NEW 3rd & D Street Location
305 D Street (at the intersection of 3rd & D Street, kiddie corner to Cafe Bernardos)
Tue-Fri 9:00am-5:30pm & Sat 9am-5pm by appt
(530) 756-6666 & (530) 757-6666
Owner/Master Stylist
Jerry Paiz
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The Style Lounge is a fashion-oriented beauty salon with a TEAM catering to your hair needs. Instead of catering to a specific gender or age, The Style Lounge is for those who are fashion conscious. The atmosphere is something you'd more expect in a metropolis. The salon team, with specialist in many different areas, will make your experience one to remember. The shop is owned by Jerry Paiz, who has extensive experience in both hairstyling and Barbering and cosmetology, many of those years locally in Davis.

The Style Lounge is located on the corner of 3rd & D st, kiddie corner to Cafe Bernardos. Enter the building at the D Street entrance. This is near to popular Davis hangout places like Burgers and Brew, Davis Farmers Market, Crepeville, etc.

Prices vary for various services based on length, texture, and services provided. Some services include: Mens clipper cuts starting at $25,

style haircuts starting  $35 and up, color starting at $70and up, highlights starting at $90and up.

They are now offering WEDDING and SPECIAL EVENT styles as well. Please call to book an appointment for your next big event!

They offer periodic specials and discounts for students and community members.


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Archive Page for Comments from 2006-2008

2009-01-07 16:40:09   I even look better in a HAT after I go see Jerry Paiz. The Style Lounge is what it says, and the ideal place for anyone that knows a cut above the ordenary makes all the difference in your life. —Attmay

2009-01-29 18:52:16   Hands down the best salon in Davis. I first went to the Style Lounge a few years ago after driving up from school in Santa Barbara, and had my hair cut by the owner Jerry. After the first visit I was hooked. Getting your hair cut at the Style Lounge is much more than JUST getting your hair cut or styled; its an Experience. After walking in, they relax and settle you in with a massaging shampoo and condition before your cut. The atmosphere adds tremendously to the experience. The salon features plasma tvs, for you to watch if you are waiting while your hair is being colored, highlighted or chemically straightened. The music that plays in the background, fits right in with the mood as well, ranging from relaxing chill house beats, to rock, pop and jazz. After my initial visit, I have always gone back to see Jerry, because he is literally a maestro when it comes to your hair. He treats it like conducting a 100 player orchestra to whatever music you like. He not only can give you the style you are looking for, but he also gives you his full attention and company. The first few times I went in, I told him what I wanted and asked him to cut my hair a certain way. After about two cuts, I had complete faith in him and now ask him what he thinks would look good and literally let him do whatever he wants with my hair. Every time it has been something that I have loved and has looked good, even while growing out. I have not found another salon that personally knows their clients better, or can give them a "hair cutting experience" like Jerry and the Style Lounge can. The name says it all. It's not just a salon, but a relaxing lounge where hair is the priority, but the individual and his/her personal experience while getting an amazing cut are what sets it apart. If you need your hair cut or styled in town and you want to go somewhere where your stylist will know you and your hair on a personal level on top of giving you an amazing hair cut; this is the place. Look no further. The Style Lounge is your new destination for your next "hair styling experience." —Zach

2009-01-30 08:46:00   Some of these gushing reviews are starting to make me nauseous... A maestro? Are you kidding? Hair school graduates do a better job. How much did you get paid to say that? Or maybe he is giving discounts for customers who provide good reviews. What a schmuck. —CarrieBishop

2009-01-31 15:12:18   This place is over rated and over priced. $50 for a hair cut, and I believe $90 for highlights.

I got my hair cut by Jodi twice - and it was the best two haircuts of my life. I have a LOT of hair, and Jodi was able to reduce the size of my pony-tail by 66%, it was incredible. However, Jodi left a few years ago (no idea where she is now) and I attempted to find another stylist there without luck. Leslie cut my hair, but she was too timid to thin it out significantly. Then I tried Jerry, the owner, and that was even worse! Oh my goodness, I was in there for almost 4 hours - I had to move my car in the middle of a hair cut and run to my car in the end. Jerry spent most of his time consulting other customers before allowing their stylists to begin the cut, then he would return to my hair. I brought in a picture of what I wanted (bangs, shorter layers in front, longer layers in the back), he acknowledged the picture, then gave me a cut (no bangs, strongly tapered angled bob... the back was so short, 1/2" at most). It looked nothing like the picture, I was very displeased. I asked him why he tapered the back and he told me he "didn't want to make [me] look like a broom". He didn't even finish me, he passed me over to some assistants to blow dry and style it because his next client had been waiting so long.

I now go to Lasting Impressions on 4th St. Much better priced ($25 haircut) and I actually get what I asked for. —Pearlinthemist

2009-03-20 19:43:12   I get my hair cut and colored with Marjan (who moved to the style lounge from Ninas studio recently) and love her work. I've been coming to Marjan for more than a year and have brought many of my friends over to her because she's great. I also get my eyebrows threaded by her. She always listens to what I want and makes sure im satisfied in the end. I would recommend her to everyone. —azzygurl

2009-03-27 18:50:26   My mom and I have been going to The Style Lounge for almost two years, and we love it! I currently live in Santa Cruz for school but still come back to Davis to get my hair done. I've gone to other places in Davis and have always had to go to Jerry to fix it— He's genius with color and really knows how to make a girl look sexy! —LizH

2009-04-05 00:37:13   Absolutely fabulous. I first came here 3 years ago and was hooked. My mom was amazed at how great my hair looked after each visit so eventually I convinced her to spend the money and after her first visit she came out looking ten years younger. People at her office in San Francisco noticed it too, especially since this kind of service would be much more expensive in the city. Jerry and Lindsay are both attentive and learn what the style of their return customers are—Amanda helped out with my hair today and did a great job with the highlights. —OliviaY

2009-04-15 12:51:55   Everyone has their own opinion but I'm amazed at the negative comments! I've been going to Jerry going on 4 years and I couldn't be happier! Before I started going to The Style Lounge my hair was severly damaged. Jerry not only gave me cuts and colors that I loved but he made my hair healthy once again! For Christmas this year I received a gift certificate to another salon went there to get my VERY DARK ROOTS back to the beautiful blond the rest of my hair is and what a mistake! My roots went from Dark to light brown to orange!!! And I was sent out of the salon looking like that. I was freaking out! Went to Jerry had him fix the other salons mistake and now I vow NEVER to go to another salon. All the stylists are nice, love to chit chat, and make you feel comfortable. I get compliments on my hair all the time and refer everyone to The Style Lounge! —AnnaM09

2009-04-16 17:41:52   *****WARNING: Had my hair cut by Kyle.***** He uses a "texturizing" scissor cut that only works by THINNING your hair as he cuts it. IF you have THIN hair or even THIN areas, DO NOT let Kyle touch your hair, unless you are prepared to walk away looking like a cancer patient. —JoshMcDougal

2009-04-21 19:45:36   The style lounge has a really nice atmosphere and everyone who works there is great. Marjan at the style lounge is the best. I've gotten the best haircuts of my life from her. I've taken 3 of my friends to her and now they only go to her too. I used to see her at Nina's and we've all followed her to the style lounge. She also does eyebrow threading which is a really nice thing since I haven't seen that too much in Davis. :) —easklar

2009-04-22 17:49:08   I have been going to Kyle for three years, I was his first client, I have seen him go from lowly assistant to the manager of the second location. (Which is the good one anyway.) Since the first time that he cut my hair, which was in his bathroom, he has NEVER steered me wrong. I will not ever let anyone else do my hair, and I have traveled more than 500 miles in order to get a touch up.

