1333 Arlington Boulevard near Westlake Plaza
(530) 753-3438
FPI Management
Newly renovated in 2012
Free WiFi
On-site laundry facility

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***NOW LEASING FOR  2015/2016***

The Grove at Davis, formerly known as Brush Creek Apartments prior to 2012, offers one, two and three bedroom apartments. The one bedroom and two bedroom, one bath units have wall-mounted air conditioning. The three bedroom, two bath units have central air conditioning. It is located on Unitrans K, P, and D bus lines.

Cats and dogs are allowed. There is a two pet maximum with a $500 deposit for the first pet and $250 additional for the 2nd pet. 45LB weight limit.

The Grove at Davis was awarded the 2012 Stellar Award for Property Renovation of the Year by the Rental Housing Association of Sacramento Valley.


One bed, one bath: Starting at $1200 /month - Deposit- $500

Two bed, one bath: Starting at $1,400/month- Deposit- $600

Three bed, two bath: Starting at $1,999/month- Deposit- $800  



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2013-08-29 23:49:47   signing a lease with Gary , it was a pleasure to have him work so hard and diligently. He made this process of signing a lease comfortable and awesome. I'm one of those clients who aren't too wonderful to work with.... If you go here, Id recommend giving him a ring to sign a lease. The paint is nice, doesn't have that weird cheap paint feel. The area is clean and the layout plan is very homey. Everything in the apartment looks new and renovated. I will definitely update how this year goes... —chengy We're super excited to have you with us here at the Grove! You were great to work with, and I'm glad we could set up your appointment after hours to accommodate you! As always, feel free to let us know if we can do anything to make your stay with us more comfortable. We're about an easy-going lifestyle here at the Grove, and want you to be completely in love with your apartment. And you're RIGHT! The paint in these apartments is pretty unique to Davis! I told you they're the most beautiful apartments in Davis - - and I was right! :) —garyd

2013-10-31 20:32:18   It's a big NO NO to this apartment. I moved in this apartment on Sept. 2012 and moved out on Aug. 2013. First of all, they don't give you your deposit back. My friends who lived next door to me got $18 back from her $500 deposit. I got $0 back from my $600 deposit. My friends spent 1 day on cleaning before moving out. And my roomie and I spent almost a whole week on cleaning. We even bought the carpet detergent to clean the carpet. BUT regardless how clean you clean your apartment. They will charge you around $500 on painting the wall and cleaning the whole apartment. My friend and I got charged by the same amount, which means they don't check how clean your apartment is and they just charge every one the same amount of money. When signing in the contract, the manager was really friendly (she even called me after her office hours). But after that, you can hardly find any one in the leasing office during their office hours. They are newly renovated apartments. Yes, the carpet is clean and the wall is painted well. But the fridge is old and thus generate lots of electricity bill. The door was kinda noisy (it doesn't matter, but can you explain the reason why the closet door kept falling off from the trail?). The paint of white closets was wiped AWAY by wet wiper?!?! And if you are the tenant right now, please check the second and third level of the closet in your kitchen. Were they really painted? Be careful! You will get hurt by those small thorns on the bare wood.... If you don't believe my statement. Check the reviews on FPI management. They changed the apartment's name so you cannot find the old reviews of this apartment. But DO look for the reviews of its management company. If you are a tenant right now, remember to take pics of your apartment when you first moved in and before you move out and email your pics to the manager. Ohh, I forgot to say that they tried not to leave you an email address so that you cannot have any written proof to the court. Then just get the signature from the manager. I am a student in Davis. Yes, that was my first year in Davis. But I did rent apartment from other cities before. And I used to get almost all of my deposit back except for $75 carpet cleaning fee. If all the other apartments I rented before thought my cleaning was good, then why the Grove is the only one charged me $500? Yeah, they do have a statement saying that they will return around $100 back but I never got it (the statment was sent to my roomie's new address but not the $100 check). I left my address at the leasing office but they never sent me anything. And I called them tons of time and left lots of voice msgs but they never replied. NEVER choose this apartment!!! I mean it!!! —KeGeng

2013-10-31 20:38:59   Ahh, forgot to talk about the free wifi. JUST try it before you move in~ You will get surprised! How come it's soooo slow?! LOL. I spent 10 min on opening the google at night time but the speed was good during the daytime on weekdays. —KeGeng

