Teknolust is a full-length, feature film released in 2002 that was written and directed by Lynn Hershman-Leeson who was faculty in the TechnoCultural Studies Department, but was in the Art Department at the time of production.

Basic plot: Nerdy science woman (Dr. Rosetta Stone) invents computer programs that are women who can exist outside of the computer. They are powered by semen, so they fellate men wearing condoms and make semen tea to survive. Fellated men become stricken with "virus." Women become autonomous, chaos ensues.

Cool things about movie: lead actress Tilda Swinton (IMBD) plays four roles and is totally hot as three bots and manages to be nerdy and attractive as science lady. Features EU II/Kemper Hall a few times for a total of a good 10 seconds (the signature floor tiles, a room in the basement, and a transition scene of people going up the spiral staircase) as well as a look-alike of the little green electric car you might have seen around town.

The movie was shot in HD, and is breathtakingly colorful and fun. In February 2003, it was screened at the Mondavi Center; Lynn Hershman-Leeson and Tilda Swinton were part of a panel discussion prior to the screening.

More at IMDB and there was a website website run by Hershman (required flash) but it now seems to either be porn or down (Title line said"Live nude webcams online.agentruby.com").


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The DVD is out, so you can buy it or rent it (I came across it at a Hollywood Video in Palo Alto, CA) -PaulIvanov

As of the end of Winter 2005, Professor Hershman is no longer a member of the UCD Faculty. Due to complaints by several students about the way her Technocultural Studies 100 class was being run, she was hassled by the administration and eventually quit out of frustration with the university bureaucracy. It was sad to see how it went down last quarter, being in her last course after all. -StephenHo

I saw it last night, it was awesome, the best movie I have ever seen. -NickSchmalenberger 2005-12-29

2008-10-03 00:04:58   This movie is really amazingly awesome. —NickSchmalenberger