If you have a pressing need to know what some of the gas meters on the side of the building look like (mayo), well, wiki is here for you.

625 Cantrill Drive
(East Davis, off 5th St. near the Davis Police Department)
Office Hours
Mon-Fri 10:00 AM-6:00 PM

Saturday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM

Sunday 1:00 PM-5:00 PM

Phone: (530) 753-2440 
Fax: (530) 753-7908
Pets allowed with deposit, breed restrictions, and also allowed in the roommate matching program
Central heat/air
Dishwasher/garbage disposal/microwave
Covered parking 

Free visitor parking program - ability to assign specific, temporary parking spots so your guest do not have to drive around for an hour looking for guest parking.

FREE Ethernet Internet
24/7 Computer lab
Handicapped access in first floor units
24/7 Fitness center 
BBQ area with Gas Grill
Volleyball court
Pool/hot tub
9 month leases


*12/27/2014* University Village is going through renovations!! It will now be called The U and feature a brand new business center, enhanced fitness center, game area, pool area, and full unit interior renovations. More information coming soon!

University Village is a large apartment complex in East Davis. It has been under new management since November 2007; new staff bios were available March 2008 on their website. They have been struggling with a legacy of wild parties during the previous management and ownership, during which time it was named "Sterling University Vista Apartments". They were the site of the infamous Davis riot that broke out on Picnic Day in 2004.

The new owners and management seem to be pushing a "luxury dorm" setting, with a computer lab with printer (*New printer installed February 2009), game room, pool table that can be reserved overnight with a small deposit, sand volleyball court, internet ports in the apartments, a DVD library (with over 700 titles), free stand up tanning and a calendar in which the management tends to plan one thing a month such as breakfast, cupcakes and events. They also have a pool shaped like a VW Bug, a hot tub (*heating element replace February 2009, now a relaxing 104 degrees) and a fitness center (temperature set to 69 degrees year-round) open 24/7. Toward this, they have one of the prettiest landscaped places in town, with nice green grass and manicured plants.

University Village offers three-and four-bedroom units, with a rent range of $1,875/month to $2,400/month with a $400 pet deposit. Although these are the published prices, all of the Davis apartments owned by Sequoia Equities seem to have an unusually wide range of actual rents charged and drastic price drops after September when management needs to fill apartments for the academic year. There are reports of the same apartment going for between $1750 and $2450 based on when the apartment was leased. As most property management companies in Davis would attest, market rates in the area stay relatively consistent throughout the year. However, in the event one type of floorplan has more of a demand than another, it is not uncommon for “specials” to be offered on those selected homes until they are fully sold out. There are also individual bedroom rentals on a limited basis for approx $555, plus $60 for utilities.

If you're looking to have a roommate with a free fur suit and four legs, they say that pets are welcome, cats are ok, but dogs have very strict breed restrictions.

Their breed restriction policy is as follows: The following breeds of dogs, whether full- or mixed-breeds, are not accepted for residency: Airedales, Akitas, Alaskan Malamutes, Basset Hounds, Beagles, Bloodhounds, Bullmastiff, Chow Chows, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepard, Giant Schnauzer, Great Dane, Husky, Pit Bulls, Standard Poodles (miniature Poodles are permitted), Presa Canario, Rotweiler, St. Bernard, Terriers (West Highland, Jack Russell, and Yorkshire Terriers are permitted), or Wolf hybrids. *Does not apply to service animals (see office for details)

The towing company used here does not have the ability to initiate random "towing sweeps" yet the residents themselves hold the ability and power to tow cars. If you park in another resident's assigned spot they have the right to tow you.

Price and Availability

Although most complexes in Davis tend to lower prices as the academic year approaches depending on vacancies. It's advised that people be wary of claims for a room in a matching program is "the last one left". It may be the last one in the apartment they are currently filling, but according to the management, new ones are always becoming available. If you are looking to rent a 4 bedroom apartment and if you are not getting around $1000 off move in and free application fees ask them what their incentives are- they generally have huge incentives and will also give you money if you were referred. However, they tend to try to find any possible excuse to not give out incentives so be sure to ask about them when you tour and ask them to make a note in your file before you even sign a lease. Also, get any offers for incentives in writing. As far as the roommate matching program, as long as someone wants a spot, a spot will open, but if there is an empty room in the apartment University Village can fill it at their discretion and you may or may not like your new room mate. This is also a good reason to try to check out who your roommates will be before actually moving in. If you are moving into a roommate matching program room later in the year, there is a good chance you will be able to know who is living there before signing the lease because the majority of people will have already moved in and signed their leases. Sometimes they will even have an apartment where you never get a roommate and therefore basically get an extra room for free. Just remember that there might not be any openings in your desired floor plan.

