228 G Street
11 a.m — 2 a.m.
(530) 756-9227
Chris Armanini
Payment Methods
Cash and Major Credit Cards

Opened on Oct. 26, 2011, the G Street WunderBar is just one more addition to the Davis nightlife. It is in the location of the former G Street Pub and owned by the former head bartender of the pub, Chris Armanini. The interior of the pub underwent intensive remodeling before opening as the WunderBar. The improvements included new bathrooms, a new commercial kitchen, and an operable sewer system.


The location has transitioned from Davis Meat Market & Grocery, to a very fancy restaurant (A. J. Bumps), to a biker bar (G Street Pub), to the all-purpose drinking spot that it now is.


The WunderBar offers extensive food choices. They have four pool tables, vintage video games, dart boards, a full bar in the pool room, and free blazing-fast WiFi.

Events and happy hour

On Mondays the bar hosts a great trivia night from 9-11 p.m.

Happy hours are Mon.-Fri. 4 p.m.-7 p.m. Pricing includes $1 off all draft beers, $1 PBRs, $3 well drinks, $4 pitchers of PBR, and $4.95 for a 1 lb. basket of wings.


The bar enforces much stricter policies than the old G Street Pub including NO smoking outside the patio entrance of the building, NO skateboards inside, and NO messenger bags, large totes or backpacks inside after 9:30 p.m. (people are more than welcome to study inside during the day and take full advantage of their free WiFi). The backpack policy can vary depending on the nightly entertainment, when the kitchen closes, and when the second security shift starts.


As always, remember all of the bar taboos regarding tipping.


WunderBar beginnings

A happy day! The new bar under construction


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2011-10-26 15:56:17   'Wunderbar' seems an appropriate name for this 'establishment', since racial fascism akin to Nazi Germany was evident in my experience there last night. My friends and I (a colorful and multiethnic group of seven) had just begun a relatively tame 'boy's night' by playing eight ball and drinking cheap beer, in a throwback to the G Street Pub days. During the second round, a bouncer approached the darkest member of our group and informed him that he was intoxicated and needed to leave the property or else the police would become involved. I interjected myself into the conversation to find out exactly what my friend had done wrong (at this point I was told I may have to leave as well since I was wearing a wool beanie and only 'hats with brims' were allowed). The bouncer was only 'following orders' and so we soon took up the discussion with the management. Before long the police showed up. One of the officers seemed in cahoots with the management, enjoying an impromptu tour of the new space and entertaining the suggestion by a manager that my friend be charged with a Drunk in Public offense. The other officer, slightly of a darker complexion and with more syllables in his name, appeared to understand the situation and apologized that this was 'a private establishment' and that they had the right to order anyone off the property if they so desired. We agreed (happily) to leave. The conversation took place outside the bar and when we decided to call it quits we were denied re-entry to claim our sweaters and other belongings. My friend was told that he was not allowed in the bar from here on out, with threat of arrest if seen on the premises again. This was at the suggestion from the fraternal-minded and light-eyed officer. To my surprise, I was given the same sentence: entry never again or else arrest. This was my punishment for asking my friend's crime and for explaining things to the officers. Needless to say, my friends and I (including our money, which in part pays the salary of all employees there) will gladly stay away. If you choose to give this bromantic getaway your business be careful, especially if you are not white or don't belong to 'the network'. —Andresito

  • You are, of course, referring to your friend, Sellou, who has been 86'd from almost every bar in Davis, including easy-going Sophia's by Kevin himself(!), for getting belligerently drunk and pulling the Race Card when any staff member refuses to serve him further or let him regain entrance to an establishment. Good riddance. Your friend has a HUGE chip on his entitlement-minded, elitist shoulder and should give up drinking in Public, because he will be arrested if he decides to step foot in this bar again. —HerrWunderbar
  • Knowing each of the staff members there, with the exception of two door personnel, I can personally vouch for everyone there that there is absolutely no racism in the establishment. If there was a problem with any member of your group I am sure it had absolutely nothing to do with race and everything to do with the level of intoxication of the group/individuals. — Wes-P

