GET SPOKED!The Spokes are the only all-female group at UC Davis. Founded in 2004, the group currently consists of 13 talented and dedicated girls whose shared passion for music and performing shines when they take the stage. Their repertoire includes a wide range of music genres, from Top 40 ("Never Ever Getting Back Together" by Taylor Swift) to alternative ("Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes) to R&B ("I’ll Be Waiting" by Adele) to classics ("Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond). The Spokes’ love for singing can be heard in their latest album, Shades of Pink: Volume I, which is available on iTunes, Loudr, and Spotify. Just as a bicycle wheel cannot spin without the strength of all its spokes, the all-female, all-fabulous a cappella group, The Spokes, depends on all its great girls!

The Spokes set out to entertain the masses with their unique aura of hot pink and black. Though they’ve only been together since January 2004, they have already captivated many ears in the Davis community and beyond. With their combination of good tunes, great charisma, and excellent choreography, they make fans wherever they go. They have traveled to the Bay Area, to Los Angeles, to Santa Cruz, to Santa Barbara, and beyond. Their lifetime goals include learning new songs, making new friends, and performing all over the world.

The Spokes hold two annual concerts, the largest being HellaCappella: An A Cappella Festival in True Nor-Cal Style. For a review of HellaCappella 2013, check out this link: Concert Review. HellaCappella 2014 was held on April 18 and featured seven incredible groups!

To make a PERFORMANCE REQUEST, please e-mail for a prompt response! :)


APRIL 10, 2015: HellaCappella at the Mondavi Center!

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The Spokes are always updating the website, this Wiki, and our Facebook! For the latest information on shows, auditions, and free merchandise giveaways, check out the links below!

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Meet the Girls

Rachel Riley: President/Social Media Rachel Forer: Vice-President/Treasurer Megan Wiley: Co-Music Director Lynsie Mason: Co-Music Director Sara Lichti: Choreography Chair Miranda Stever: Publicity Chair Alexandra Sargent: Social Chair Alyssa Gire: Philanthropy Chair Tanya Rodman: Website Manager Anya Stewart: Merchandise Chair/Choreography Committee Emily Laskin: Treasurer Apprentice


Spring: Taylor Muldrow, Amanda Beardsley.


Spring: Anya Stewart, Tanya Rodman, Alyssa Gire. Fall: Emily Laskin.


Fall: Lynsie Mason.


Spring: Sara Lichti. Fall: Rachel Riley, Miranda Stever. Winter: Kirsten Halden, Alexandra Sargent.


Spring: Adrienne LaBorde, Emily Korwin, Kayla Ruben. Fall: Rachel Forer, Megan Wiley.


Spring: Emily Randall, Caitlin Kollgaard. Fall: Jaki Joanino, Kacie Contreras.


Fall: Julie Athans, Katie Darfler, Camille Martinez.


Fall: Mercy Albaran, Greer Shively, Shauna Payyappilly.


Spring: Katie Bowen, Amelia Hassani, Claire Krohmer. Fall: Jennifer Pugh, Lena Schiffer, Meredith Laird, Sara Scheller, Emily Pena.


Winter: Alexi Elconin, Annie Pestolesi, Emily Sklar. Fall: Andrea Pasiliao, Paris Perrault.


Spring: Kate Brody Adams, Jordan Steiner.

Founding Members

The Spokes were created in January of 2004 when two former members of the coed a cappella group the Liquid Hotplates decided the time had come for an all-women’s group at UC Davis. Co-founders Camaron and Jaclyn posted many fliers in order to find the most entertaining, cute, and Founding membersfun-lovin’ bunch of girls in Davis. After several rounds of auditions there were eight Spokes, each one dedicated to creating a beautiful sound and having tons of fun. They practiced in the beautiful and brand-new music room of the Infill dorms, and relied equally on the acoustics of Andrea’s apartment.