To put it simply, Kyle is by far the best stylist the Style Lounge has to offer, no matter your style or your budget, he will do everything in his power to make you happy. No matter what frustrated little punks might think. Even if he ever has made a mistake, HE WILL CORRECT IT FOR FREE! With Kyle you can't go wrong. —Xander!

2009-04-27 07:33:32   For the first time I can say that I love my hair and it's because of the fabulous cuts and color I get at the Style Lounge. No one but Jerry is ever going to cut my hair again, ever. Everyone there is excellent. I talked my husband into getting hair cuts there from Leslie and now he is hooked. My 13 year old son who has always hated how his hair cuts looked at those "cookie cutter" places says he really likes the haircut he got from Jennifer a few weeks ago. Everyone I work with in SF says my hair looks great and I tell them it's worth the trip to Davis. Finally, one of the nicest things about the actual salon, is that always smells nice in chemicals, so you know they are using the best products there, and the atmosphere is always friendly and entertaining. It's simply the best. —victoriap

2009-05-23 01:47:41   Best place I have ever gone to get my hair done. Your hair even grows out nicely! I went there on my birthday for a splurge three years ago and now i go every birthday. The man who runs this place is fabulous, he spent like two hours on my hair this year, in fact i was so impressed i signed up for wiki just so i could give this review! Seriously if you want to feel, and look amazing this place is great, its completely worth it. also my two best friends saw my hair and later went back and got theirs done there two. -the wenches —Ruthy

2009-06-09 18:50:09   Went to the one on 2nd St., and didn't have a good experience. I have dark hair and was going lighter (almost blonde), and brought a photo with me of roughly what I wanted. I'm a reasonable person when it comes to my hair, I know what will work and won't, and I am never afraid to ask advice from my stylist, but the woman (tall, long dark hair, can't remember her name) wouldn't communicate at all. In fact, she barely said two words. She said full highlights were going to be the best, and then worked almost grumpily. She laid the foils across my face while she did them, poking my eyes a few times. When she first washed it, she put something in my hair and then walked away from the sink, not saying a word, leaving me there for 10 minutes while she fiddled with the music. The color turned out fine but streaky, and almost looked gray with my dark hair streaked with blonde. I added a red tint to it later to give it a little more vibrancy. The cut was fine, nothing special, and she didn't spend very much time on it. Won't go back there.

Went to G St next time I was due for a cut, hearing much better reviews. Different atmosphere completely, and a nicer staff. I had Scott, and he was funny in a downer sort of way. Applied deep conditioning without me asking, but took FOREVER on my cut. Very meticulous. I wanted to ask for bangs, but had already been there for almost 2 hours so decided against it. Will probably go back, but more than likely will try out a different stylist. —DaniD

2009-06-12 15:21:53   I found Marjan! Marjan was formerly at Nina's Studio in Davis where she was known for her talent cutting, styling and coloring hair. She is magic! Best of all - She Threads! I have been looking for another eyebrow threader since she Nina's told me she had left the region. Untrue. She is right around the corner and as wonderful as ever. She is the only person in Davis to thread your eyebrows and does a wonderful job. —sschladow

2009-06-15 14:04:56   Jessica gave me a great cut, with a shampoo, for only $20. Why have I been going to cheapo places all this time? I was only saving a few dollars and wasn't getting nearly the same quality of a cut. —tokai

2009-07-05 18:20:53   I went here to get my hair cut- short. I booked an appointment at the second street location. I was little scared because I have had bad experiences before when I cut my hair short. Its really easy to screw it up and my thick hair is hard to cut. Anyway, I seriously got the BEST hair cut of my LIFE!!!! From Jerry. He was awesome and TOTALLY knows what he is doing. My hair looks amazing and I get so many complements on it. If you want an amazing hair cut- go see Jerry at The Style Lounge! Ill be back soon because I am going to dye it a bit darker. I can't wait! —Audrey13

2009-07-29 08:43:41   I have been going to The Style Lounge for two years now, and each and every time I walk out of there feeling like a super model. I have learned to completely trust Jerry and his incredible eye for mixing colors. You know how an impressionist painting looks better than what can exist in nature? Well, that is what Jerry and his staff do for my hair. It is like a spa for my hair. Now, if only I could get a mani and a pedi there too, I would spend the whole afternoon there! —victoriap

2009-07-30 13:57:34   This is a note for those who are interested in eye-brow threading. I was looking for a beauty practitioner who did eye brow threading and got to know from one of my friends that there was only person in Davis , Marjan, who did this and worked in Nina studio. I called Nina's, but I was told that Marjan was no longer live in Davis. But they are SO liar. Marjan has moved to Style Lounge at 803 2nd street and her cell number is 530-220-5125. I just love her work and she is great! She also does hair cut and color. She does wonderful job! I would recommend her to everyone. - Abby —Aby

2009-10-08 11:54:50   Jerry is cool - very hip. My number one pick for getting a haircut though is Kyle at Salon #2. He is talented, listens to what you want and executes beautifully. He is also one of the nicest most pleasant guys around! —charliesangels

2009-10-08 14:48:14   I *LOVE* both locations....I generally wear my hair long and get one or two cuts a year...I've always had Jerry cut it who is fun and *always* makes my hair look great. The place is kind of posh/trendy (whatever that means to you) and I've recommended the place to many friends. Lately I've been getting more cuts and have "transferred" to their G-street location. Kyle has ***ALWAYS*** done a fantastic job with my hair (and my kid's hair). Sometimes I'll have a clear idea of what I want and he nails it perfectly. Lately, I've just walked in and sat down and let him work his magic. He'll ask what kind of length or whatever...and guide me to a nice cut or I'll just say "it's up to you" and he'll make it work. I'm getting older, so I can't rock the cool kid haircut anymore...but I'm not elderly yet...he always finds a nice balance. As a matter of fact, I'm gonna call him right now for an appointment for myself and my daughter!! -G —michaelG

