Dear staff members,

I wanted to inform everyone on a recent series of events within the editorial board and in the newsroom:

On Jan. 31, The Aggie published an editorial regarding Chancellor Larry Vanderhoef and the circulating faculty petition of no confidence. The editorial, like all published by The Aggie was written and edited to reflect the collective opinion of The Aggie's editorial board.

Later in the production process, I mildly altered the editorial to reflect a personal opinion, without the consent of the rest of the editorial board. The following day, upon being confronted by the board, I denied the allegations, a move which I deeply regret and for which I have appologized. Admittedly, it was a hefty mistake that questions my integrity, character and devotion to this editorial staff. I now have the difficult staff of rebuilding the trust of many editorial board and staff members.

In an attempt to remedy the root problem, the board agreed we would republish the editorial with my appology on Thursday's editorial page.

I would like to appologize to the entire staff for my lack of judgement and leadership in this situation. I work hard to ensure that The Aggie is a credible, reputable and trusted news source and I hope my momentary lack of judgement reflects poorly on neither the staff nor the paper.

If you have further concerns about this situation, please speak to either me or Melissa in the newsroom.


Daniel Stone Editor in Chief The California Aggie