Tarmackia is a mysterious and magical planet rumored to exist somewhere out there in our vast universe. Tarmackia is a world completely paved over (save for the forest around the equator and ocean) and serves as an intergalactic parking lot. The farther down the structure you go, the more fun magic users have...to a point. Would you want to interact with a zombie Balrog? We thought not. Psionic powers are stronger at the poles.

People arrive on Tarmackia from all sorts of places by way of a portal that dumps them in a large temple, sometimes truck and all. Anything and everything is available via vending machines.

Don't piss off the truckers. They have one hell of a union.

Tarmackia is a location in a roleplaying game that is run by BarnabasTruman. If you are interested in joining the game, contact him. More info will be added later.

Rumor has it that deep beneath the Death Star lies a mystical portal to this paved world.