2009-10-25 02:23:46   I went to the 2nd street location a few months ago and had my hair cut and colored by Jerry who did an EXCELLENT job. I would recommend him to anyone. Today, however, I decided to try the G st location. This was a mistake. The girl who cut my hair didn't tell me her name so I can't warn against her, but just don't go to that location. She did such a bad job that sitting here looking at my hair I feel like I'm going to cry. Not only did she just generally do a poor job, but she also did exactly what I asked her not to do. Instead of having black lowlights I have these fat stripes of black in my hair. And this wouldn't be the biggest problem, if it were stylized to look like that, which it doesn't. And the best part is that it's BLACK. it cannot be fixed! great! and my hair is down to my butt so it's going to take days to grow out. And as a final insult, when washing my hair she decided not to put conditioner in it. So now I have straw hair for the next few days, and when she was trying to brush it dry she just ripped right through my hair. I'm going to speak with the manager and see if I can at LEAST get her to fix it or give me a refund. It looks seriously terrible. I am so upset. —christinag

2009-10-25 08:36:15   C-kah is the best hair stylist i have ever had. I've been going to her for a year and she has dyed and cut my hair from dirty blonde to platinum, to dark brown with red highlights. She is amazing. She even came in on her birthday to do my hair!!!!! I always want to change my hair and C-kah always makes it look prefect, natural, and with lots of dimension. Everyone in the style lounge is incredibly nice and polite. I've only gone to the 2nd style lounge, but it is a relaxing place to get your hair done for people of all ages. The pricing is extremely reasonable as well. Also, I have been pack backing and traveling for months now in Europe, and the haircut C-kah gave me before I left STILL looks good. She is super awesome.


2009-10-25 13:34:32   I went to the 2nd street location a few months ago and had my hair cut and colored by Jerry who did an EXCELLENT job. I would recommend him to anyone. Today, however, I decided to try the G st location. This was a mistake. The girl who cut my hair didn't tell me her name so I can't warn against her, but just don't go to that location. She did such a bad job that sitting here looking at my hair I feel like I'm going to cry. Not only did she just generally do a poor job, but she also did exactly what I asked her not to do. Instead of having black lowlights I have these fat stripes of black in my hair. And this wouldn't be the biggest problem, if it were stylized to look like that, which it doesn't. And the best part is that it's BLACK. it cannot be fixed! great! and my hair is down to my butt so it's going to take days to grow out. And as a final insult, when washing my hair she decided not to put conditioner in it. So now I have straw hair for the next few days, and when she was trying to brush it dry she just ripped right through my hair. I'm going to speak with the manager and see if I can at LEAST get her to fix it or give me a refund. It looks seriously terrible. I am so upset. —christinag

2009-10-27 15:17:20   I went to get my hair fixed by Jerry and he gave me the most beautiful haircut i've EVER had. And he's going fix my color in a month or so for free as well. Jerry is the best hairdresser I've ever been to. Go to him. He will not disappoint! —christinag

2009-12-07 15:16:51   Super awesome. The stylists have a great sense for cut and color. Young and professional. If you are on the cutting edge of fashion this is the place you want to go to. I like C-kah. This is the kind of place that could easily fit into NYC or Tel Aviv (I have lived in both places). —dizzyditz

2009-12-24 14:18:11   I went for the first time yesterday, I brought some pictures and Jerry threw them on the floor repeatedly! They were of blonde hairstyles and I have black, thick wavy/curly hair. I told him I wanted change and he immediately said that he's heard that a lot but no one really wants that.(He's brutally honest) He thinned down my hair along the sides and I was shocked at how much hair he was taking off! He then cut my bangs in a baby bang style, small bangs covered by longer bangs. Then his assistant (ashley I think?) washed my hair and sat me down under a steamer. My hair never looked so good in my entire life! She straightened my hair(something I have never, ever done!) and Jerry finished off by redefining my layers and doing what he does best, knowing your hair better than you do. I asked him if he was going to make my hair shorter, which is what I wanted but he said he wasn't going to touch the length. I was confused but then realized it looks fantastic and making it shorter wouldn't look as good. Jerry was loud, expressive and pushy but he knows hair and knows what will look good. He's honest and will not beat around the bush when it comes to hair. Thanks to him, my hair is controllable, and no longer do I look like a puffball! I have volume but it's not poofy. I recommend him to anybody! He's honest, and fantastic. Take it from me, someone who has done absolutely nothing with their hair and doesn't know anything about styling, my hair is amazing now and Jerry makes you care about your hair! —hbshaik

2010-01-05 21:53:42   Hey everyone its Jennifer from the Style Lounge...I just wanted to tell everyone I have moved salons: Avant Garde 439 G st. call to make an appointment at 756-7777 ext. 5!! hope to see u soon :) Giving 20% off for Jan. and Feb.!! —JenniferMarks

2010-01-15 18:54:15   Kyle is talented, nice and very efficient. He gave me a great haircut, fun color and good advice. I would definitely recommend an appointment with Kyle if you want a great haircut and fabulous fun color. The price was very good too. —Kris10rocks

2010-01-30 14:43:33   Got my haircut with C-Kah a couple weeks ago. Turned out amazing as it usually does. She is really friendly and energetic. Finally found my go-to gal :) —EricaMacGregor

2010-02-09 07:42:39   As always Jerry, you make my hair so pretty, and that makes me feel pretty. You and Ashley are a great team and I love it that Ashley even knows to dry my hair first, before you cut my crazy curls, so that you are able to get it PERFECT! The highlights you gave me last weekend are AMAZING! The perfect mix of blonde, burgandy and copper. Nobody knows how to cut curls like Jerry, and Ashley is the wizard of color! I love you both! Thank you. —victoriap

2010-02-26 15:31:24   I got my hair cut twice by C-kah at G street. I liked the cut both times. I have thick curly long hair, and I usually pay $60 for a cut, but it was only $45 here. Plus bang trims are free. This is the first salon in Davis that I have gone to more than once. I usually try a new place every time I need a haircut, but C-kah is great so I'm sticking to the Style Lounge. I wish I had found this place earlier. —djnejad

2010-03-03 16:51:26   Marjan has moved to Avant Gard across from the G street theater. Finding someone who can thread can be so difficult —sschladow

2010-03-07 19:27:40   hey everyone! this is candice parnell who used to work @ the style lounge. ive relocated to avant garde studio @ 439 g street (the corner of g & 5th). come see me!!! 756-7777 :) —cparnell

2010-03-24 12:29:47   why is Jerry the only one at the pasta location now? —AnniieRose

2010-03-30 12:16:16   Kyle is great over at the G street location. I have trusted him with my hair when it was long and I'd only trim it and do a little bit of style. But went in last week for a big change to much shorter hair and he did a perfect job! Thank you Kyle! —Rachelottlinger

2010-04-09 16:54:49   Kyle does an amazing job with girl's short hair! I've had my hair short for years, and he's the only person I've ever got to cut my hair exactly how I want it. It's definitely worth the money! —LadyKillKatie

