This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


614 Main Street, Downtown Woodland
Monday-Friday Lunch: 11am-3pm
Monday-Saturday Dinner: 5-Close
Saturday Brunch: 10am-3pm
Sunday Brunch: 10am-2pm
Sunday Dinner: 4pm-Close
(530) 661-1700

Tazzina Bistro is a restaurant located in nearby Woodland. It is a relatively new restaurant in the Historic Cranston's Building. Mostly California cuisine style with a bit of a French influence.

Yolo County native, Rebecca Reichardt has enlivened downtown Woodland's dull dining scene with Tazzina Bistro. Rebecca began her culinary career at Murder Burger while studying accounting. She took a few cooking classes and discovered her life's passion. She focused her skills, and in September, 2004, her dream came true with the opening of Tazzina Bistro.

The restaurant is a bit eclectic, with twinkly lights hung in front, lots of art on the walls, a giant espresso cup inscribed with the restaurant's name above the open kitchen. Servers are genuinely enthusiastic about the restaurant and food, so service is warm and friendly. The food is pricey on a college budget ($15-20 per meal), being that most, if not all produce is organic and locally grown. Overall is it worth a trip since it's better than the food in Davis.

Tazzina means "little cup" in Italian

Sample Menu

Starters and Salads

  • Warm Nuts with sea salt & rosemary...$2.95
  • Marinated Olives...$2.95
  • “Fromage a Trois” trio of artisan cheeses with fruit garnish & crostini…$9.95
  • Caesar Salad with romaine, garlic croutons & Grana Padano cheese…half $5.95 full $7.95
  • Mixed Greens with blood oranges, shaved fennel & Meyer lemon vinaigrette...half $5.95 full $7.95
  • Warm Bitter Greens with pancetta, goat cheese, candied pecans & sherry vinaigrette...half $6.95 full $8.95
  • Grilled Beef Skewers* with smoked tomato vinaigrette & grilled sourdough ...$9.95
  • Carpaccio* with green peppercorn-caper vinaigrette, mixed greens, hard-boiled egg & parmesan…$11.95
  • Crispy Calamari with housemade cocktail sauce…$9.95
  • Wild Mushroom Pate with hazelnuts, truffle oil & crostini...$9.95
  • Steamed Mussels & Clams with garlic, parsley, white wine & sourdough toast...$10.95
  • Caramelized Onion Soup with garlic crouton & Gruyère cheese... bowl $8.95
  • Soup of the Day...Cup $4.95 Bowl $6.95

Pastas & Entrees

  • Quiche Loraine with Gruyère cheese, leeks, and bacon in a housemade pastry crust & mixed greens salad…$15.95
  • Herb Risotto with caramelized leeks, marinated grilled portabella mushrooms & crispy leeks…$15.95
  • Housemade Ricotta Gnocchi with brown butter, sage, dried cherries, Brussels sprouts & parmesan…$15.95
  • Snake River Farms Kobe Beef Burger* with Tabasco aïoli, grilled red onions, sweet & spicy pickles, choice of Shaft’s bleu cheese or white cheddar on ciabatta bun & French fries…$14.95
  • Mac n’ Cheese with Kurabuta Ham, gorgonzola, béchamel & bread crumbs…$15.95
  • Pappardelle Noodles with clams, mussels, prawns, chorizo & tomato fennel broth...$20.95
  • Braised Beef Lasagna with bolognese sauce, béchamel & herbed mozzarella…$17.95
  • Pan Seared Tillapia* with tarragon aïoli on a warm ragout of fingerling potatoes, roasted red onions, escarole & Spanish chorizo…$19.95
  • Chicken Cacciatore with creamy polenta, roasted peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, fennel,onions & oregano...$18.95
  • Grilled Pork Tenderloin* with whole grain mustard sauce, beluga lentils & roasted cauliflower…$20.95
  • Grilled Flatiron Steak* with roasted garlic butter, potato gratin & sautéed Bloomsdale spinach…$20.95
  • Bacon Wrapped-Bleu Cheese stuffed Meatloaf with mashed potatoes, roasted broccoli & crispy onion rings..$19.95


  • Trio of Tazzinas…$6.75
  • Sorbet Trio…$6.25
  • Meyer Lemon Cheesecake with mixed berry coulis...$7.25
  • Banana Bread Pudding with chocolate dipped frozen banana...$6.50
  • Johnny Cake Fruit Cobbler with brown sugar ice cream…$6.75
  • Espresso Crème Brulee…$6.75
  • Chocolate Toffee Mousse Cake with pecan-butter toffee…$7.25
  • “Fromage a Trois” Three Artisan Cheeses with fruit garnish & crostini…$9.95
  • Affogatto-Vanilla ice cream drowned in espresso

    $4.25 Single/$4.75 Double

Beer and Wine and Alcohol

Tazzina Bistro features about ten wines by the glass that is rotated on a frequent basis. They have over thirty beer selections, although you will not find very many domestic selections. Bud and Bud light are your best options. They do feature most of the Stone beers; a brewery down in San Diego which is probably most famous for their Arrogant Bastard Ale. If you want something big, try the Avery Mephistopheles Stout. As far as their Alcohol selection, you will not find one better for the size of restaurant that they are. Most of the mixes are housemade, such as the sweet and sour and the margarita mix

*Menu changes with seasons


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This is generally an older person (read: age 50+) spot as opposed to a student hangout. This may have to do with the price of the entres and the type of food. I went on date-night with the boyfriend and found the restaurant to be absolutely charming. Not too many tables, exposed brick walls, soft music. The food was excellently prepared. We got the chestnut risotto. This is a heavy creamy dish but full of subtle flavor. Also had a dish called something like "Veggies 5 Ways." This involved a quiche, some salad, endives, some sauteed veggies. Everything was great. This is a nice special occasion spot. Would be a good place to go with a new date if you didn't want to run into random Davis people but you did want great food and the chance to talk.