2014-01-20 14:23:19   On behalf of The Grove apartments our goal is to provide excellent customer service to all our current and future residents. We handle each residents stay with us separately from one another and would be more then happy to discuss any questions you might have regarding your stay here at The Grove. We can be contacted via email at: thegrove.davis@fpimgt.com or by phone (530)753-3438 Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. Thank you The Grove at Davis Management —Jessbeltz

2014-03-22 20:07:11   The Grove has been one of the nicest places to call home, it's quiet, close to work and the grounds are keep well maintained. If I ever have a maintenance that come up in my apartment, it is taken care of as soon as possible. Jessica, the landlord has always been great to work with. I have no problems recommending The Grove to others, just stop in and talk to Jessica and have her show you around. —Hwilson

2014-03-24 15:37:13   On behalf of The Grove I appreciate your feedback and Im happy we have made your experience here at The Grove a good one. We look forward to having you another year! —Jessbeltz

2014-05-21 23:03:44   New, or should I say refurbished, laundry units. First they raise the price and now this. The new washers cause clothes to come out too wet which causes a big problem. Even drying for 65 minutes (the normal time is 45) my clothes were still damp. So, I had to put in another $1.25 to run a whole new dry cycle. I've no doubt this is intentional. Big surprise someone left a note on one of the dryers claiming it wasn't heating. Buy new equipment Grove. Stop half assing it. —Vivictus

2014-05-29 13:28:40   We appreciate your feedback. The replacement of the washer machines were due to the lack of parts available for the original machines. We are definitely looking into brand new machines and will be addressing these issues immediately. Thank you - The Grove Management —Jessbeltz

2014-08-22 19:55:30   Maintenance is a big problem here.

I'm about to move out and they came in to do unsolicited maintenance, used my dish rag and kitchen sponge to clean up paint chips and putty, made a mess on kitchen floor and stove, left light fixture parts and window blinds on apartment floor, then told me that they wouldn't clean it up for two more days.

Also, when I first moved in, reported a ton of issues, took over 3 months with me sending an email to them every two weeks, finally resolved most of them but after repeated entry to apartment, half assed attempt to fix one or two items, gave up on the rest after repeated complaints. As an example of one of the issues, the AC unit was a 110V unit, but the ordinary outlet to which it was attached was wired for 220. Tim first took his time getting a new unit out, which also did not work, then came back and rewired the outlet.

I suspect, having left a negative review with my real name attached, that I will not get my deposit back. I followed advice further up and took many pictures of apartment before moving in. I'll follow up in a few weeks, and let you all know whether or not they return my deposit. —AndrewWWong

2014-08-26 9:24:30   Edit: just realized that he also got paint chips and other debris into an open bag of salt on my kitchen counter. —AndrewWWong

2014-09-11 12:48:06   On behalf of The Grove I apologize for the inconvenience maintenance might have caused upon entering your apartment. Under no circumstances is it ok to use the resident's personal towels or sponges therefore I felt it was necessary to replace them for you. This is not standard procedure and maintenance was addressed regarding this issue. We do however ALWAYS provide proper notice upon entering our apartment homes and we are flexible if our residents request appointments. Our goal is to provide excellent services to our residents here at The Grove and regret that you felt we did not meet your needs. We thank you for the time you were a resident here at The Grove. —Jessbeltz

2014-12-16 09:29:16   I absolutely love living here at The Grove. It is located in such a great neighborhood. A little far from campus but they are on all the major bus lines so its not hard to get there on time. The manager is always so nice if shes not available in the office she is always so responsive to voicemails and emails. Maintenance is a little slow at times but he does his best and is always very friendly. This is my first year here but so far i have been very happy and i look forward to signing another contract with The Grove. I would recommend this place to anyone looking to get away from the college scene. The Grove is directly next door to the west lake market as well so you never have to worry about driving anywhere . Great interiors, Free parking, awesome landlord , clean complex and VERY QUIET what more can you ask for in a college town :) rent at The GROVE I did ! —Melissa001

2014-12-17 14:57:42   Thank you Melissa for being a resident here at The Grove. We appreciate your feedback. It is our goal to keep The Grove a place you can call home. We look forward to having you another year! —Jessbeltz