2010-04-19 18:21:45   does anyone know if Risto still works there? —alex.t

2010-06-10 12:29:07   In answer to the question about Risto: He is not with Style Lounge any longer. The good folks at Style Lounge were kind enough to refer me to his new place, Risto Hair International, 325 G Street, Davis. His number is 530-759-7098. Risto is still as great as ever. He;s an excellent colorist, and his cuts grow out extremely well. —bebrady

2010-06-14 13:46:59   Hey everyone this is Kyle If you were looking for me I am actually at a new salon. You can give me a call at (530) 759-7098. Hope to hear from you soon. :)

Hey everyone this is Kyle If you were looking for me I'm actually at a new salon. You can give us a call at (530) 759-7098. —KyleVorst18

2010-06-20 02:56:01   hey everyone! RISTO RISTO RISTO! thats all you need :). he is amazing. he knows exactly what his client wants and lives to make them happy. he is in a new location now, in a beautiful new salon he designed himself. it is at 325 G street. i don't know the phone number but they are getting a website soon. they also have a yelp account.its so lovely and its a true pleasure. he also serves wine (red and white), espresso with chocolates on the side and all different kinds of coffee.. and the greatest service ever. so come into RISTO HAIR INTERNATIONAL and have the experience of a lifetime! —iloveristo

2010-07-25 22:54:16   I blew it with boxed dye a month ago...lets just say that the semipermanent medium brown I was aiming for ended up dark dark brown and permanent. Luckily, thanks to Krissy at Style Lounge 2, my hair is the most beautiful chestnut brown it has ever been! Not only that, but it is still reasonably healthy. Krissy knew exactly what to do to give me the color I never knew I always wanted, while minimizing the damage to my stressed out strands. I just moved to Davis from San Diego, and my previous colorist charged $300 for my color. I don't even WANT to know what she would have charged for a color correction. Krissy's 6th sense picked up on the fact that I'm seriously strapped for cash, though, and only charged me $250!!!! For the whole she-bang!! And to top it all off, she stayed an hour past closing to do the job right, picked me up some food while I sat under the steamer, gave me a ride home, and offered to give me a little trim the following day so that I'd be fresh for the wedding I was attending. I was so impressed by the whole experience. —claudiahjohnson

2010-07-30 14:53:35   I'm just back from the salon and they did an awful work with my hair! The girl didn't cut my hair like I wanted! She cut too much! Now, I can't really fix it. I have to wait! Thanks Style Lounge! —CyrilBonnefoy

2010-08-01 16:19:08   A friend of mine from law school recommended going to Jerry at the Style Lounge about 8 months ago, and I am really glad I took her advice. I have very thin, baby-fine hair and I have always been worried about coloring it. After letting Jerry cut my hair once, I decided to let him color it, and I am extremely pleased with the results. He used really gentle products on my hair and was great about explaining to me why he did certain things, like softening the base, and what effects they would have on my hair. My hair has held up really well with the coloring. I have also been trying to grow my hair out, but I have generally been unhappy about how it looks long because of how thin it is. Jerry has been really attentive to that when he cuts, and my hair actually looks healthy now at a long length. Highly recommended! —LaurenSible

2010-08-26 13:20:56   I had Jerry cut my hair in spring, and he did an excellent job with styling. I loved the way my front layers curved inward and the way he layers. But in terms of how his haircut looked after it grew out, I wouldn't say it's the best. Since I have a lot of hair, he razored the mid-layers in my hair, which unfortunately now is extremely short while the rest of my hair is long, making those short ends difficult to style and blowdry (well, difficult to blowdry without overdrying the ends). I tried getting a haircut in San Francisco from this place near Fillmore/Haight called On Mars, and the stylist there told me it'd be difficult to keep my length and relayer because of the section that Jerry had razored off to thin my hair down. So if you're looking for good immediate results (and have already tried other places in Davis and haven't found a decent place), I'd recommend the style lounge with Jerry as the stylist. But if you're looking for a cut that will last, esp. when your layers start growing out, you can do better than the style lounge. —MooMoo28

2010-08-30 12:20:53   This is a great great place to get your hair cut. I have never left here with a bad one. He is amazing with color. Not only does he know what color is best for you ... He knows how to make your hair healthier. I have been going there for 4 years and would highly suggest it to anyone. —alyssarv

2010-09-29 20:02:05   I usually get my hair cut in San Francisco, and I'm squeamish at visiting other hair salons, but my hair was unacceptably long, so I needed to get a cut ASAP. My friend suggested this place, and I am very very pleased with my haircut. I sat down, and Jerry (my stylist) asked me if I wanted water or coffee. (awesome) The appointment was a little late, but I do not mind after what he did with my hair.

I have straight Asian hair, and I was hoping Jerry knew how to deal with it, and let me tell you, he definitely did. He could tell I was being pretty vague about what I wanted, so he had me cut to the chase. He's very clear and direct, and that's a great thing. I would recommend him without hesitation. My hair has a lot more lift than before, and that, at least, is what I wanted. Besides, the place is very nicely decorated! —RamonSolis

2010-10-05 08:11:43   This is probably my 3rd (?) year of having my hair cut and colored at the Style Lounge on 2nd street, and I kind of panicked when I found out that Ashley left in August to go back to school, but after two very excellent color and cut touch ups by Jerry and his new right hand, Olivia, I am very much at ease. Olivia knows how to cut crazy wild curly hair and make it look good as it grows out, and she has my total trust now. Jerry knows how to pick really good people for his salons and his new crew at 2nd street are doing a wonderful job. Olivia blew my hair out straight on Saturday and by Tuesday morning, it still looked great and had great movement, but it was time to wash, so I am back to my crazy curls. Thank you Olivia and Fabiola and the rest of the crew. Olivia, if you are reading this, you commented on the nail color I had on, it is actually a regular OPI color (not the Sephora line) "Parlez Vous." See you guys in a month! —victoriap

2010-12-11 17:37:07   Jerry has done a phenomenal job with my haircuts. I will bring in pictures of what hairstyle I'd like to try out, Jerry and I will discuss how much daily maintenance it will take to style it, and then Jerry will come up with a versatile way to cut the hair so that I can wear it curly or straight, and still look great either way.

The service here is exceptional. A friendly staff offers coffee and tea upon arrival. They work together as a team to give you the best care possible. Their knowledgeable staff will give me helpful tips about how to best resolve issues with my hair.

