Lawson (center) working on the Spare Changer at Cafe Roma

(Date, i.e. 2005-05-01)
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$2.50, typically
Lawson Snipes

The Spare Changer is a short publication produced by some of the homeless people in our community. There is a voluntary $2.50 donation to pick up an issue, which you can get from various people or read on their web site. Reading it gives you some perspective on homelessness in a town in which some assume has no homeless population. Everyone is encouraged to submit any poems or stories or thoughts to this magazine, whether they are homeless or not.

The California Aggie ran an article and the The Davis Enterprise also ran an article about this publication and a few of its writers.

Our mission is simple: To inform the uninformed, to entertain, and most importantly to foster pride and self-respect within and among the unsheltered homeless in Davis and Greater Yolo County. We do this by offering something to you, our valued reader. Your donation, in this time of increased budget cuts to social services, narrows the gap between basic needs you and I may take for granted, but which remain unmet by social service agency funding and the truly courageous efforts of the sheltered and un-sheltered poor. “It is better to give than to receive,” says The Bible. We say it is even better to give something back. Read ‘The Spange’ And Enjoy! -L.S.

We, the unsheltered and sheltered poor alike do a little hiding. We try to maintain our dignity, self esteem and self respect. and we treasure our respect and integrity. We have litle else. We take steps to "hide". I certainly do, although now that the DCM Winter Shelter has opened with the City's Permission, we have a place to "be." One of the challenges is to appear normal. Davis is upscale; let's get real. So, it follows that the poor are upscale too. We don't do the blocking traffic thing. Correctly, that doesn't mean we are not here. I say "we", because these are my people about whom I write. -L.S.

Hmmm. I'm thinking about re-printing articles here from time to time... Hmmm. Um, I'm compudumb, would YOU like to help me establish a "page" here? I think Daviswiki is a majorly kewl site. Great philosophy. Would you like to help raise funds for TSC, Inc. (Yeppers, TSC is a 501(3)(c)). My next administrative Project is to raise $1000 to pay State and Fed fees to obtain my tax ID. Then I can procede with grant research and writing. I need CV's (Client Venders) ..oops time up! -L.S.