looked anything but fresh; I avoided them. Overall, I give this place (and the burrito) a rating of: 3. Sorry, but the only redeeming quality of this dive is it's friendly owner. P.S. I used to live in Austin, and I really miss "Baha Fresh". —SteveDavison

2005-11-05 19:22:47   Occasionally the cook here will know how to make a damn good California Burrito that has yummy cheesy crispy potato potato chunks inside. Sometimes they have no clue what you're talking about when you request this, though. —MichaelGiardina