I've lived in Davis for the past 15 years, and am convinced that this is the best salon in town to get your haircut. —FlorenceLow

2010-12-11 22:21:42   I've been with Jerry for 5 years now...and I tell my girlfriends how he's the best long term relationship I've ever had haha. Still fabulous and I always leave feeling like I've been thoroughly pampered. Even the products they use leave you feeling like your hair is healthy, clean and smells great rather than chemical or processed. I don't know what I'll do if I ever move away from the Davis area. —OliviaY

2010-12-18 14:58:08   I am ALWAYS incredibly happy after a visit to the style lounge. I have long blonde hair that gets a little dark in the winter and Jerry is the only person who has been able to give me the blonde I'm looking for. Jerry is seriously a magician, I would trust him to take me to any color and that's saying something. He also colors my roommate's brunette hair and she always looks fabulous. Can't wait til my next cut and color! —KateHenka

2011-01-14 16:53:28   Just went 2 the style lounge (the one next 2 my two fav eateries, jake in da berx and terco bell), pretty gr8 experience. The music was a bit lamestream, some phat beats, would have preferred more indie/chillwave/rape gaze/gary numan but w/e it was chill. I went in 2 get an alt haircut 2 fit with my alt style (just trying 2 stay relevant), took abt 15-20 minutes. The stylist was nice 2, felt like we really bonded via chill vibes. Everything considered, the style lounge is a chill place 2 get your haircut and you will probs be real satisfied with the results [via keut alt stylist.] I would recommend the style lounge to any1 looking to look hip/relevant/culturally connected, however, lamestreamers should probs just stay at great cuts/super clips, lol. —ChillMurray

2011-02-03 08:23:21   What a wonderful experience! I really liked the relationships I observed between Jerry and the clients….”They adore him” I was very hesitant about cutting my hair in the first place, but Jerry and team quickly put me at ease. The staff was very kind and attentive even though they were short handed. I feel polished, beautiful and sexy! I will definitely be going back and suggest you give them a try, you be pleasantly surprised! —Redd

2011-02-08 09:26:56   second street hours are t-thurs 10-7 and fri 10-6 —MelannieLavarias

2011-02-22 15:01:12   I LOVE going to The Style Lounge on 2nd street! I have gotten my hair cut there 3 times and loved it each time. Most recently I went in and got it dyed for my first time ever. I went with a dark purple (aubergine) that will fade to dark red. I love it! In the sun you see purple but elsewhere it's dark with red undertones. The thing I love about Style Lounge is that Jerry is a visionary. He can look at your face and hair type and picture your perfect style. He also has explained a lot of important things to know about my hair. The salon is a comfortable but chic place to be. Oh and also, Jerry let me trade-in some hair products that I bought there that weren't working for me to get the right stuff for my hair even though it had been a long time since my initial purchase. Don't hesitate! If you need a new hair stylist in Davis, check out The Style Lounge —EmilySutter

2011-02-23 09:18:14   I heart the Style Lounge. I just went from a super dark Black Cherry color to my natural color which is a dark blonde. Needless to say, it took a few processes to get it to the way it is now. Jerry made sure we were doing it so my hair didn't get too damaged and that I got the color I wanted. Everyone is super friendly and the atmosphere is chill like you're hanging out with your friends. No one there makes you feel small like in other salons of this caliber. They offer you coffee, make you laugh, and give you a great price for an amazing doo. I usually see Julia and Jerry, but everyone is awesome ; ) —MorganMcDonnell

2011-03-26 20:04:50   PFM - Pure F-ing Magic. Jerry is the MAN and works miracles on my locks every time. THE BEST!!! And Jerry's Knowledge Nuggets and Dance Moves are the icing on the decadent cake that is the Style Lounge. Everyone is so friendly and so knowledgeable and it's great to see how much dedication Jerry puts into making sure all of his employees are learning as they go asking them questions, showing them techniques, etc. Almost makes me want to do hair if I could work for Jerry!! My favorite thing to do in Davis - get my hair done at the Style Lounge. Thank you Jerry - You rule! —JenniferO'Rell

2011-03-31 00:15:01   I have nothing but good things to say about the Style Lounge after my first experience. My highlights turned out exactly as I wanted them - natural looking with great color but not overly conservative. The cut was also great, my hair has much better shape and layering but I didn't lose much length which was awesome. The staff were great, the salon was modern and comfortable, and I was pleasantly surprised at how little I was charged for how much work they put into my hair (although I may just be used to overpriced SF salons). Overall I am MUCH happier with my hair after going to Jerry. —MaggieBelshaw

2011-05-26 15:04:28   to all my lovely clients, its ckah! i have moved to 1723 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95811-3007... the number is (916) 444-1359; come see me. i miss you all :) —ckah

2011-06-15 18:34:27   Jerry cut my hair. I asked for a pixie cut and from him to take control from there. I'm not picky and didn't ask for specifics. I got a hairstyle that was similar to Emma Watson, and was very pleased with it. Also, Jerry makes you feel confident in what he's doing and what direction you want. What I like about Jerry is that thinks outside the box, unlike other places where they have stopped me from getting the hair cut I want because they don't "do" short hair or anything crazy. I asked Jerry if I can get a mohawk, pink hair, a design on my head, and he's very open to it and non-judgmental. I will be back soon. —TraNgu

2011-06-19 11:08:40   Calling all Graduate Students of UCD! The Style Lounge is definitely the best salon in Davis!!! As a new grad student, I waited 6 months or longer to get my hair cut back in my home state because I didn't trust any salon in Davis. But no more! Jerry Paiz is a master stylist and his staff is amazingly knowledgeable, courteous and skilled. And on top of it all, the price is unbeatable for the service. —AimeeMBryan

2011-07-29 10:20:32   Jerry was able to get me in the next day after calling to make an appointment. I just needed a basic trim / clean up. He was fast, efficient, and gave me a perfect haircut. Highly recommended. Style Lounge is my new "go to" place for haircuts. —aroach12

2011-07-30 12:59:18   This guy is a magician, I took my mother who is the single pickiest person on earth when it comes to haircuts. She left enchanted and super happy with her haircut, I'm sad to leave Davis, this place is like no other. I'll be visiting from the bay-area regularly just to get haircuts. —amesguich

2011-11-01 10:45:10   Highly highly recommend! I scoured through a handful of salons until a sorority sister sent me to the Style Lounge— thank goodness because my hair has never looked better. I've learned that you get what you pay for with your hair treatments, and the Style Lounge's prices are Definitely of great value.

