Bruce has this ridiculous notion that this page should be named ["Quad"]. His reasoning seems to be that there is the quad, west quad, east quad, north quad, but they're all "quad" so that should be the name of the page. Looking at incoming links, all links to ["Quad"] are in the form of the ["Quad"] or West ["Quad"]. Or they are links that don't mention "quad." Or they are oddballs. There are only six instances of linking to ["Quad"] (where the text mentions "quad") without a cardinal direction or a definite article. The usual way to describe "the quad" is as "the quad." Does anyone disagree that this renaming is ridiculous? —WilliamLewis

Without going into detail, there used to be lots of references that the world was flat. —BruceHansen

This is related to another issue that anyone can be allowed to make bad edits on the wiki as long as it's related somehow to Davis. I don't agree with this policy. —BruceHansen

  • What does this have to do with you renaming pages because you find their names "illogical"? —WilliamLewis
  • Relating to Davis is necessary but not sufficient for remaining on the wiki. It's a community editing process. As a member of the community, I agree with WL on this one. The community calls that space "The Quad." The fact that this does not seem "logical" isn't relevant. Language usage is often not logical. I look at some parts of South Davis and they don't really seem all that "south" to me, but that's what the area is called. —CovertProfessor
  • It is known as "The Quad", and that's what it should be titled, in my opinion. The Farmers Market is a farmers market called the Farmers Market, but it is not titled "Farmers Market Farmers Market". -jw
  • Maybe Bruce is being facetious. He says there is a policy that allows anyone to make bad edits as long as it's related to Davis. He doesn't agree with this perceived policy so he's arguing against it by making bad edits....? -M
    • Odd, as there are no policies, just people trying to work together. If he's saying that other people are making bad edits, discussing those edits would seem like a good idea. -jw

Bruce, it seems like you're trying to make a point here, but I'm not sure what that point is. From the edit comments, it doesn't particularly seem like you're focused on the page's name itself, if you're thinking about renaming it to The Quad Quad. —TomGarberson

Upon review, there are plenty of "The" pages, but I guess many more missing "The" pages. Missing as well are the other Quads: "East Quad," "The East Quad," "West Quad" and "The West Quad." Starting a list of missing "The" pages, "The Davis Food Co-op," "The City of Davis," "The "Vet School," "The Medical School" and "The University of California" come to mind. I don't understand why lower case "the" isn't used instead of "The Quad" in the article; I don't see any more reason for "The Quad" to be a proper name (justifying "The Quad" in the article) than "The City of Davis," for example, to be a proper name. —BruceHansen

A partial search for "The Quad" on the UC Davis website yields with 30 "the Quad"s and 5 "The Quad"s. —BruceHansen