2011-10-28 09:41:17   I'm willing to give the bar the benefit of the doubt. As for the police, I had a friend who was with the department for a few months and he said it was the most racist place he'd ever worked (racial profiling, jokes, etc.) —ScottSchiller

  • I hate to say it, but that names just about every bar in this town, at least as far as profiling and jokes go. Ask any security people who causes the most problems and many wil say it is the townies, ask them who uses the most fake IDs and it will be women, usually of Asian or Middle Eastern descent... ask who tips the least and it will be Southeast Asians and Northern Europeans. It's not so much profiling as it is trends shared by specific groups of individuals. As for fights, it is almost always either drunk college jocks (regardless of color or ethnicity) or it is Asian/African American individuals. It's just what I have seen since working in the bar scene. I can't speak for the police, but as far as the bars go, it is just the trend of how things usually go in this town. I am quite sure this trend is different in every other city and even from bar to bar. — Wes-P
    • Ask who's ridiculously douchey and arrogant toward staff and it's law students. —TomGarberson

2011-10-28 15:46:45   My experience is that the food/drink service industry itself is largely racist. Ask anyone who's ever worked waitstaff and they will tell you stories. —OliviaY

  • Nothing says "nuance" like a blanket statement backed by allegorical evidence. —HerrWunderbar

2011-10-28 22:20:42   So this is where all of the locals hang out... Granted, it is one of the first dive bars I've gone to. They have a no-beanies policy, they serve jaeger on tap, and there are automatic hand sanitizer machines in case you feel extra dirty. —argyle

2011-11-08 14:37:50   anone know if there still do karoake tuesday nights? —RobertSinclair

2011-11-23 16:29:29   They don't allow messenger bags or backpacks nor do they allow beanies. Can anyone explain to me the reasons for these policies and why no other bar in Davis enforces them? Also, like the old G st, they still have a $15 min for credit cards which is 50% more than any other bar in Davis. —JakeJames

  • Bags take up space/trip people/could carry in outside booze? Beanies: no hipsters allowed.

2011-12-08 09:05:38   Since when did G St raise their standards? I remember the days hobos were allowed into the bar. Now they reject people simply for stumbling over. No big deal. Except now they get a negative comment on their daviswiki page. You suck new Wunderbar!!!!

PS I agree everyone that works there is a racist. But I could care less about that part. —msavrass

  • No bar in town has so lenient of a door policy that hobos and stumble-drunks are allowed in. Why do you expect WunderBar to be any different, especially since it's in no way affiliated to the old Pub? —HerrWunderbar

2011-12-17 17:23:29   The lights are way too bright for a bar or a restaurant for that fact.The bar/eatery's ambiance seems very sterile,kind of reminds me of a hospital waiting room especially with the bright florescent lights.I'm kind of disappointed with the new"G-Street bar"and did i mention the lights are too bright??


2012-01-31 08:46:21   We visited this place for the first time on 01.23.12. The place is a dive. Not to mention a cowboy dress code only. The bar has more lights than a stadium. You'll need your sunglasses for this dive. While we sat at an unoccupied table a "cowboy" came up to us to tells us to vacate the table because he and his dyed blonde were there first. However, no one was at the table. I and my friend told him to take a hike and that made the little cowboy pissed. He threaten us with harm but once the shit-head understood that we had attorneys (relatives) that could rip him a new A-Hole. He backed off. This place has a Neo-Nazi environment mixed in with the wanna be cowboys. Don't waste your time patronizing this dive. Spend your hard earned money elsewhere. Let's show this shit-hole of a place that we don't want it in Davis,Ca. Our town deserves better. - Vic .L —VicttorLopez

  • So you get into a baby bitch-fest with another customer and it's the bar's fault (even though the bar backed up your side of the story)? I'm sure your incredibly great sense of judgement will be sorely missed there, especially with your drunk asses being thrown to the ground at Froggy's later that night. How was the ride in the Davis PD patrol car, comfortable? It sounds like you get the full use of our City's wonderful services for which the rest of us have to pay. You're right, our town does deserve better: stay home. —HerrWunderbar

2012-03-12 12:13:10   Just went here for the first time since it reopened! Reminded of the old undergrad days. Pitchers of beer, awesome games of darts. You guys did a great job, glad to see this place back in action! —ShahinVahdat

