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Our purpose is to raise awareness around the nuances and politics of bi-, pan-, omni-, pomo-, and nonmonosexual or otherwise unlabeled, fluid, or flexible sexualities and how they intersect with our many other identities. In doing so, we hope to diminish stereotypes and make the B in LGBT more visible.

What we do:

Educate—Bringing in speakers; making books on bisexuality/ nonmonosexality available; encouraging discussion on identities such as pan-, omni-, and unlabeled or nonmonosexual identities; programming on the B in LGBT

Support—Talking about biphobia in the queer community; developing community around nonmonosexual identities; developing bi-ally sessions and literature; having a weekly closed nonmonosexual discussion

Closed Nonmonosexual Discussion Group: This is a confidential closed discussion for those who do not identify as lesbian, gay, or straight. This may include people who identify as bi-, pan-, omni-, pomo-, and nonmonosexual or who do not identify with a label. It is our intent that this space feels safe for people to share personal thoughts and experiences, especially when it comes to how nonmonosexualiy intersects with other self and group identities.

No one’s identities will ever be assumed or questioned. We recognize each individual person’s prerogative to self-identify. We ask that people respect the importance of closed safe spaces and do not participate in discussions that are intended for communities they are not a part of.

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