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Added a note about Uber and Lyft. The links that had been added looked iffy. I will warn that I've seen them hit other cities, and they seem to either spam or encourage spam via referral awards. Still, they would fall under the general category of "Taxi Services", as they ferry you from point A to point B, regardless of if they are a traditional or licensed Taxicab company. They exist, so they should be listed. However, IMO, there are some big distinctions and caveats that should be noted. I had a long talk about this recently, and wanted to add that I have a friend who ran the numbers for a friend of his, and the wear and tear of your car means you're not really making money. But I figured I had already added enough negative, and I wanted to let some other people have at it before I made it a totally negative note. —jw

Some info:

Lyft does seem to be serving Davis, within their Sacramento service area.

Uber has an obnoxious area, but also seems to consider Davis part of Sacramento. Also Stockton is part of Sacramento. Go figure.