Hash browns in action

Team Breakfast is an airsoft team founded by John Dudek, Taylor Clark, and Isaac Hamlen-Gomez at Harper. They later picked up new soldiers such as Danny and Norris.

Team Breakfast has become The Mobile Infantry

The story behind Team Breakfast is that during a fateful game of airsoft, it was realized that the same players were sticking with their closest friends. It spawned the idea/reality that there were airsoft teams, and Team Breakfast was to come about. First, the original Team Breakfast realized the team should be named after something important, awesome, and ultimately the best thing in the world! Thus, Team Breakfast was born.

Team Breakfast is fairly well armed, and is only getting stronger

Give Our Regards To Bobby Baboon!

Team Breakfast Approves Of...


Here are the Team Breakfast member names, so as to eliminate confusion

Non-members and the like

These are the people who have been part of Team Breakfast at some point in time or have helped out Team Breakfast with something.

  • DavidProvost was once in Team Breakfast as well. His codename: Private Biscuit. He stopped coming to airsoft for a few weeks, and lost his place in the team, because of the changes which happen constantly during airsoft. (Pvt. Biscuit)
  • Steve Bishop played for Team Breakfast at all the matches at the Hitler Tower. He was a jerk and disobeyed orders, and therefore was fired for good.
  • BillFiore is no longer part of Team Breakfast, because he works better as a freelance player. (Sausage Link)
  • Danny is no longer part of team breakfast because he never shows up. (Huevos Rancheros)
  • David Hopper is a great player, so he takes the place of players on Team Breakfast who don't show up. In other words, he's our backup, and he will rape you. He's a good player. A really OK player. A poor player. He sucks. (Crispy Bacon)

This is what happens when Hash Browns crosses Grape Nuts' path!