2012-06-19 00:36:03   I enjoy the hokcey game. Greatly. Still wishing for lower credit card minimums. Sometimes you just want a pint, not three or four. I know, I know, cash. Sigh. First world problems. —JakeJames

2012-07-09 15:05:34   The owner Chris was rude as a bartender (as were most behind the bar at G Street) so I'm not patronizing the place now that's he's an owner. Waste of bandwidth to even elaborate. —MaryCarroll

  • You are clearly a very patient and understanding customer to have sat through numerous interactions, on multiple occasions, to have formed such an opinion about the majority of the front-of-house staff at the old venue; therefore, if you could just re-channel that sympathetic energy, we're sure that you would find the new bar to be leaps and bounds above the old one in terms of ambiance, product, and service. Please, come in and introduce yourself to me and see the improvements for yourself, and, as a token, I'll be happy to buy your first libation. —HerrWunderbar

2012-08-17 13:46:41   wunderbar is alright. Yes they still employ almost all of the racist/aggresive/non-intelligent a-holes that swear they aren't racist but you really have to be a drunken fool to think you will ever get your way at a bar vs bar's owners/staff. Especially in a college town where it is assumed all kids arguing are just belligerant.

Now like everything in this world there are exceptions. For one, bartenders drew and another skinny, short-haired guy, lighter skinned (looks like he just turned 21, lol) are really aware of who's tipping and who's not. Naturally, they will provide me with outstanding service because i tip them well. Secondly, i really like that our shoes don't stick to the floor and that girls we go out with aren't twisting their ankles because of it (lol). Bathrooms were a MAJOR improvement.

What would make this an even better establishment is a better background check on bouncers. This is where the most complaints of racism/mistreatment comes from. If more than a person cries wolf, im going to believe there's a wolf. If anything maybe providing a more proactive approach to customer service training/awareness (because we are indeed customers and not animals to be treated the way bouncers believe they have the authority to do so)would cancel the need for extensive background checks (i hope you know this excludes a psychological evaluation which should be mandatory for anyone "man-handling" another human-being) and i bet all the allegations against this bar would dissipate in a matter of time.

Good work so far, but it could be even better if you stepped outside of your comfort zone and didn't hire from the more than circulated and never-renewing bouncer pool of davis. —Ponchelas

2012-09-28 11:16:52   Hmm, let's see: "racial fascism akin to Nazi Germany" "the most racist place he'd ever worked" "everyone that works there is a racist" "The place is a dive" to which the comeback response included "a baby bitch-fest" by the Wunderbar's bitch and the call for better background checks on the bouncers.

Well I became curious (before reading all of those comments) so I showed up. Man, I wish I had read those comments before stepping into this place.

But, to be fair, you should see for yourself. You too can be man-handled by the pathetic group of mindless muscles who call themselves bouncers. —DavidBarnum

2013-04-20 20:01:37   Wow, I'm actually kinda shocked at these comments. I've been going to this bar for almost ten years. I've never had any issues with racism. Sure there are a few assholes on staff, but that's anywhere you go. It is a dive bar. It's not that bad. Granted I usually go on Saturdays when they were having metal nights, I'm friends with Mortal Atrocity and Wolfsblood members. As well as on occasion in the early evening to have a few drinks and play pool or foozhockey thing in the corner with friends. Never have had any trouble with the staff, only shitheads I've had issues with have been the college kids. Stupid frat guys.

As far as the beanies and dress code shindig, maybe it is because I'm a local and been going for so long I have never gotten any grief over the way I've dressed. But nor have I seen anyone get harassed for it besides one time. Swear this guy had his pants to his shins. Never understood that style.