I get my hair cut by Jerry. Jerry knows what he is doing and is very good it at it! I used to straighten my hair every day for 6 years, and he has reformed my stubborn ways by turning me onto non-heat-damaging products and giving me an affordable replacement shampoo. My roommates all go to him (we have Very different needs, [ringlet curls, blonde hair dying, fine hair]). He not only resurrected my damaged hair, but he has taught me how to style it on an every day basis. Aside from making my hair look great, I love the Style Lounge because of the relaxing experience, friendliness of the staff, charming atmosphere, beautiful views from the salon chair and upbeat music. —ErinMorra

2011-11-19 14:42:53   I have not had my hair cut in a really long time and I decided it was that time to go again so I researched practically all places in Davis and found this one to have 99% good reviews. My dresser was Christine and she was great! She took the time to listen to what I wanted and when it came down to getting a trim, she trimmed less than what I had asked for which is great because she used that extra "space of hair" to cut off dead ends while keeping perfect desired length. (Usually bad dressers go above and beyond what you wanted in a bad way...) After she had done what I asked for she would ask for my opinion/approval = good =)... then she would suggest doing some other things to my hair that would give my a non drastic edge that just put everything together PERFECTLY and made it POP! So I agreed to do it and it turned out even better than what I originally wanted. She knows hair. They are all nice there! They offer you refreshments. My haircut cost $50 cuz its probably long and thick. Ill definitely go back. —littlelolo1

2011-12-15 04:32:52   Jerry is my hero. I live in El Dorado county; a friend gave me his name after she showed up one day with a crazy-good, bold new hairstyle and color. I made an appointment with Jerry, drove over an hour down to Davis especially for this hair appointment. I was between jobs, this was my first time in Jerry's chair, and I said, "Do something wild!" He was silent for a few seconds, looked me in the eye, and asked "Are you planning on working again any time soon?" I wasn't really sure about my immediate plans at that point; Jerry sensed my hesitation and informed me, "I won't do anything extreme your first time in, not until I get to know you better. Let's start a little low key, then we'll work our way up if that's what you still want in 8 weeks." I agreed, and Jerry proceeded to give me a beautiful cut and color that really enhanced my current style and kicked things up several notches. Lo and behold, a week later with zero advance notice, I got a completely unexpected call on the greatest job opportunity of my life. Thanks to Jerry, I already had the confidence and appearance of a professional who is on top of her game and qualified for a very high level position. Four interviews later, I landed the job. If it hadn't been for the tremendous boost of confidence I received from Jerry's handiwork (and good judgment), there's no saying how things might have gone. As work got manically busy with a huge project deadline looming, I found my time so thin that I didn't see Jerry again for about 5 months. His color skills are so masterful that he had matched my natural dark strawberry blonde to perfection on that initial visit, allowing me months between coloring without noticeable roots. This guy is a amazing, a true artist. Now I'm on the verge of getting married, and am about to see Jerry again for advice on a natural and elegant wedding hairdo. Not only is Jerry very skilled, he's so good that he extended my color long after it's normal shelf life. He had my best interests at heart when he insisted we start small, and I am very indebted to him for his wisdom and discretion with my hair. He's the man! —TiffanyRolston

2012-01-20 09:12:15   Jerry is by far the best stylist I have ever had. He took me from never-dyed blonde hair to a gorgeous, statement red in just one visit. He is the only one I trust with my now signature fire-red locks. I love the atmosphere of the salon, and all of the stylists are a joy to be around. Even if I am unsure of what I want, I let Jerry and his team have creative freedom and I always come back with better hair than I could have ever asked for. I would recommend The Style Lounge to anyone looking to make a change with their hairstyle. Jerry is honest and works with you to achieve the best look possible, and I wouldn't go to anyone else! :) —MelanieAnneGerdes

2012-02-10 23:40:12   I have been to almost every other haircut place in Davis, and this is honestly worth every sent to get your hair cut here. I got a men's faux cut about a month ago with Christine and she is amazing. If you go in, let them know that Jon sent you! —waveform

2012-03-23 13:06:02   I can honestly say that I have just received the best hair styling ever!I'm finishing my PhD and getting ready for the job market. Jerry listened to my general preferences then styled my hair in a flattering and chic cut. I'm going back for a coloring—so happy to have found "my" stylist at last! Many thanks! —ANETTJESSOP

2012-04-05 16:04:16   I love the style lounge!! I decided to check it out after my MALE friend who has never had his hair cut at the style lounge suggest I go see Jerry because he is the best in Davis. After that recommendation I was like Ok, I'll give this guy a shot. I always feel amazing after having my hair cut and styled! This time I went in just for a cut and he asked me if I had ever considered going red... after initial hesitation I decided to go for it. This guy knows what he is talking about. My hair looks unbelievable and I can't wait for every one to see it!! Thank you Jerry and the lovely ladies that helped him!!! —ElizabethWalz

2012-04-11 15:10:54   The Style Lounge is amazing! I have been coming here for about 2-3 years and am so sad I will have to leave it when I graduate. Jerry has been the master of making my layers and side bangs look perfect ever since I discovered this welcoming and professional salon. Last year, he treated me to a clear coat that beautifully brought out my natural highlights (like he promised it would) without making me look like I was colored. I loved the coat so much, I moved to highlights and base lightening, but Jerry and the girls always make the color perfect and incredibly natural. I couldn't be more appreciative of them and the experience they give me every time I go in. Free walk-in bang trims, great products, an awesome blow dry and Jerry interactively works with each client and member of his team so you don't get robbed of a good honest job. GO HERE! —JuliaG

2012-05-24 00:45:43   Not only is Jerry incredibly talented, he is shockingly talented. If you are looking for the ultimate place to get not just a great cut, but a perfect cut, this is the place to go, hands down. The service is fantastic, as is the environment, and the people are very friendly. It isn't just a place you go to get a cut, but a place where you actually want to be. Having been in there for less than an hour, I already felt at home, as if with friends. They have earned a permanent customer. All of this coming from a very hard to please guy. —MShib

2012-05-24 09:34:35   Time for another glowing review of Jerry and the Style Lounge.

I've been coming here since spring 2006 and am still so happy with the level of care, craftsmanship and creativity. Jerry keeps his staff on their toes and trains them in both witty riposte and hair styling which makes for a very enjoyable environment. I also want to point out something from my last visit that really impressed me, something I thought would be impossible to do at this point. A young girl in her teens came in to get highlights for her hair. Jerry discovered quickly that she was there with her stepmother and father. Jerry was very concerned with making sure that while both these parents were on board, that they had run this by the young girl's mother as well before he touched a hair on her head. Jerry didn't talk down to the teen either, he treated her like an adult and asked her directly if mom was also on board. That was just another level of professionalism that struck a chord with me.

Plus my hair never looked better. —OliviaY

2012-07-28 17:10:38   I have to say that my experience with Jerry has been nothing but positive. By far, this is the best salon in Davis and all the surrounding areas. Jerry (my hair stylist) is so professionally well-trained, he can look at any one of his clients, and know exactly what to do. All of the employees there are so friendly and amiable, that anyone who walks in feels welcome immediately. They treat you so well there! I have never been religious when it comes to maintaining my hair trims, but I can say, with all honesty, that since going to the SL, that I cannot wait until my next appointment. Everyone there will make you feel as though they are part of the 'family.' It is truly an enjoyable experience like nothing else. The entire atmosphere is so warm, and everyone there - clients and all, are just amazing. I might also mention that I have been trying to grow my hair out for years, and I have never been able to. The reasons being: 1) My old hairstylists never knew how to properly cut my hair 2) They never offered any kind of advice as to how to maintain your hair 3) They were not even knowledgeable about anything I felt like.

