The Davis Association of Large Gentlemen and Aesthetic Ladies, aka THE BIGS is an group of Davis students and local weight lifters of all sorts coming together to be a brotherhood whose sole purpose is to further one another's progression and development into better humans and lifters of sorts. The BIGS work out at the ARC and are most easily recognized by their infamous tank tops. Membership into the group is hard to achieve and limited to those who are truly willing to put in the time and effort in the weight room. Entery into the group is made by private invitation only, thus those who populate the gym during the first few weeks of the quarter or the weeks prior to House Boats will most likely never become members. Less than a year after its founding, the group has grown to 86 members.

The Tank Top


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2011-08-23 12:07:09   Why can't the men be aesthetic as well? I remember there used to be a King of Aesthetics but not a queen. —hankim

2011-08-23 13:29:40   And why can't the women be large? —CovertProfessor