The TKE House

500 Parkway Circle, Davis, CA 95616
Close to campus, located across the street from the ARC and Segundo Dining Commons


Instagram: @tke_davis

President: Christopher Miles
Recruitment Chairmen: Alex Henderson

Tau Kappa Epsilon (often shortened to TKE, pronounced like "Teke") is a fraternity at UC Davis. Tau Kappa Epsilon is the largest college social fraternity by number of chapters worldwide, with chapters across the US and Canada. The Davis chapter of TKE was founded in 1989 and reaches around 60 active members every year. As a fraternity, TKE has strong involvement at UC Davis by participating in several philanthropies and performing community service as well as hosting their annual philanthropy, TKE Sweetheart, which benefits St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Beyond participating in the fraternity, Tekes are also involved with other organizations such as ASUCD, IFC, Clinica Tepati, BloodSource, and various sports teams including soccer, tennis, and rugby. Additionally, TKE members have majors in and pursue careers in all fields of study, with recent graduates having received acceptances from UC Davis Medical, Johns Hopkins Medical, Stanford School of Business, Georgetown Law, USC law, and UCLA Law.

Current Officers:

  • Prytanis: Christopher Miles
  • Epiprytanis: Ege Ata Turkgeldi
  • Crysophylos: Yoojin Park
  • Hegemon: Kellen Mcgraw
  • Grammateus: Jackie Au
  • Hypophetes: Grant Matheson
  • Pylortes: Jaylyn Membreno and Justin Mahley
  • Histor: Griffin Russell

Recent Chapter Awards:

2nd Place - 2017 Delta Gamma's Anchorsplash
3rd Place - 2017 Pi Beta Phi's Arrowjam
2nd Place - 2015 Kappa Alpha Theta's Mr. Casanova
1st Place - 2014 EAS Grill-off & Volleyball Tournament
3rd Place - 2014 Kappa Alpha Theta's Mr. Casanova
2014 IFC Award of Excellence: Most Outstanding Member
2nd Place - 2013 Delta Gamma's Anchorsplash
Most Creative Performance - 2013 Pi Beta Phi's Arrow Jam
1st Place - 2013 Kappa Alpha Theta's Mr. Casanova
1st Place - 2012 Alpha Chi Omega Runway
2012 IFC Award of Excellence: New Member Evaluation and Recruitment
3rd Place - 2012 Kappa Alpha Theta's Mr. Casanova
2nd Place - 2010 Kappa Alpha Theta's Mr. Casanova

The contestants for TKE Sweetheart 2014 pose for a quick photo following the eventBrothers congratulate Maxton Berg after placing first in Mr. Casanova 2013. Taken following the initiation of the Beta Rho pledge class, Fall 2014.


Obligatory celebratory photo following Gabe winning 2nd place in Kappa Alpha Theta's Mr. Casanova.

Final day of tabling at the MU for TKE Sweetheart 2013. A photograph taken after TKE Sweetheart 2013. Tekes after winning Most Creative at Arrow Jam 2013


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i've never heard anything about their parties or philanthropy, but i do see their posters featuring Ronnie Reagan everywhere. also, was the above photo taken at the bottom of the ocean? can we do any better than that? - ArlenAbraham

Their iceblocking parties were a frequent event when I was a freshman and had to walk to parties. Imagine 100 strangers putting their mouths on the same indentation on a block of ice and the TKEs pouring Kamikazes down the channel. Console your fears of saliva-borne diseases with the ideas that alcohol kills everything and that hopefully the ice has melted sufficiently since the last person put their mouth there that you've got fresh ice. Also don't expect to feel your mouth again for a while. - DanielMedinaCleghorn

2006-04-30 02:35:08   I'm glad my old party house (502 Oeste) is being put to good use. —JaimeRaba

2006-04-30 02:47:16   My brother is a TKE (albeit on the opposite side of the country). I've heard good things. Anyone who makes Michael Morris black out running a tread mill is ok in my book. —ZacMorris

2012-03-17 19:18:43   i do know they have a really awesome philanthropy with TKE Sweetheart and most of the people i know have nothing but good things to say about them. Seem pretty down to earth too. they've been exploding in recent years on campus, from what ive seen. —shaikhshake

2015-02-08 23:55:40   In this context, what is a "philanthropy" and how does one participate? —JudithTruman