Tercero B Building was the closest (dorm) building to the campus Dairy Farm until its demolition in March 2012. If it was REALLY quiet in the building, you could have sometimes heard the cows mooing too. If it was sunny outside and parking lot 48 is empty, one could have easily viewed the cows from the second/third floor balconies (that face the farm, not those of the other side of the building), and even through the window of the hallway on the first floor.

Compared to the other buildings in Tercero, B building always had a large number of triple rooms.

Up until Fall 2003, B building used to house the Integrated Studies program at UC Davis, since then it has been moved to Miller Hall in Segundo, though several murals that advertise the program that were painted by former residents are still present in the building. Below is a picture of a mural found on the first floor.


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    -Can somebody take a picture of the mural with the cows playing baseball on the 3rd floor? That's a really neat one! Thanks -AbbyLawson

South of this building are the new Tercero South Residence Halls. Construction of it could easily be seen by those living within B Building when it was taking place.