A few things I do like better with wunderbar. Better food, and bathrooms are way cleaner. Everything else pretty much feels the same to me. Its still my favorite bar in davis. —Dwajon

2013-04-24 17:35:30   My favorite bar in Davis, period. Best beer selection, excellent food for a bar (the burgers are magical!), pool tables that work, and a staff that is always warm, friendly and attentive. I really can't express in words how glad I am it reopened. I missed it. Now that it's back, every other bar in Davis is difficult to compare. —BrianPakpour

2013-05-26 15:39:55   Hello, I am 44 year old Chilean woman that does not have the stereotypical latin look, with a family, work, and a pretty normal Davis life. I hardly ever go out to Bars in Davis eventhough I have lived in Davis for 12 years. I feel the need to explain the following because I read the other comments on Daviswiki. To my surprise they have mainly to do with racisiim and above all the responses seem ridiculous and somewhat sarcastic. In my opinion someone that does not have the guts to use there name is not someone that should be answering the comments. But it is true that there is racisim in this place because last night, May 25, 2013, I went out with two girl friends to distract ourselves from life a while and by pure chance we ended up at the G Street Pub. We arrived around 9:00 pm. A bit after we arrived a man approached us with a red shirt and sat at our table and asked us from where we are from. My friend that speaks perfect english ( unlike myself that unfortunately does not speak it so well, but I do understand quite a lot ) says I am American but my family is Japanese, she is Chilean, and she is German. Then the man looks at me and says, "OH, then I am from Guatemala" and I responded great then you will be able to understand me, and I began to speak with him in Spanish and he looks at me and says, "Oh I am just joking" and I responded that I was not up for jokes and for him to leave my table. This is when I realized that the people with the red shirts are employees of the bar, possibly the door men or bouncers. It called attention, until this point this does not matter much but it does make sense with later events, because it was the most humiliating, embarrassing, and discriminating thing I have ever lived in my entire life. When I arrived I ordered a Tequila Screwdriver with Don Julio, which they serve in a short glass. At around 11:30 pm we moved to the pool table area to be able to talk because the music was to loud. This is when I ordered my second Tequila Screwdriver with Don Julio of the night ( 2 hours later ). At 1:00 am my one friend wanted to leave so my other friend offered to take her home and come back because I did not want to leave just yet because I was having a good time with some other patrons of the bar that were teaching me to play pool. I was having lots of beginners luck and made the ball in the hole 2 times in a row which made me very happy and excited. I went to ask for my third drink of the night and asked for the same as before but the bar man left to poor the drink before I could say that it was with Don Julio, but since I had ordered two previous drinks like that I figured he left quickly because he knew what I was drinking since like any good barman. When he returned I asked politely if the drink contained Don Julio and he said, "No you should have specified before I served it." I said I was sorry,( even though he was the one that did not let me finish my sentence before walking away ) and asked if he could change it for Don Julio because cheap tequila gives me a head ache, and he responded, "No, you have to pay for this drink", so I again said I am sorry for the mistake and said that I no longer wanted anything. I went to sit on a chair to wait for my friend to pick me up. A few seconds later to men came up to me and asked me to leave, I asked why thinking it might be closing time. They told me it was because I did not want ot pay for a drink. I tried to explain with my little English what had happened and I noticed that they did not understand so I asked to barrow a phone. At first they said no, that I must leave. I said I know I have to leave but I need a phone to call my friend or husband to come pick me up, I expressed that I did not want to be alone standing outside the bar. Finally I was given a phone to use, my friend did not answer so I called my husband. I asked if I could wait there until he arrives and was told No, and a kind patron of the bar accompanied me outside. When my husband arrived in about 8 minutes because we live close by, I was not allowed inside to help clear up the misunderstanding and he was basically told a bunch of lies. This is the important part for me, I was told to leave because I did not pay for a drink. When my husband went inside to understand what happened he was told I was asked to leave for STEALING and besides this reason, that I had had to much to drink. And the most incredible part is that the manager told him that he had spoken to me in spanish and that he would never discriminate his people, and I believe him, he is discriminating me for not being his people. "Yeh Right" like they say her in the US. Lets use some logic, if he would have spoken to me in Spanish would we have had the misunderstanding over the tequila. And if you really do speak spanish, what a shame because you do not know how to use it. Please!!!, you are racist and a liar because all you said about me is not true, you have zero etiquette for your patrons. I understand and respect that we all have the right to ask someone to leave our private properties, but just be truthful, you guys ask people to leave because of a problem with RACISM. So if this is not racism what is it? You do not need to discredit citizens of Davis like myself, saying that I am a thief, or to drunk, or did not order the drink appropriately, or that I behaved inappropriately to hide your true reason.

