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Fair trade and delicious! Pepper Peddler Coffee uses a bicycle powered coffee roaster and then sell their coffee by subscription. Freshly-roasted coffee is delivered directly to your doorstep in Davis by bicycle on Friday (either weekly or biweekly). The coffee comes in Kerr jars which they re-use. When you first open it, it makes an exciting 'pop'! and releases the tantalizing aroma of super fresh coffee (roasted the night before delivery)!

The Pepper Peddler offers four roasts: light, medium, special dark, and a blend. In addition to bicycle delivery to your door, the blend and the dark roast are available in the bulk food section at the Davis Food Co-op.

The owner, Alex Roth plays in The West Nile Ramblers


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2009-07-03 12:55:05   I'm a Pepper Peddler addict. I haven't signed up for the delivery service but I buy some from the bulk foods section at the co-op every week. It's delicious and always fresh because it's roasted every week. The date it was roasted on is written right on the bin and they replace it every week with the new blend. It really is a treat for coffee lovers. —condemned2bfree

2009-07-07 20:47:42   Happy user of the weekly delivery service! It's just too bad we can't grow coffee beans in Davis. —ScottLay

2010-02-19 17:21:48   I must say this is THE BEST coffee I have ever had, I like the light roast. I have given this coffee to a lot of people and everyone has said it is very good. —DagonJones

2010-08-16 13:57:36   The coffee is excellent and the concept is AWESOME. Pricing is very good, delivery is convenient and your karma is clean from not supporting corporate coffee. What could be better? —browneyedblues

"2011-06-03 10:17:34"   When is Pepper Peddler's delivery area ever going to expand to Sacramento? About time some delivery bikers shook up the coffee wars over here. Of course, for midtown deliveries you might want to design some sustainable styrofoam armor-padding for your cute Mason jars. —RaoulDuke

2012-08-08 16:52:56   I recently bought a pound of the Special Dark roast from the Davis Food Co-Op and made it for the first time today, just using a French press. It was AWESOME, and I ended up drinking the rest of the 24 oz of which I had originally intended to chill for iced coffee later on....whoops! I'm pretty picky when it comes to coffee—this stuff is up there with Temple Coffee in Sac, yet more affordable :-). —EmilyHughes