1818 Lake Blvd.
6:45 AM - 5:45 PM
(530) 756-5351 or 756-9101

Tender Learning Care is a privately owned preschool/Kindergarten.

Programs include:

  • Full Time Preschool (Ages 2-5)
  • Half Day Preschool (Ages 2-5)
  • PreK/Kindergarten
  • Before/after school care for school-age children

Password protected webcams are available so parents can keep an eye on their children.

Currently accepting new kids!


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2005-08-11 12:41:49   I sleep sound at night knowing my child has excellent care. Not only are the webcams a reassurance; the low staff turnover, kind nature of the owners, teachers and parents make this a great community to give a child their first educational experience. —PilarRivera

2006-11-03 08:17:41   Visited this place to figure out if it would be for us. The staff seems really good and involved. Not to crazy about the web cams. Feels a bit George Orwelish. The main reason we decided not to enrol our tot here was the lack of hygiene. It was pretty dirty overall but in particular the washrooms looked and smelled like they had not been cleaned properly in a while. The place also seems to be a bit run down. A fresh coat of paint and some pretty basic upkeeping are needed. —ArneAnka

2007-04-16 20:40:41   During the three years that we had our daughter at TLC, she made lasting friends and the staff seemed to care a lot about her. I have been there when it seemed like there was a bad smell or slightly dirty conditions in the room(s) but I did notice they always wiped things down with alcohol wipes when changing diapers, etc. —ryman

2008-11-18 18:11:21   I went here a long long long time ago. Glad it's still up and running. —BenLee

2009-02-04 00:19:38   We thought this place was great for our son but it turned out to be useless. Our kids were here 6 months and every time I would pick them up, they would be filthy with mud on their faces and rocks in their shoes. The camera system is useless as you can never see your child for the poor picture quality. The owner is nice but the staff is lazy. In the "Green room" the kids listen to hip-hop on the radio which I thought was inappropriate for young children. They do not heat your children's food and in the 2 year old room, the staff is so lazy, they will not remove shoes at nap time. If any parent is considering this place please do not send your child there!!!!!!!!!! —nancyjohnson

2009-02-13 07:41:10   To Nancy Johnson: My child has never been "dirty" when I pick him up, and even if he was, at least I know that he is playing outside in the fresh air and not cooped up in a classroom all day. Also, I disagree with your "lazy" comment, these teachers are actually the most involved and least "lazy" of any that I have dealt with at other preschools. My son has learned a great deal and made wonderful progress at this school. I find that all of the teachers are wonderful and Shirley is very sweet and highly experienced. She oversees everything that goes on at this school. She is also very receptive to the parents concerns, so I wonder if you even brought these problems up to her. The facility is extremely clean as well. When I drop off my son there, I do not think twice about his safety or happiness. A little dirt in the shoes never hurt anyone. You sound a little obsessive compulsive to me. Good luck finding a preschool in Davis that meets your high standards. —KD

2009-03-02 14:18:31   I agree with KD. My daugher has been at TLC for a year and a half. They do a great job. They are always receptive to comments. (which is key to a good daycare) Most of the time she doesn't want to come home, she wants to keep playing. The green room (2-3 year olds) is great. I'm not sure about the hip hop music, I never heard any of that. They do play cd's. They play Music Matts CD's a lot. I guess he has one hip hop song on his kids CD. Are there any schools that heat up food for kids? Can you imagine heating up 15 kids food? Not to mention the liability involved if it is heated too much.

Overall, TLC is a pretty good daycare. Is it perfect? No. Can you find little things wrong on a day to day basis? yes, but you can find that in any daycare. I wouldn't hesitate recommending TLC to anyone!


