Tercero is one of three housing areas for freshman students and is managed by Student Housing and is located on the south side of campus. The nearest lecture hall is Warren and Leta Giedt Hall and The Silo is nearby.

Communities and Buildings

These buildings usually compete in the annual Tercero Hall Cup.

Tercero Living

One of the benefits of living in Tercero is its proximity to the Arboretum — only about a five minute walk until you reach Putah Creek Lodge.

Though debatable, the Tercero DC is supposedly the best of the four dining commons (might be outdated? Some people now seem to be saying that Segundo is better - Anecdotal experience 2022). The Tercero DC used to be operated by Sodexo, but the university internalized the operations of the DC to a university managed food service during the 2016-2017 school year according to this article. The DC was expanded and renovated in 2005. It is far less busy than the Segundo Dining Commons, which was rebuilt in 2004. One can easily walk into the Tercero DC at 6pm, get their food quickly and find a seat... you won't have that same luck at the Segundo DC!

Tercero is also a hot spot for tree climbing, so if you are a monkey at heart, Tercero is the place to be!

Warning: Some people complain about the cow smell in Tercero. This is because of Tercero's proximity to the Dairy Cattle Facility, just one street west and a small parking lot away. Under certain weather conditions the smell can intensify and definitely be disturbing, usually in the early morning or late night hours. On most days, however, it won't be a problem at all. To combat this smell, acquire a potion of Olfactory Suppression, one of the Magic Items of Davis. But, as much as some people complain about the smell, it's usually not that intense and entirely tolerable.

Proximity to the cow barns is convenient for several reasons: a) You can sleep on the hay stacks if your roommate wants to be alone with his/her boyfriend or girlfriend, or you can bring yours out there, b) there is a refrigerator in a lit room that always seems to be unoccupied by any people and that seems to be open all night... it contains a various assortment of food... c) cows are nice and make for good alternatives to humans if your friends are getting on your nerves (and they are less resistant to giving milk).

Former Buildings:

  • Buildings A-M of dorms. [Demolished, Spring 2011] — There was no building I, probably because it might have been confused with the number one. Each building was three stories tall, with one single-sex shared bathroom on each floor (e.g floor one is the women's bathroom, floor two is the men's bathroom, and floor three is the women's bathroom again). These buildings were divided into two groupings, identified as Thille Hall and Pierce Hall.
    • Thille was made up of 6 buildings A B C D E and F
    • Pierce was made up of 6 buildings G H J K L and M
    • Various dorms within Thille & Pierce Halls were specialty communities, such as: A (Chicano-Latino theme house), D (Hammarskjold House), F (Communication in the 21st Century), G (Substance Free), H (Health and Wellness), K (Engineering), L (Women's Community), and M (Asian Pacific American Theme House).
  • Lysle Leach Hall consisted primarily of single rooms connected via a hallway, but included some double occupancy rooms as increasing demands were placed on the existing campus housing system. There were anywhere from two to five rooms, all of which shared a common bathroom. Leach Hall was closed in 2014.


Student Housing has issued memorabilia over the years whose thematics align with the various housing facilities on campus. The following have been part of Tercero's portion of this legacy:

Memento from '03-'04 referring to the impending Tercero dining commons construction, hence "ETA 2005" printed on the mug