The Seditions started in the spring of 2002. The line up consisted of Jeremiah Low(Drums), Justin Mahorney(Guitar), Robert Smith(Vocals), Matt Mamuzich(Bass). This was only a temporary set-up to play one show. So a couple songs were written, some covers learned, and that one show was played. After that, Justin and Matt decided to keep things going and started in search for a new drummer. After a long search they got together with David(ex Broken Society, Dread Knox). After writing new songs and playing for a while, things fell apart due to long periods without practice, and having to travel far to do so. Around the same time, a good friend of theirs, Josh Garcia, got a drum set and learned to play. After jamming with him on and off, things just came together and they started to write more songs. After basically a whole summer of practicing and writing, The Seditions finally played their first show in 2003 at the infamous 1111 8th st. house in Davis. They continued to play locally at various house parties, cafe's, bars, etc. After playing for nearly 2 years, only having about 9-10 songs written, having only one 5 song demo, and a few crappy live recordings, the decision to split was made. Long periods without practice made it difficult to write, as well as conflicting work and school schedules. The end.