Davis Telephone Numbers have certain commonalities.

Trunk Code

The trunk code for Davis is 1, which does not have to be dialed locally.

Area Code

The area code for Davis is 530, which does not have to be dialed locally. However, 530 goes all the way to the Oregon border and a call within the area code is not necessarily local. See http://localcalling.sbc.com/ to see if a call is local or not, or use the table in the front of the AT&T phone book. Before 1997, Davis and the rest of the 530 area code were part of 916.

Exchange Codes

In the North American phone system the "exchange" is a block of 10000 phone numbers identified by the 3 digit prefix. Internationally, where phone numbers may be split up differently, exchange may simply refer to a building with phone switches. Davis land-line based exchange codes are:

  • 297-
  • 750-
  • 753-
  • 756-
  • 757- (City numbers are in the 757 exchange)
  • 758-
  • 759-
  • 792-

Additionally, UC Davis assigned exchange codes are:

  • 752-
  • 754-
  • 757-

Wireless Carrier Exchange Codes

  • 220- T-Mobile
  • 400- AT&T (Cingular)
  • 574- AT&T
  • 554- (not sure which carrier)
  • 902- Verizon
  • 848- Sprint and Boost Mobile

Due to laws governing "number portability," consumers have the ability to keep their phone number when switching to a new provider. Hence, there maybe some observed discrepancies with this list.

Five-Digit Numbers

In Davis as late as the 1990s, most phone numbers began with 75, so many people would only write the last 5 digits. This may still be possible within UC Davis. The phone number for the registrar, for example, might be written as 2-2973. The full number would be (530) 752-2973.


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Is 750 a davis or ucdavis prefix? I've seen it before and think it's campus? —WesHardaker

  • Many phone numbers in Mace Ranch are 750. —DavidGrundler
  • 750 was added after the other 75_ exchange codes (prefixes).

2007-04-05 11:04:51   I've seen it in use off-campus. —GrahamFreeman

2007-04-05 11:45:58   Anybody know what system UC Davis uses to process and route calls on campus? —JabberWokky

  • One way to tell is to look at an ISDN modem that's connected to them. Assuming the modem is working, the configuration will say what kind of switch is in the central office.