The Davis Dozen aka the Banker's Dozen are a group of individuals allegedly involved in a protest during early 2012 which culminated in the closure of the UC Davis branch of the U.S. Bank (a protest which was arranged to keep private commerce separate from publicly available education). Six of the twelve were either arrested or pepper sprayed during the November 18, 2011 student protest on the UC Davis quad. The Dozen are being charged with 20 counts of obstructing a public walkway, for sitting in front of the bank doors every day for weeks, and conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor, for organizing to drive the bank off campus.

There is a petition for the UC Davis administration to solicit immediate withdrawal of all criminal charges against students and professors.

They were scheduled to be arraigned on two charges on April 27: obstructing movement on a street or in a public place and conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor. The Vanguard reports: "Shortly after the arraignment of 12 UC Davis protesters - 11 students and one professor - was continued to May 10, the Yolo County Assistant Chief Deputy DA Michael Cabral told the Davis Enterprise that they 'have been offered' a plea agreement that would be '80 hours of community service in exchange for guilty pleas to misdemeanor charges.' CBS 13 in Sacramento reported that the deal also includes one year of probation." To this day neither the dozen nor their legal team have received any such plea deal from the DA. Update Plea deal reached.

The Dozen appeared in court on Thursday, May 10th, at the Yolo County Courthouse. According to the Vanguard, they rejected a plea offer and collectively entered a "not guilty" plea. Public defender Ron Johnson, as well as attorneys Dan Siegel, Stewart Katz, Alexis Briggs, and Tony Serra will represent the defendants. Their next appearance is set for June 22, 2012.

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