These are reviews of The Graduate from 2005 and 2006. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

2005-07-21 11:22:33   I personally try to avoid this location. Last time I went there they were giving away free chewing tobacco at the door. — AllanRae

2005-09-05 14:13:00   I think the bouncers at this place are training to be cops. You better not be in a pool game when they decide to close the doors. — PatrickLynch

2006-01-05 18:59:10   "The Graduate" was having "14-18 Night" on Graduation Night last quarter, and as such no graduates could attend The Graduate on their Graduation Night. I think they should have their name revoked! —KrisFricke

2006-02-05 23:43:08   If you live in a residential area nearby, you can (and should) complain to the police when the Grad gets too noisy, as they often do. —GrahamFreeman

2006-02-06 12:59:14   The food here is pretty decent, I ate here a few times and enjoyed myself. They always have a bunch of sports games on in the day time which is also nice. The one thing I dont like about the day time is the amount of little kids running around. Lots of soccer or baseball teams seem to come for post-game meals and such so it can get a little crazy. —BenWebber

2006-03-13 19:36:31   Swing nights are coming back, after being absent for a couple years. This time it's better than ever. DJ Scottie is a personal friend of mine, and he's great. All of you should try swing dancing! Lessons are usually at 9 or 9:30, on certain Sundays. Just look around for flyers or ask me. Thursday nights at the Grad are Salsa nights. That's also lots of fun. The bouncers, staff, etc. aren't all that mean like people say...just don't do anything stupid or illegal. —LaurenWong

2006-08-07 19:01:05   Couple of changes to the information about the Grad: Country nights are still Saturday and Monday, with an occasional Sunday thrown in, and it costs $11 if you're under 21, $8 for under 21 with a student ID, $8 if you're over 21, and $5 if you're over 21 and have a student ID. If you're over 21 and you get there before 9:00pm, they'll let you in for free. Dance lessons start at 9:30pm and general dancing starts at 10:00pm. It usually goes until about 1:30am, with a break for hip-hop and slow dances around midnight. —SteffiChristiana

2006-09-12 20:49:10   Tuesday nights are now Rock It! which is going to be a weekly Indie Rock dance party. 18+, drink specials and fun music —JordanSmart

2006-09-23 20:27:38   The pizza isn't very good, and it's even worse reheated the next day. —AnnaJones

2006-09-28 17:36:14   Dude, all ages dancing was halarious! Also, I think it's a law that all 1st and 2nd year students go to the Grad once you get back into Davis city limits. —SteveBlais

2006-09-29 12:41:15   I like their fries, but their chicken tenders are WAY to spicey... —JoeRunnels