The A Factor is a self owned tutoring service for physical sciences and engineering at UC Davis. Courses offered include introductory Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, as well as select upper division Engineering and Chemistry Courses.

MISSION The A Factor's mission is to turn lost, procrastinating, or struggling students into motivated and productive independent thinkers through continuous reinforcement and constructive application of knowledge and ability. Primary goals include finishing homework, developing good study habits and work ethic, and receiving A's on exams. 

TEACHING At The A Factor, tutoring does not consist of just random help, but organization. There will be concise, "to the point" lectures in areas where you struggle with most, followed by interactive problem solving sessions, so you never get bored by doing the same thing over and over again. 

COURSES Currently the courses able to be tutored are

CHE 2ABC/8AB/107AB/110AB



ECH 51/140/141/142/143/148AB/152AB/155AB/157

BIM 106

ENG 105

This list will expand as time goes on.


Only Inhouse tutoring is offered.


For further information about rates, location, hours, and specials, email Aneesh Rege at