The following are some ways to make phone calls in Davis that may be used together or separately:

  • AT&T This company owns the copper phone wires throughout Davis and provides land line service. Their biggest facility here is the Central Phone Office.
  • SureWest This company provides fiber optic phone and data services to some businesses in Davis.
  • Payphones These phones, often outdoors, may be used with coins, calling cards, or other methods.
  • Mobile Phones Mostly referring to the cellular phone system, these are replacing wired phones for many purposes.
  • Computer and Internet, Wireless Internet The public phone system can be accessed over the Internet or a LAN with Voice Over IP (voip) phones. Wireless and dual mode voip and cellular phones exist but are not now widely available. If they did they would work in some parts of Davis.
  • Payphone Project. Word.
  • Davis Telephone Numbers have certain commonalities.
  • Preferred Long Distance This company provides local and long distance telephone service. It's an alternative to AT&T for landlines.


Telephone service has been available in Davis since 1884. However, this service was limited to a solitary payphone until 1893. The provider was Sunset Telephone and Telegraph Company.

In March 1898, there was a notable number in town. J.J. Reith's General Merchandise and Grain store had the telephone number of "1". Of course, at that time there were only nine phones in town, with the Davisville Enterprise and Davisville Cash Store sharing a number.