I have to say, that since going to the Style Lounge, the quality of my hair has dramatically improved and I really enjoy getting my hair done - whereas before, it was just a complete and utter drag. They do not try to rip you off and sell you the products that they have in the salon. All of the stylists are honest, realistic, happy, and so down to earth. They will tell you their honest, professional opinions, even if it isn't what you want to hear (but trust me when I say, you would rather want THEIR opinion, then a look from a magazine or somewhere else). I kid you not, each time I go in, I tell Jerry: "Do what you think is best. Whatever you want." That is how much trust I have in Jerry and the rest of the hair stylists. Each time, he never disappoints.

Do not go anywhere else. If you want the best experience, at affordable prices, with service and experience that will go beyond any expectations - go to the Style Lounge. No questions asked. :] —HayleyOrtman

2012-07-28 21:44:45   This is the best place! The people are incredibly friendly and take the extra time to make sure you have a great hair cut. They go above and beyond just a hair cut, paying special attention to each client's needs. Anyone who goes here I believe will leave a more than satisfied customer :) —JessieAdams

2012-08-01 13:13:17   First time customer at The Style Lounge. I am very satisfied with the cut and the service I received there. I came in with a general idea of what I was looking for (changing from a medium to a short hairstyle and a more stylish look), no pictures or anything. Jerry came up with an amazing style. I went from a blunt medium cut with blunt horizontal bangs to a long pixie cut that really flatters my face). More than that, he showed me how to style it correctly and gave me several opportunities to practice so that I would be able to style it on my own. Lots of good advice (not just on hair, but clothes and makeup as well) and good conversation. They also offer free bang trims. On the pricey side, but if you're looking for some advice on many aspects of style and a chance to feel really pampered, definitely the place to go. —KristinaWeber

2012-09-09 00:47:49   I am quite satisfied with my first visit to The Style Lounge. I really like the cut and they ended up giving me really good advice to help me restore my damaged hair. Some hair dressers never give good management tips but then again I have never had damaged hair like I have now. I was a bit nervous upon arrival because it seemed disorganized and I somehow lost my appointment that I made the day before, but thankfully took me anyway. The staff member who took me first was new and did not seem confident so I was really worried. Little did I know that she would not be doing the cut. They took good care of my hair. I was impressed that they took the time to put me under a humidifier thing to get more moisture in my hair while a leave in conditioner set. Then Jerry came over and supervised everything and actually did the final cut. It came out great. I think they could use just a bit more communication skills with the clients and the staff to make us feel more comfortable and confident in what they are doing. Other than that I am very happy with my cut and will go back when I need another one. —SKbear

2012-11-24 12:39:22   Jerry and Julia at the Style Lounge are great –especially if you’re like me. I’ve never given much time or attention to my hair; I usually would just wash it and go to Supercuts or wherever to get a trim. And they do a fine job. But I had a big meeting come up and wanted something different and nicer for a change. So with some trepidation about the money, and the fact that I didn’t know what I wanted, I made an appointment with Jerry. He made me feel comfortable and suggested a style. I didn’t feel pressured at all to do something I wasn’t sure of. The hair cut was great and I liked it a lot. Then at the very end of the appointment he asked me ‘Why aren’t you blond?” WELL, the truth is, I’ve always wanted to be blond and my hair was quite gray. I thought I was just going to let it get grayer and grayer, and had all the usual reasons for not dying it – the cost, it wasn’t natural, I wasn’t planning on keeping it up… but I was getting kind of tired of it. So I said I’d think about it. I thought about it all the rest of the day and called him up the next day to do it. It looks so natural that most people, as Jerry predicted, just thought I got a nice hair cut. I look about 10 years younger. But more importantly, it just looks nice! The way he cut it makes it neat even when I just wash it and ride my bike to work. So Thanks Jerry and Julia! —Suesim

2012-12-08 17:55:02   I had an AMAZING time at the Style Lounge today! I got exactly what I wanted (even though I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted) which was fantastic considering I wanted something a little outside of the box. I have never dyed my hair before, but the decision to dye it pink was easy! Jerry took in my concerns and gave me a chic (and very pink) look that came out great. The entire staff was accommodating, very friendly, and created a great atmosphere! —ChristineCiganovich

2013-02-28 10:04:38   Every time I visit the Style Lounge I am happy with my cut and color and I have been going for at least 4 years. I usually have both Julia and Jerry working on my hair and they are both wonderful.They listen if I have suggestions but most of the time I have them do whatever they want and am always happy. I loved their old location but you can tell that the new location is much better and easier to get to. Music is always playing and fun to listen to. Everyone who works there is very pleasant, I would highly recommend this salon. —LoriPacuilla

2013-05-06 12:45:56   My daughter Makenzie went to The Style Lounge to get her hair done for Senior Ball. This was the first time that we had ever been to this salon, but we had it on good authority that it was THE place to go. Makenzie had the privilege of getting her hair designed (yes,designed!) by SARAH, The Miracle Worker!! Sarah took the couple of ideas that Makenzie had and turned her hair into a masterpiece!!! (I wish there was a place to upload a picture.) Makenzie said that she couldn't have asked for or imagined a more beautiful style. Makenzie and I highly recommend Sarah. She's an absolutely gem! The Style Lounge is comfortable and welcoming. Everyone who works there is very friendly. Don't hesitate to check it out!


2013-09-04 10:27:23   Don’t be intimidated by The Style Lounge. The stylists treat each other like family and the customers like their closest friends.

I never had more than a trim on my long, WAVY/CURLY, one length hair. Jerry listened to my fears, ideas, desires and gave me time and attention worth much, much more than what I paid for the cut.

I consulted with many other hair dressers in town about wavy/ curly hair and none of them seemed to take my concerns seriously or really understand that it is a lot different. Jerry brings decades of experience and a genuine concern that his customers and happy and know how beautiful they are.

The Style Lounge is great on consulting about product. Whatever you don’t like you just bring it back and they’re trade or refund you.

If I’d of gone to some cheap place my hair would have been a sad, sad mess. They probably would have cut off the curliest, cutest parts. Because of what Jerry knows and the patience he has, my hair is more beautiful than ever.


