There are many Temporary Buildings on Campus. The “temporary” part of their name seems to be indicative mostly of their construction, as hardly any of them ever get torn down or replaced. Many of them were found together to the East of Walker Hall, but the ones by Walker Hall were demolished by Summer 2010.

These buildings go by 'TB #' on SISWEB. Classes and labs take place in the various temporary buildings aross campus.

Temporary Buildings. Now demolished. Temporary Buildings

According to Assistant Vice Chancellor of Campus Planning Robert Segar1, as of 2004, not a single temporary building constructed has ever been removed. TB 001 is still standing and in use on west campus. As of March 2006, this record has been broken as the temporary buildings on the site of Giedt Hall are being demolished to make way for the new lecture hall. In addition, the Physical Sciences Expansion is being built in place of existing temporary buildings as well.

There have however been a number of "non-permanent" buildings that have been and gone. An example would be the trailer complex known as the "Admin Annex" that used to be south of the Buehler Center. There are also gaps in the numbering system such as TB 4, which may be due to TB's getting renamed... and then removed once renamed. Records indicate that TB 8 dates from 1908, but TB 1 dates to 1947.

The original TB 8 is now referred to as University House. There are panels in the basement labeled "TB 8". It is not a temporary building, nor was it ever intended to be temporary.

Specific buildings

Temporary Classrooms

There’s another group of temporary buildings west of Academic Surge named Temporary Classrooms 1–3. Temporary Classroom 3 (“TEMCL3” or “3 TEMCL3” on SISWEB) is routinely used for lectures. It is the unlabeled rectangle located between Academic Surge, Meyer, and TB 207 on this campus map quadrangle.

The IET Wireless Coverage Map identifies TC 1–3 as “Wireless Access Buildings,” yet wireless signals are virtually non-existent inside TC 3. However, if you sit by the door, you can manage to surf at dial-up speeds, and if you step outside, internet works as expected.


When was the first temporary building built?

The information that the campus has is not perfect, but TB 8 is listed as having been built in 1908. The record keeping is difficult because some buildings predate the campus.


1. Robert Segar presented this fact to the Summer Advisors of 2004 during their training.