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Various accounts keep deleting comments off of The Edge Apartments page, and now, deleting the page entirely. I'd like to open up discussion about why this is going on. Under the vast majority of circumstances, this is not acceptable behavior on the wiki. —CovertProfessor


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2012-04-03 16:26:23   Looks like Monica and DJ are doing the deleting. I'd love a chance to understand their point of view. It's hard to see it as anything other than vandalism of a public project as it stands. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2012-04-03 16:26:56   So...DjMisschiff/MonicaAlderRidge-why are you trying so hard to delete The Edge Apartments page? —PeterBoulay

2012-06-23 12:22:43   What once was a great place to live (Alder Ridge) has been transformed into a renter's nightmare (The Edge). Do not live here.

My roommate and I have lived here since 2009, when "The Edge" was called "Alder Ridge" and Riverstone did not manage it yet. How I miss those days when Riverstone was not in charge of this place! The complex itself and the units are fine. Yes, the kitchen is small and the old windows are drafty, the units are unreasonably cold in the winter and ovens in the summer. But the 2 bedroom we live in is spacious and clean, and we have the washer/dryer rental, which is really convenient. Until Riverstone took over, this place was a fantastic place to live and I recommended it to anyone looking for a place in Davis. Now, it's the horrible new management that makes this place a nightmare.

Riverstone's Target Residents, New "Amenities" = say goodbye to peace & quiet: The complex is located in a quiet area, and until the new management took over, it was quiet and provided an excellent environment for studying. However, when Riverstone arrived, they started changing the "amenities"..for example, they built a game room in the leasing office, a tiny fitness center (open only during business hours, which for many working people/students renders it useless), bbq stations, and a basketball court to replace the tennis courts in the middle of the complex (which, by the way, always seems to have high school-age kids playing there - none of whom actually live here, it seems). While I can see how these new features might appeal to some people, it really seems to me that Riverstone is now trying to appeal to the undergrad market with their new theme. Indeed, this is almost the exact setup Riverstone has going on at Cambridge House Apartments on Pole Line Road, which they also manage. THAT place is chock full of obnoxious, loud undergrads who love to host parties all night long. While I myself just graduated and don't mind noise every once in a while, I fear that Riverstone's targeting of undergrads is just going to transform this apartment complex into another annoying place to live. Alder Ridge was always a quiet, enjoyable place to live. Why change that now? Leave the drunken undergrads to the areas closer to the university.

Riverstone Management: to sum "Quinny" Watson and Jeanette Hulse up in a few words: rude, uncaring, and unprofessional. Rude because whenever you walk into the leasing office to talk to them about something or just pick up a package, the look they always give you is "what the hell do you want?" These people are just plain unfriendly and speak to you in short, annoyed tones. They barely smile when they talk to you, even if you made the foolish mistake of trying to be nice to them first. The very few times I have ventured into the leasing office, I have always been met with such poor attitudes that I now do my best to avoid that office at all costs. They are uncaring because they really don't take the time to get to know their residents. I miss Starla and Mike (the repairman) from Alder Ridge! They used to be so welcoming when you came into the office, and it was a pleasure to have conversations with them. I say these two ladies are unprofessional because of a specific incident that occurred recently. Our lease is ending in a few months, and until Riverstone came along we had never had a problem with simply giving the standard 30 days' notice that we would not be renewing our lease. It seems, however, that Riverstone is trying very hard to get the people living in the un-renovated apartments out so that they can renovate them. What this meant for me and my roommate: a "Notice of Non-Renewal of Lease" form on our door, more than 2 months before our lease is supposed to end. What made it so confusing was that only 1 week before receiving this Non-Renewal notification, we had received a completely different "Lease Renewal Request" note from Riverstone, inquiring as to whether we would be renewing our lease and informing us of the increased rental rates and renovated unit options. When we confronted the management about the two conflicting notes, they gave us some BS excuse about the "Davis rental market" and how this place is in such high demand now that they have to resort to "harsh" notices like the Non-Renewal notice we got. What made this encounter even more confusing is the fact that they then proceeded to ask us if we wanted to renew our lease, gave us the option of moving into a currently vacant renovated unit, and informed us that we could renew our lease for another year if we wanted. Did I miss something along the way? Didn't your Non-Renewal Notice just say that Riverstone management ultimately chose not to renew our lease?? These women are clueless about managing this apartment complex. They cannot seem to keep their notices consistent, or clarify key issues when you talk to them. Renters beware: if you thought giving your landlord the standard 30 days' notice that you're moving out would suffice here, you're dead wrong. Apparently, Riverstone exercises its right to not renew your lease if they want to renovate your unit, and they'll do it even if you have months left on your lease. Even if I wanted to choose one of the options they gave me for continuing to live here, I wouldn't. This new management just makes this place a total nightmare. And with the many changes they've made which IMO have hurt, rather than improved, this place, I am confident in saying that this apartment complex is no longer worth the rent they charge.

Finally (I digress, but I cannot resist this last tidbit of information), these ladies' overall presentation of themselves is unprofessional. I have already noted how unfriendly they are. Even if they were polite and friendly, however, I still don't want to deal with these women who dress more like they are trying to hit up a nightclub than manage an apartment complex. I mean, one really can't help but be uncomfortable staring at your overly heavy eye makeup or at your fake eyelashes coming half off your eyelids. But to each his/her own. I suppose I wouldn't mind all that if you did a good job managing this once-great place to live. But I guess that is too much to ask from Riverstone! Your job isn't that hard, Quinn and Jeanette. Maybe if you tried maintaining the dignity of this place rather than turning it into an undergrad hovel, or tried treating your tenants with respect, you might not be getting all these negative comments on the Wiki. —rfa