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Kristine Bennett
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Kristine has been pet sitting for other companies for years and has decided to open her own pet sitting business to offer more personal service and more variety of services. She has worked at Veterinary Hospitals since '07 and is a Registered Veterinary Technician. Kristine has honed her craft  with local dog trainers and is  offering dog training services now. 

She is licensed and insured and a member of Pet Sitters International as well as the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. She is a Davis local.

Services Provided For

Cats, dogs, fish, reptiles,  amphibians,  and caged pets (rabbits, hamsters, etc.). 

Services Offered

Pet Sitting

Daily Dog Walking(special skills with walking fearful or reactive dogs).

Walk and Training-We can work on  training issue while walking your dog.

Dog Training -all  ages and needs. 

NailTrimming-cats, rabbits, and dogs (depends on the temperament of the dog). Please call to inquire.

Weekly Brushing/Bathing-If you do not have time to maintain your pet's grooming needs  I can help. 



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2012-06-13 09:32:53   Kristine is a wonderful pet sitter. She is reliable, attentive, and conscientious. Kristine has been training and walking our puppy for the past year and she has greatly improved with obiediance control. Our puppy is a sweet, easily over-excitable lab golden mix and Kristine has helped her learn to control herself while still letting her fun personality shine. Kristine uses positive reinforcement and is full of ideas to make life for the pet and owner comfortable. I highly recommend Kristine to help you with your pet! —HanoverResident

2012-11-02 02:45:41   Kristine is amazing! We always have her watch our pets when we are out of town. She is highly trained and always goes out of her way to make sure that our pets are well taken care of. We ave two dogs and a cat. Our cat can be a bit tempermental with people she does not know but Kristine makes the extra effort to make sure Cookie is doing well and is happy. I have reccomended her to friends and I could not imagine using someone else. —rmk734

2014-06-18 16:16:48   I am so lucky to have found Kristine! We have been using her for a couple of years and she is always reliable, knowledgeable, helpful and positive. Besides our older dog, we have a 4 month old lab puppy that she cares for (and trains during her visits). We use her when I am unable to be home during the day and also when we are out of town. It is so reassuring to have Kristine watching our pets. If you need someone to care for your pets, I highly recommend her. —PattiF