Tercero Main Lounge
7:00 p.m Mondays

The Tercero Leadership Council, often referred to as TLC, is a group of Tercero residents who get together to plan area wide events. This group is advised by Dominique Beaumonte.

They meet every Monday at 7pm in the Tercero Main Lounge. Some events that it puts on include a themed dance, baking event and others in addition to volunteer work.

The Tercero Leadership Council also works in coordination with the Segundo Leadership and Activities Council and the Cuarto Leadership Council to put on the residence hall winter formal. The winter formal for this school year will be held on February 8th, 2008 in Freeborn Hall.

Past Winter Formal Themes

2008 - "Old Hollywood" 2007 - "Venetian Masquerade" 2011 - "Roaring Twenties"

Spring Quarter 2011 Officers

* President - Patrick Sheehan * Vice President - Jenny Huynh * Treasurer - Joshua Tan * DJ - Mike Van

Fall Quarter 2007 Officers

  • President - Alex Pryadko
  • Vice President - Anda Fox
  • Secretary - Chathurika Peiris
  • Historian - Christine Lim
  • Historian - Allison Simpson
  • Budget Chair - Iris Lin
  • Budget Chair - Nandini Bapat
  • Events Chair - Stephen Haight
  • Events Chair - Christine Kwong
  • Events Chair - Allyson Scharpf
  • Membership Chair - Emily Thompson
  • Publicity Chair - Amy Meija
  • Diversity Chair - Larry Rin
  • Diversity Chair - Vishakha Patel
  • Social Committee Liason - Rachel Fukaya
  • Social Committee Liason - Amanda Campbell


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2009-08-14 09:36:41   Larry Rin is now kicked out of UC Davis —thewatcher

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