Original members: A.Tianna Scozzaro, Alicia Flor, Andrea Howard, Allie Pedrazzi, Camaron Ochs, Elana Segal, Jaclyn Fromer, and Katrina Soo-Hoo



Shades of Pink: Volume 1

The Spokes' seventh album comes in two parts: Volume I, which is currently available on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, and Loudr, and Volume II, which will be released online in Spring of 2015. It was recorded, mixed, and mastered by producer Ben Lieberman from A hardcopy CD comprising both volumes will be available in Spring 2015. 1. Wings 2. More 3. Sweet Caroline 4. Never Ever Getting Back Together 5. Us Against The World 6. Wonder 7. I Need Your Love


The Spokes' sixth album, Kaleidospoke, was completed in Fall 2012. Now available for $10 at any of the Spokes' shows! The CD was Recorded and Mixed by Alberto Hernandez at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, Ca., as well as with James Ward at the Live Oak Studio. It was mastered by Justin Weis and the cover art was created by Deena Freel. You can find it on Spotify and iTunes! 1. She Wolf 2. Hit Me With Your Best Shot/Just What I Needed 3. I'll Be Waiting 4. Happy Ending 5. Fighter 6. Smile 7. I 2 I (From The Goofy Movie) 8. That Thing You Doo Wop 9. Say A Little Prayer

On the Wall

The Spokes' fifth album, On the Wall, was recorded in May 2011. The CD was produced by Jason Shafton of Rubber Room Records and mastered with the help of Greer Shively, The Spokes' 2010-2011 Co-Director and Music Director. No more hard copies of "On the Wall" are available anymore, but the entire CD can be purchased on iTunes for only $8! You can also listen on Spotify! 1. Breathless 2. ABBA Medley 3. Ridin' Solo 4. Top of the World 5. Heartbreaker 6. King of Anything 7. Seven Nation Army 8. She Will Be Loved

Waking Up in Davis

The Spokes' fourth album, Waking Up in Davis, named after one of the songs on the CD. It was completed in August 2010. This CD was produced by Jason Shafton and was mastered with the help of Spokes member Greer Shively. Waking Up in Davis has been released, GET SPOKED! Available for $5 and now on iTunes! 1. Maybe 2. Disturbia 3. Signed Sealed Delivered/Super Duper Love 4. My Moon My Man 5. Waking Up in Davis 6. Street Spirit 7. Nothing Ever Hurt Like You 8. And So It Goes 9. Let Your Love Flow 10. Annie Waits 11. Hands 12. Alone

The Pink Album

The Spokes' third album, The Pink Album, was completed in February 2009, and was released at HellaCappella that year. It was produced by Nick Balthazar of Cover design was created by, now Spokes alum, Claire Krohmer. It is available NOW for just $5! 1. I Need a Hero 2. Street Spirit 3. You Don't Own Me 4. I'm Yours 5. Annie Waits 6. Spokehemian Rhapsody 7. Cellotape 8. Not Myself 9. It's Raining Men 10. Sweet Escape

This Means Go

The Spokes' second album, This Means Go, completed recording in May 2006 by Aaron Kash and Redwood Lane Studios It is available for only $5! Songs include "Behind These Hazel Eyes/Sugar We're Going Down" hybrid, It's Raining Men, and the Spokes version of "Gold Digger."

Just Ride It

The Spokes' first album, Just Ride It, was released in May/June 2004.

  1. Fever

  2. All this Time

  3. Ring My Bell

  4. Fools Fall in Love

  5. Either Way

  6. Kiss da Girl

  7. Bohemian Rhapsody/Golden Slumbers

  8. Love me Tomorrow


Other Merchandise


Be a true Spokes fan and sport one (or a few) of our STICKERS! Only $1!


Sport a Spokes fan shirt! Available in S, M, L, and XL and sold at any large-event Spokes shows for only $10! If you would like one sooner, e-mail!

(More merchandise will be available soon!)



The Spokes sing "Wings" at HellaCappella 2014 HellaCappella, 2013 HellaCappella, 2011


HellaCappella Alumni, 2011 The Spokes singing "Waking Up in Davis at HellaCappella 2010. The Spokes host Hella Cappella, Feb. 2006.

ICCAs, 2011 The Spokes at HellaCappella 2010The Spokes UC Berkeley's Annual West Coast A 'Cappella Showcase, 2009


The Spokes at "Making Strides" for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Sacramento. The Spokes at UCLA's California A Cappella Festival (CAF), 2008The Spokes at Disneyland before UCLA's California A 'Cappella Festival (CAF), 2010.


Good Day Sacramento, 2011 The Spokes host benefit concert "Sing for Schools" and are joined by alums including co-founder, Camaron Ochs, 2009The Spokes at UC Santa Cruz, 2007.


The Spokes right after recording their first live CD, 2008. The Spokes at Local Tones 2007. The Spokes on Picnic Day, April 2006 The Spokes on the Bay Area Tour, May 2006


The Spokes Fall Audition Flyer, 2009. GET SPOKED!


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