The Club was an extremely popular Davis locals/biker bar back in the day before The City decided that real non-student bars were an evil thing. Many people who grew up in Davis still remember the place fondly. It stood on G Street next to the Davis Barber Shop where Woodstock's Pizza is now. Men used to sit at the window table and watch the girls walk down the street when they weren't playing pool. It was also a popular place to play card games. At the time that Vigfus A. Asmundson sat on the Davis City Council, council members and City Manager Howard Reese frequently stopped off after meetings to have a beer in a back room at The Club.

The Club was opened up in 1956 by brothers Ernest and Edward Mattos. The bar was sold to Bob Baker in 1968 and continued to operate until January, 1986.


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2011-09-09 09:43:16   I remember this place before it closed in the early/mid 80's (I believe '85, since per their website, that's the year Woodstock's purchased the building) They had a Budweiser (or some brand of beer) chandelier over the pool table, and the place was always filled with cigarette smoke. There were seemingly always 2 or 3 motorcycles parked out front, and the bikers were of course seen smoking, drinking, and playing pool inside. The big picture window that openly showed what the place was all about is still there (now Woodstock's of course). In the last couple years before it closed down, with the town already pretty well established as a progressive, family oriented community, it seemed so out of place for Davis to have a (very visible) biker bar downtown. —OldDavis73