2014-07-05 00:48:24   My stylist, Brooke, at the Style Lounge... Holy crap did she make me sexy! But honestly, Jerry along with his staff truly know how to not just cut hair, but also give people a whole new look. I was sincerely impressed by the work done on my hair and I would recommend The Style Lounge to anyone looking for a top notch cut. —BernardMedina-Brown

2014-09-03 13:35:57   Brook cuts my hair and she is SO great. She gives me a really great mens cut with both great texture and a nice fade. Of all the barbers and hairstylists I have had she is by far the most fun to talk to and also gives me the best haircut I have ever had. The best part is that we can try something new and different or go with the same cut as last time. Either way the cuts have always come out great. I will continue to get my haircut with her as long as she is in Davis! —PedramArani

2014-09-04 22:17:08   I had my hair color done here for the first time this week and was absolutely thrilled with the result! Jerry and his team are very talented stylists and Jerry is a wonderful colorist! I had highlights and lowlights done and they are EXACTLY what I wanted while maintaining the integrity of my hair! My hair actually looks and feels healthier after my color service! I had a wonderful blowout and style by Brooke, lots of volume which I love! Energetic, friendly environment and great products! —Kristenmonterrosa

2014-09-11 22:31:45   This Salon is amazing! Jerry, Julia, and Craig all made my hair look FANTASTIC! I have never been more excited to want to style and color my hair before. I highly recommend this salon,they all provided a great service and atmosphere. That and I received some free goodies on my first and second visit (from which I was not expecting to receive a wash, deep condition, trim, and style session). If you want amazing hair, this is where you need to be. —ElizabethUribes

2014-09-24 01:13:47   Brooke Mills is my stylist and she is fantastic! She does beautiful color and extensions. I look forward to my appointments with Brooke because I know that I am going to look gorgeous; and, as an added bonus, she is fun to talk to. Such a nice person. I highly recommend Brooke to anyone doing color and/or extensions. She's an artist. —TerriLeonard

2014-09-25 21:48:11   These guys are fantastic! Super nice people with great sense in style. I've been going here for a couple years now and I've yet to have a bad haircut! I highly recommend the place! —ShelbyG618

2014-10-03 13:46:02   Hey everyone its Brooke Mills. If you are looking for me I have moved salons and am now at the J Cunningham salon located at the Davis Athletic Club. 530.756.1066 Hope to hear from you soon.


2014-10-23 17:28:31   Hi, My name is Craig Come in a let me do your Brazilian Blowout starting at $175 from now till the end of October. I will also give you a complimentary cut after the blowout. This is easily a $95 savings —CraigVanderwold

2014-10-28 19:46:24   I've been to a lot of haircutting places before, but there is nothing like the Style Lounge. They look to cater to your needs through their experience. I'm a guy so I'm not really sure how my hair should be cut to make it look good. My hair is kinda thick and bushy when it gets longer. However, I showed them a picture of the style I'd like and they made sure it looks like the picture. Although the haircut didn't turn me into Jay Park, it sure as hell gave me the same confidence as him. I rate this Salon 10/10 and I will definitely come back :) everyone should check this place out! —GuardianMichaelLiu

2015-06-11 19:17:54   I would highly recommend the Style Lounge. They aren't inexpensive, but they are worth it. I like to keep my hair short and I can always count a great cut from Jerry. Whether I know what I want or just go in with a vague concept I'll come out with something that is easy to style and impresses. I get compliments on my hair all the time by absolute strangers! You wear your hair everyday, so why balk at $65? They treat you like family and give you a drink if you're going to be around a while. I personally recall a much needed post-finals beer I had their during a pampering cut. With any cut you get a relaxing wash and a fabulous styling. Plus they do free bang trims, which I super appreciate as an individual who likes to keep bangs just past my eyebrows. —abargie

2015-10-19 12:02:34   The style lounge is THE place to get your hair done. Julia is amazing! She cut my hair exactly how I wanted and my color came out perfect. This woman knows what she's doing! The overall experience was great and very professional. The stylists are always taking classes too to learn new skills and keep up with the latest trends. I highly recommend Julia! —lespyres

2016-01-24 12:29:15   Have you ever had that feeling like people are looking at you everywhere you go? I do too and I know why. It's because of my gorgeous purple hair. I have been going to The Style Lounge since September 2015 and will never go anywhere else to have my hair done. They may not be the cheapest place in town, but for the very reasonable prices you don't just get a service, you get a family that is centered on helping you discover and maintain the beauty that you ARE. Julia is absolutely amazing at everything she creates, aside from being extremely beautiful, both inside and out, herself. If I had my choice, I would never go to another stylist/colorist for the rest of my life, even within the Style Lounge. Sorry Jerry. From my very first visit back in September, Julia has helped me create and maintain a personal brand, or calling card if you will, that the entire city of Davis has come to know me by. I can't go anywhere in Davis without getting compliment after compliment on Julia's gorgeous creation. So, if you ever run into me and find that you love the Gorgeous purple and pink color and want to know how I got it looking so was masterfully crafted by Julia Pankiv at The Style Lounge. —sj4dyce

2016-04-01 12:24:07   The service provided by Jerry and his employees is great and I always feel very satisfied with my hair when leaving. Jerry is very professional and takes the time needed to reach perfection and meanwhile he's also a lovely man to have a chat with. Style Lounge might not be the very cheapest place in Davis but I never considered going anywhere else to pay less after my first visit. —tobiasolof

2016-04-09 16:57:53   I had my hair dyed purple by Jerry and it was great! I am so glad I went here to get my hair dyed instead of someplace else. It was over all a very fun experience as well! —megnlil

2016-04-15 20:11:17   I always LOVE how I look and feel after visiting The Style Lounge in Davis. Jerry Piaz and his team are so fun! And their TALENT rivals any big city hair salon. Jerry is an artist...a MASTER with hair, CUTS and COLOR! Located in the heart of downtown, The Style Lounge is surrounded by great restaurants, the Davis Farmer's Market, and lots of good shopping, too. What a beautiful day I had today!! Thanks for all the TLC Jerry (& Julia)! ♡ —Colly004

2016-10-08 22:56:44   I love the Style Lounge. I have been going there for a couple of years now and have always LOVED how they cut, color and style my hair. Both Jerry and Julia and extremely professional and experts in what they do. I highly recommend the Style Lounge! —Mele

2018-01-24 20:56:03   After 6 years of graduate school, I am leaving Davis and sadly must say goodbye to Jerry and the Style Lounge! It took me 2 years to discover this place, and I have not looked back. For four years, I have had reliably *top notch* hair cuts from Jerry. I have very curly hair and have never before found a stylist able to cut my hair so wonderfully. One of the many things I appreciate about Jerry's hair cuts is that they are so solid I can go for 4-6 months between hair appointments. And during that time, my curly hair always looks fabulous. You will look great when you leave the salon; you will look great 2 weeks later; 2 months later, and 4 months later. I cannot recommend the Style Lounge highly enough. —JRW

2019-04-02 21:52:19   I had a great experience at the Style Lounge. I called in for a same day appointment and they were very accommodating! Jerry was very attentive and wanted to know the exact needs of my hair cut. Never before has a stylist asked what my daily lifestyle is but I’m glad that he did! He gave me a truly gorgeous hair cut that fits my hectic lifestyle, but it’s still fun and cute! He also offers great advice for hair style maintenance. I’m recommending this place to all my friends! —sundance

2019-04-02 21:52:21   I had a great experience at the Style Lounge. I called in for a same day appointment and they were very accommodating! Jerry was very attentive and wanted to know the exact needs of my hair cut. Never before has a stylist asked what my daily lifestyle is but I’m glad that he did! He gave me a truly gorgeous hair cut that fits my hectic lifestyle, but it’s still fun and cute! He also offers great advice for hair style maintenance. I’m recommending this place to all my friends! —sundance