2009-04-27 15:18:44   What are the fees for TLC for before and after school care for a 6 yr old? and then in the summer/vacations? thanks! —StephHolm

2010-05-14 12:23:56   I registered with daviswiki just so I could leave this comment: This place is wonderful! Yes, the facility shows some wear and tear - it's not a brand new building, and yes I often pick up my son and he's head to toe in dust and his shoes are filled with rocks - which I think is fabulous since it means he's played hard outside. The staff here is warm and friendly. The approach is extremely low-key, but in this quiet, magical way the kids learn, grow emotionally and socially, and thrive. Each day there is a great balance between play time and more structured group time. The owner, Shirley, is highly experienced and an accredited teacher (meaning your child can do kindergarten here) and the kids *adore* her. The staff is also great and most of them have been there for several years, which is a good sign. They are all very responsive to parents. We really struggled with my son, who *loathed* school. The battles each morning neared biblical proportions. But after 6 months at TLC he is a happy, school-loving child. I really can't say enough good things. If you check them out, they won't oversell you with this "approach" or that "curriculum", but don't underestimate the power of sweet, experienced teachers doing what they know best. —CMitchell

2011-09-26 12:59:50   I too joined DavisWiki just so that I could comment on this. Who in their right mind would think a school was a bad place because their child came home with dirt on them? If it were feces, I could see a point, but dirt? My daughter attends TLC and while, yes, she does come home often covered in dirt, she has also come home writing her name, naming various animals and creatures in both english and spanish (as well as all colors and numbers). She also never wants to leave. I used to have my child crying every morning because she did not want to go to school. Now she literally JUMPS out of bed to go. The difference has been outstanding and even friends and family members have noticed the difference in my daughters talking and attitude! I would recommend ANYONE to take their child to TLC —AmberCRaczko

2012-01-31 14:31:43   Do you possibly have a special rate for people who are desperate just to have someplace in the MORNING to take their kids before school starts (Patwin) so we can get the bus to work? I need care from like 7-8 AM! My girl could ride herself to school on her bike at that point. She is currently in third grade. —StephHolm

"2012-04-05"TLC was the worst with appropriate staff child ratio, dirty restrooms, leaving out cleaning supplies so chemicals are available for children to pick up and caught children playing in appropriately with each other and when I informed teacher she stated she was on the phone. Came to pick up child a few times and teacher dashed to room while on phone since no other teachers were there with kids and this was director. Caught kids throwing balls into parking lot and asking strangers walking by to grab them so they could chat. Contacted licensing a few times to report them. Owner is sweet but not involved enough to see this occur. JulieHunter

2012-05-03 22:33:21   Both of my children went here and this was a wonderful place for them. They learned a lot and made many friends. They always enjoyed coming to School and had so much fun they did not want to leave everyday. All the teachers were wonderful, very attentive and caring to all the children. I recommend this place to anyone who asks!


2012-11-02 11:18:02   Since we moved to Davis, one of the best thing we decided was to get my boy cared by TLC. (Before, we sent him to the one in UC Davis campus, I don't mean the previous one was bad, though). As many wrote, the building is not brand new (Not meaning it is bad but it is not brand new, simply), but clean enough for kids can safely play in/out. The most important thing is that kids do feel very warmed by teachers and friends there every day. Again, one of our best decision was to have him to experience his pre-school education at TLC. I totally disagree with the comments written by Julie. —SYC

2013-06-02 18:23:54   I put my daugther at TLC, and it was my best decision. It's not a fancy pre-school. But the results that my daugther had in 9 months of TLC was surprising for me and my wife. The experience that Shyrley has teaching, and the attention that her staff give to the children make the difference. My daughter after 9 months of kindergarten, has surprising skills in reading and in maths. The small number of kids in each class and the Shirley made great results for us I'd like to share this with everybody that needs a good pre-school in Davis. Cesar Teles and Eliane Rocha —CesarSTeles

2015-04-13 03:12:17   We're a Swiss family who stayed in Davis for half a year in 2014. Our daughter Inga went to TLC during those six months. Every day she was looking forward to going to TLC. She simply loved it. The teachers all did an excellent job, being at the same time very much caring and and also educating. Inga learned to speak and even to read and write in English in no time. TLC is very professional yet showing enough flexibility like it's needed by a family newly arriving in a cummunity. We can recommend TLC without reservation. Thanks again to Shirley and her excellent staff. —Obo