The DHKorp means Davis Helpers Korp but also stands for the main member of this small bussiness, Danny, Haley and Khang. We are 3 teenagers at the age of 14-16. We decided to start a small summer business to help the community. Since we are teenagers our transportation is limited to mostly biking and walking.

We plan to help as many people in the Davis Community as we can, transportation depending. We would like to gain experience in the business field to get a feel for what life after or even during college would be like. We are a team of 3 main people and once in awhile will have help from friends.

What we can do: - Technology help (too a certain extent) - Housekeeping (interior and exterior) *supplies are not provided by team* -Summer house sitter (including pet sitting) -Car wash *supplies not provided by team* -running errands *errands would be done by bike or walking* - Etc. please email to ask about other jobs

*all jobs are finalized through email*

Contact us at: Email: Phone: (530)-304-1875