L Street
30-ish inside, 80-ish backyard
Neil Ruud, Jared Law, Ramon Solis, Aaron Cooper
Years Active

A few of the Attendance Office occupants on their final day at the house. The sign bears the name of the house and its humorous abbrev

The Attendance Office is a lil' house on L Street that hosted various music acts. The house was part of the KDVS house show network, though was not as active as some of its brothers and sisters such as the Robot Rocket Residence, Dam Haus, Villanova House, and the Bomb Shelter. Two of the house residents performed at the house as part of their music act Retro$pekt. The house also hosted numerous themed parties to breathe some life into California's Central Valley (e.g. themes Lady Gaga, Iron Chef, etc.)

In 2009 the Attendance Office was referred to as the The Hospice of French Ruud Solace but was later retired due to trying too hard to be clever.

In 2011 the house was used to film the annual KDVS Fundraiser promotional video.

The house's Attendance Office name came from a sign from one of the occupant's high school attendance offices. The Attendance Office residents had it hanging over the door to the backyard.

As of the end of 2013, the house was no longer a show house and its residents had departed. Its current occupants are unknown and the house does not host shows.


Past shows

• March 25, 2011:An empty stage, photo by Neil Ruud Youth Cole & the Rats Pregnant

• May 1, 2010: Lions, Bats, and Bears Retrospect Nellie Fitzgerald R&S

• February 27, 2010: (show relocated from The Greenhouse) MountShout The Shants Ash Reiter

• January 10th, 2010: Your Yellow Dress All Blood Nellie Fitzgerald Neil Ruud

• October 10, 2009: Capybara Poppet

Show footage

Ash Reiter

Cole & the Rats


The Shants



Show footage of house members performing (Retro$pekt)

"Hangover" by Retro$pekt

"Ignition Remix (R. Kelly cover)" by Retro$pekt

•  "Life Goes On" by Retro$pekt

"Lifestyle" by Retro$pekt

"Side Effects" by Retro$pekt


Show fliers

Flier from a 2010 show


The band Retro$pektThe ShantsMountShoutAsh Reiter and her band



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