The TCS Building, 2010

The Technocultural Studies Building is located north of the Grounds division and about halfway between the Art Building and Mrak Hall on the UC Davis campus. This building is also known as the TCS Building or the Old Art Annex.

As of early 2007, this has been the home of the Technocultural Studies (TCS) Department. The building currently has a large computer lab and a sound production lab. Plans are in the works to create an electronics workshop and to develop the "big room" into a lounge, art gallery and general events space (film screenings, guest speakers, and musical performances).

Past musical performances have included Negativland, Sejayno, a visiting group of Mills graduate students, the prolific noise duo Yellow Swans, the free jazz trio Mauger (feat. Gerry Hemingway, Mark Dresser, and Rudresh Mahanthappa) in collaboration with TCS professor Bob Ostertag, the incredibly unique percussionist Tasuya Nakatani, and a number of local and student led groups. This includes and end of year showcase of student work in art, video, photos, sound, webwork and any other type of creativity you can imagine. Exemplary student also receive a solid chocolate floppy disk as a trophy for their accomplishments.

The garage building immediately adjacent to the TCS building (Art anex anex?) was once turned into a functioning, low-powered radio station with the controls housed within a small, artfully built cabin(?), complete with full size cardboard motorcycle.

SF experimental group Didi Mao performing at the TCS Building 8/10/2007 Students performing during an end of year showcase at the TCS Building TCS student John Brumley demonstrates a portion of the Rainforest sound-art installation with instructor Sam Nichols explaining the process to equally awesome music prof. Chris Froh 6/3/2010 Celebrated free jazz trio Mauger perform a collaboration with TCS' resident legend Bob Ostertag 2/19/2010