This page is for archiving comments from 2006 for Thai Nakorn.

2006-03-07 21:15:02   Can't believe I haven't commented. I've been here twice now, and both times the food has been consistently just above average. I don't think the meat is that fresh, that or they cook it weird because its always chewy. My friend found a piece of an eggshell in my drunken noodles, but otherwise I thought it was pretty darned good. I wish they refilled Thai Iced Tea. This places atmosphere reminds me of something that's like, generic chinese restaurant. There's relative decor on the walls, but nothing that really makes it special. No fancy tablecloths or really authentic dishes. I'll probably return here because it's cheap and good, but it's not my favorite in Davis. —SS

2006-03-19 14:35:19   I agree with MattJurach on the spicy tofu. I've been there a few times since it opened and their pad thai is inconsistant. One time it was insanely sweet, which is weird. —PattyLouieJunior

2006-03-30 18:27:21   Quite possibly the worst Pad Thai I've ever had- nothing spectacular taste-wise, I found three small shrimps, four floppy matchbox-sized pieces of tofu, no egg, a scant sprinkling of peanuts, and the entire thing was the same shade of orange as the slice of orange it came garnished with. However, the mountain of noodles filled me up. Their fried banana with coconut ice cream is awesome, but $5 is a little steep. Coconut ice cream must be harder to come by than I thought. My friend enjoyed her green curry with tofu. Ambience and the service were great, and portion sizes are huge. I appreciated the Kopiko at the end; I haven't had that since I was a widdle kiddie. :) —JennaChan

2006-05-04 18:17:42   Haven't tried every Thai restaurant in Davis, but this is the best I've found so far. Food is good but a bit pricey. You get what you pay for. —RayValdes

2006-05-08 00:13:41   I'm a wannabe foodie, and I've eaten lots of Thai food growing up, and I think I've been to every Thai place in Davis, and most of them have been pretty good actually. The one time I went to Thai Nakorn I'd have to say it was the worst I've ever had, Their Pad Thai was "insanely sweet" as someone else earlier put it. —TheodoreSuryapurnama

  • im confused by peoples comments on the sweetness, i've had their pad thai here several times and it is no sweeter than thai 2k. yes it is a little on the sweet side, but so is all the pad thai in davis. Sophias pad thai is not as good flavor wise but is less sweet. And all the other places including thai bistro and 2k thai are also very sweet. Not sure about thai recepies, but they are a lot pricier.

2006-06-11 11:40:35   Some of the dishes are good, but do not order padthai noodles here! Nice setting, service is pretty prompt, and reasonable prices for the portions. —IzzyLy

2006-06-11 14:31:12   Was pleasantly surprised - great seating outdoors, attentive servers, decent food. However, they didn't make it spicy enough. As a regular at Sophia's and Kathmandu I am used to being asked for the level of spiciness, so I suppose it's my fault, so be sure to ask for medium to hot spicy. —AlexPomeranz

2006-08-25 00:49:35   I ate at Thai Nakorn recently, and it was absolutely charming. I had the steamed eggplant with green beans and spinach, in a brown bean sauce over jasmine rice. It was AMAZING! OMG! and the decor was awesome! The art, and photography and everything else was amazing. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a reasonably priced meal and great service. The kitchen is clean, and you can watch them make your meal. Every surface looks like its cleaned thoroughly!! For all you mibrobe monitors..this is the place for you! —GehLei

2006-10-13 18:25:18   I haven't been to all the Thai restaurants in town, but this is the best Thai food I've ever had. Their roast duck curry is amazing and addicting! They have an excellent Chef's special ...i think it was "Spicy Fish"... that was delicious! Their pad thai tastes good to me, but many ppl have different preferences when it comes to pad thai. Others prefer their thai food to be spicier. I enjoy the sweetness. The owner is also very nice! I've been here at least 10 times (the owner knows me now), and this is probably the only restaurant in Davis that kept me coming back. —SaThai

2006-11-08 20:58:19   the thai food was ok. alot closer to being authentic than sophias —AnnThiNguyen

2006-11-15 16:40:19   The best Thai food I've had in Davis. The service is friendly and fast. The prices are about what you'd expect for Thai food —DanLawyer

2006-12-13 20:55:43   These guys seem to have a terrible location and an ugly exterior, but don't let that fool you! The food here is of great quality. It has the spice and ingredients that make it taste great. Also, the interior is beautiful, definetly a great date spot despite the hideous exterior. I mean seriously that sign outside is just butt ugly! —JohnHumperdinkle