J Building was located closest to the campus core, and one of the farthest from the dairy cattle facility, until its demolition in March 2012. Although freakish east winds gave it a front row seat to the stench of the now relocated Hog Barn.

J building was remodeled during the 91-92 school year. Among the changes were any murals (if there were any) were painted over, and it had the first microwave in a common area for Tercero.

The second floor was the all male floor from fall of 89-94 at least. Due to the alternating floor restroom arrangements this meant the only men's showers were on the second floor. And as floors 1 and 3 were co-ed, it meant 50 guys shared 1 restroom and 4 shower stalls, while 20 girls had 2 restrooms to choose from.