P.S. For he that answers ( which who knows if it is the owner ), since your so cool and have an answer for everything, you can put your answer where it fits you best. It is I that will never go to your establishment again. It is really sad to me that this bar dirties the beauty and tranquility of this city because the people of Davis, since I have arrived have been the nicest people I have meet since being outside my country. In my opinion this "Antro" is a blemish on Davis.


2013-07-29 17:08:25   Love all the bartenders, have never had a negative interaction with any of them, nor the security guards in the past. Was there last week though, and a guy in a red shirt that I'd not noticed before was running his mouth more like a patron than an employee. He was going on about how someone knew all the words to the "Backdoor Boys" and making negative gay-shaming comments about Lance Bass. It's one thing if you're there drinking and want to make homophobic comments, but when you are representing G St. as an employee, should you really be making bad jokes that could / did offend customers? —OhHey

2015-02-04 23:23:40   It was 830 on a Wednesday the place was dead quiet and except for me and my friends almost completely empty. I had just come from work with my backpack. I was asked to leave the bag inside along the wall. While dubious, I complied. I was sitting with my friends for maybe five minutes having not yet even ordered a drink. When the bouncer came over and informed me I would have to move my bag outside behind the bar door or take it with me and leave. I informed him that the bag had my laptop and irreplaceable documents in it and that that seemed a foolish thing to do as it might invite theft. He informed me that it was more secure than me leaving the bag along the wall within my line of sight. I replied this made very little sense and asked if I could just keep the bag under my chair as the premises were nearly empty. The bouncer informed me he "wasn't going to debate with me" and that I should go. I understand that Wunderbar has a bag policy. However, the application of that policy seems to be contrary to both common sense and the displayed information. I'm not overly fond of the establishment due to its usual noise level, but I'm now loathe to patronize it at all after this nonsensical display of inhospitality. I bid goodbye to my friends and left. Wunderbar can also be sure I have permanently bid it goodbye as well. Lawrence —HistGrad25

2015-04-13 09:58:25   Don't leave any of your belongings unattended! It seems nothing is too petty! I had my jacket stolen the other night from one of the hooks on the side. Bobby was sympathetic but didn't think going over the security camera feeds (to identify and blacklist the perpetrator) was worth his time, so expect similar incidents in the future. —Bogdan

2016-07-19 22:23:49   All these comments on racism, ego, and downright douchebaggery. All these snarky, slackjawed comebacks by user HerrWunderbar. Just a goldmine. But it's all true. I just know it. I ordered three drinks from this bar. I tipped well. Returning to the bar after promising my friends a pitcher of beer on me, I waited for the bartender (some skinny balding white dude) for my turn. The music was so loud, he didn't hear my first attempt at the order. "PITCHER OF PABST!" I repeated. He looked at me like I was speaking French. A house remix of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" was drowning out my order entirely. "PITCHER! BEER! THIS!" I pointed to the Pabst tap handle near my face. He managed to squeak out this gem a reply during the song's transition: "I'm not f*cking r*tarded, man, I know what Pabst is... ugh." He made a face, half sticking his tongue out while donking the side of his head with his index finger to nail home the fact that he wasn't stupid. You know the gesture. But didn't quite... work. I didn't believe him. He handed me my receipt for the overpriced jug of swill. Maybe he spat in it. Who cares, I promised my friends. I wrote on the receipt: "Don't patronize me next time, dipshit" and walked back to the table. I didn't even pour my first glass before two meatheads appeared at the table. One, 300lbs or more, with a denim vest festooned with punk and demonic symbolism, grabbed my arm and started shoving. The word "WASTED" adorned the upturned-bill of his trucker cap using white-out fluid. No, I'm not making this up. He said, his voice languishing: "Let's go, buddy." I was pushed outside, and our love-able tweaker-turned-hero popped his head out between the two bouncers' shoulders. "You won't write dumb shit on your receipt! Goodbye!" Goodbye, friend. And I didn't even get to touch my $9 Pabst pitcher. Which, looking back... I would have gladly rounded up to $10 to have my ass kicked out faster. What an absolute tragedy this place is. —ChiefBeefLoco