"We put the XY in seXY"

The Afterglow is Davis' only all-male a cappella group. Getting our name from the party following a Barbershop concert, the Afterglow's foundation is in Barbershop music. Since our inception, we have branched out to included repertoire from many genres including Rock, Pop, R&B, Jazz, and Swing.

The Afterglow perform all around the UCD campus and the Davis community, singing at concerts, benefits, banquets, fundraisers, weddings, receptions, and various other events.

Contact Info

Facebook Youtube Channel Instagram Email: contact@ucdafterglow.com

Current Members

Alex Drinnan Alex Manela Christian Angelo Quiwa Guilherme Marinho Harvey Ching Ian Nool Nathaniel MacMillan James Beardsley Javier Perez Justin Nool (Musical Director) Kevin Pelstring (President) Kevin Su Kyle Kim Otelo Contreras Vincent Shea

Past Members

Arvin Badri Robert Hansen Michael Roscoe Tim Valenti-Founder Alex Kloehn Nick Baltazar-Founder Adrian Thomas Theo Sumnicht Anson Ling Matt Violet Roy Adams Mark Ferrando Paul-Anthony Bernucci Milton Carl Jackson II Blake Peters Nick Abudi Tyler Simons