Spotted outside Tercero The Cow Car is a larger-than-life classic car that is painted black and white and resembles a cow. It seems to spend a lot of time around Cuarto. Anybody else seen this wonder on wheels?

In 2012, a new cow car could be seen driving around Davis, adorably.

For other strange forms of transportation in Davis, see Unique Vehicles.


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2010-05-31 16:23:55   Looks like it is camouflaged in dazzle paint. (See ) The goal of dazzle paint is to make it difficult to tell which way a vehicle is going, rather than to conceal its existence. That seems like a bad idea with a car somehow... —IDoNotExist

Cars != ships, you killjoy Daubert

2010-05-31 16:42:33   It's also used on stationary objects, such as this speed camera

Either way, the idea is the same. If you can't tell which way a vehicle (ship or car) is going, it's harder to avoid it. —IDoNotExist