The Jock Artist

Have you seen the timeless work of the Jock Artist? Perhaps you've admired his breathtaking craft in the men's bathroom of Lower Freeborn Hall, or reveled in his gorgeous anatomical landscapes in the men's bathroom at the Jack in the Box on G Street. His work interrupts the dissemination of heteronormative discourse with a meditation on crass bathroom humor and the gendered glass ceiling inherent in the creation of and participation in Art with a capital 'A'. The Jock Artist is an important (albeit anonymous) fixture of the artistic community in Davis.

The Jock Artist's first exhibition/reception is currently in the early planning stages. It will take place in the men's room of Lower Freeborn some time in the near future. If you have any information on The Jock Artist—where he is currently residing, if he is working on a piece, or if he is seeking potential patrons—please contact

Warning: Explicit Warning: Explicit Artist's Signature


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2007-06-22 17:00:05   what's been going on with this artist? anything new? —JessicaRockwell