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Like it or not, the taxes you pay help fund civilization.

There are people out there who will help you file your taxes for a fee.

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Sales Tax

The current sales tax in Davis is 8.5%, while the sales tax on campus is 7.50%.1 The most recent bump in sales tax rates was October 1st, 2014, before which the rate was 8.00%, and before that in January 2013.2

Cold food is not taxed. Only hot food is taxed. Hot food is food that is heated such as food served in restaurants, fast food restaurants, a deli of a supermarket, or take out cart. For example, if you buy a hot sandwich at a deli it will be taxed. However, if you bought a cold sandwich at a deli, it should not be taxed. If the deli puts the cold sandwich into a microwave for a few seconds, it would then be taxed. The same goes for sandwiches at a place like a subway sandwich shop. If they toast any ingredient of the sandwich or the bread, it will be taxed.

Pet food that is manufactured to be eaten only by pets is taxed. The reason is that pet food is not to be consumed by humans. Fish bait is also taxed.

Prescriptions are not taxed. However, medications that do not require a prescription are taxed. These are called over-the-counter or OTC medications. Vitamins are taxed as they are not considered food.

Items that are downloaded on the internet are not taxed in California. For example, online purchases of downloadable music and downloadable software are not taxed.

State Tax

County Taxes

Special Assessments

In 2011, Davis voters approved Measure A, a $200 parcel tax supporting K-12 education. Senior homeowners are eligible for an exemption (Enterprise article on exemption).

Voluntary Taxes

A recently-established group of Davisites is taxing themselves for gas.

From 10.1.2014, the rate is 8.5%


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2. CA Board of Equalization: History of Sales & Use Tax Rates