2006-03-11 17:14:09   Mmmm, lamp chops. —MatthewRolnick

2006-05-23 22:39:46   Ummm I'm quite a bit younger than 50+ and I don't feel out of place there. I think you are giving the wrong impression. Not a student hangout, I agree. Maybe 30+ would be better. In any case, excellent food. Some of the best in the Sacramento area. Service can be unprofessional (mostly overly enthusiastic). Definitely worth checking out. —JulinMaloof

2006-08-09 17:59:22   I had a wonderful experience here! The prices are very reasonable for the quality of food, the atmosphere is tasteful & relaxing, and the waitservice very pleasant. Went with a few friends so we all got to trade tastes — everything was great and in perfectly sized portions. I believe the menu changes seasonally, so check Tazzina's website for the current menu. —AlphaDog

2006-08-10 07:54:39   A friend of mine says the Kobe burger (lunch menu) is fantastic (though not cheap). —AlexPomeranz

2007-05-23 13:29:20   I just went here for lunch for the first time. The place is very nice looking — almost out of place in downtown Woodland. They have a full bar, and the waiters and waitresses were all dressed nicely. Seemed like a good place to go on a date, though the service wasn't all that good. Portions were on the small side compared to typical restaurant fare, but they were sufficient, and generally in the $8-10 or so range for lunch.

I had a seared rare ahi tuni sandwich that had avacado, pickled onions, and a curry aioli sauce on focaccia bread. It was seriously the best sandwich I think I have ever eaten. The flavor was phenomenal. —AlexPomeranz

2007-05-23 13:32:12   I just ate here and had a seared ahi salad and almost died it was so good. Well worth the money. —JoshFernandez

2009-01-13 08:54:46   I would have commented on this page long ago if I knew it exitsted! As a recent Woodland transplant from Davis, Tazzina Bistro is my absolute favorite place to eat in Woodland. Though it may seem out of place, as others have said, I think it is exacltly what downtown Woodland needs more of. My husband and I (who are NOT old, 25 to be exact) go there about twice a month for a nice dinner, and always take friends and family out there for special occasions. Their food and staff is fantastic! I love the seasonal changes in their menu. My top picks are the kobe burger, meatloaf, crab croquettes, risotto, and of course, in the Summer their fried green tomatoes are the best! They just added a swanky new bar and lounge, and I definitely think this place should not be reserved for the older crowd. —AmLin

2009-02-28 01:14:33   I went here for dinner today and it was fantastic! My bf and I were looking for a great place to celebrate our 3 yr anniversary and I decided to try Tazzina bc of all the great reviews. It did not disappoint. For starters we had the fromage a trois and the special smoked salmon on crostini. The salmon was great but the cheese selection was just okay. I wished it came with more than just olives and the baguettes. Some candied nuts and fresh fruit would have been nice. For the entrees he had the grilled ahi tuna and I had the pork sugo. The pork was tasty but the ahi tuna was even better. It came with a mushroom ragout that was extremely flavorful. we ended up switching dishes halfway through bc i really wanted those mushrooms. I was also surprised at how much I liked the side of polenta bc I just recently declared how much I detested it. For dessert we got the trio of sorbet-pomegranate, mango and pineapple. It was refreshing and perfect. Our waitress Katy was funny and entertaining, she even gave us samples of these "squished" pecan bars. Yes, the place was rather full of folks in their 50's with a few in their 20's. However that's fine with me, I didn't feel out of place and good food is good food. We'll definitely be returning. —skinnyfatgirl

2010-08-01 12:02:15   Jest went there last night for our Wedding Anniversary dinner. Was really quite excellent. Nice setting. Music in the background but not too loud. Shared nice appetizer - goat cheese and squash bottom fritters. Warm with a smoky/dipping sauce. Had the fried green tomato salad which was excellent. My wife had the gazpacho which was also very good. For dinner I had the Herbed Ricotta Gnocchi - it was almost perfect. Nice balance of sauce, veggies, gnocci, flavors. My wife had the sea bass special which she said was good but I did not try. Then we had the Tazzina sampler dessert - three expresso cups filled with something. All quite good. Service was excellent too. Definitely best dining experience I have had in Woodland and food was better than any of the places I have been in Davis. Definitely will be going back for special dinners. Not cheap mind you, but worth the price w/o a doubt. —JonathanEisen

2012-07-08 18:29:10   Closed as of 6/23/12. :( —JeffTrunnelle