Rumor also has it that the previous management foresaw this situation and abandoned ship when they realized that parking as well as proximity to campus was going to hurt leases from being signed. Many individuals have also complained of cheap workmanship... there are many issues that an architect should have addressed but obviously did not do anything. There have been many complaints about unresponsive management and even complaints to the BBB have gone unanswered by the corporate headquarters. Also, the parking is 'tandem' meaning it is one long parking space that you share with your other four roommates and their four cars. This means you have to park behind each other and go ask the other lucky person who managed to get the free tandem spot to move. There are about 12 visitor spots for ALL of the residents and their visitors to share, since all/most of the available spots are rented. If you park there, you might get towed by the resident!

It should also be noted that the company that owns University Village, Sharps and Flats, and Tanglewood currently has an A-rating with the BBB (http://www.bbb.org/greater-san-francisco/business-reviews/property-management/sequoia-equities-in-walnut-creek-ca-15560). You can check out the Sequoia Equities wiki here on daviswiki too.

Several commenters below have noted that University Village requires tenants to carry renter's insurance. Depending on your insurance company, you may be able to add a renter's policy for little or no money—or even for net savings—by getting a multiple policy discount on your car insurance.

My base-line renter's insurance policy costs around $80/year (off the top of my head), and it knocks a little over $100 off the price of my car insurance—which was already pretty low.TomGarberson

  • See our Housing Guide for more information on affordable housing in Davis, and our Apartments page for a thorough list of complexes within Davis.


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Older Reviews

Current Reviews

2007-12-01 11:47:46   I just wanted to say that things have really cooled down here since the first month. From what I can tell Marie is either gone or on leave for a while. Regardless, the only complaint I have now is about parking because there isn't any and the tandem spots are so difficult to coordinate. My roommate who parks in the tandem spot is a WyoTech student, and he goes to sleep early at night and leaves quite early in the morning, so he has to park in the rear spot of the tandem space. Oh well. The place has been fine and they even fixed our water pressure. I am glad that we are getting newsletters, it just seems like they are coming out every time they want to come in and inspect or something. I am much less stressed out about this place for now. —ColinMcEnroe

2008-01-02 16:49:30   No Matter what you do when looking for a new place to live, DO NOT LIVE HERE. Management is absolutely terrible. Once you sign your lease they will completely ignore any issues you might have with your apartment. It took 6 months for them to take care of my apartment issues. Also, there are only 2 parking spots assigned per apartment even though 4 people live in each. So the other 2 people are just screwed because the visitor parking is always full. Paying almost $700 a month for a tiny room without guaranteed parking and management that couldn't care less about you once you sign your lease is just not worth it. DON'T SIGN A LEASE WITH THEM NO MATTER WHAT. —zxcvb

2008-01-17 11:19:39   I must admit that things have gotten a lot better around here. Marie is gone for one thing, so the office feels quite a bit less hostile now. I didn't go in there for a couple of months because I did not want to see her even a little bit. The management seems to be trying to actively better this place in terms of service and quality of tenants. I just spoke with the maintenance guy (who, if you haven't talked to him yet, you should because he is so nice) and he said that vandalism is sporadic now. I have also noticed quite a bit less partying, but when there is a party, it doesn't seem to leave an apartment too often like it did in the past.

There is also talk about Wyotech being completely phased out of the complex by next year. They were for a while thinking about putting them all in one building, and also thinking about offering Wyotech a deal to rent two whole floors to them and then let them manage it themselves, but I think there has been a very negative attitude about these plans simply because the vandals would leave their own two floors to have their fun rather than risk paying damages. Perhaps when Wyotech is out the shared tandem parking will be possible (i.e. people who don't leave at 6:30 AM will not have to be in the front spot to let the other person leave).

In other news, since the big power outage, building six's internet (or at least in my apartment) has been incredibly slow. Ping time to www.yahoo.com seems to be on average 1300ms. I don't think the office is planning on calling tech support, so we have to do it ourselves. If I am not mistaken, the number for Track Computers (our ISP) is 925-426-8725. I will give them a call and post an update. —ColinMcEnroe

2008-01-17 12:16:40   (With all the talk about WyoTech, you'd think there would be an entry about it). —JabberWokky

2008-01-17 13:14:41   I called the tech support, but no one was there. —ColinMcEnroe

2008-01-27 23:55:45   Collin,

I had tried calling Track Computers on more than one occasion about the slow internet. When I managed to speak to someone, he was pretty nice but did nothing to help with the horrible speed and general uselessness of the internet. I would recommend Comcast over their internet if you have the money. —BrandonMinow

2008-02-13 00:11:47   Actually the internet has been a bit faster lately. I think there were some rather serious issues after our big storm earlier this year and they have resolved whatever was giving me 1500ms pings from yahoo.

Now the complex and the tenants need to find a way to secure the property, as there have been a rash of burglaries in the last month. Apparently people have not been good about keeping their doors locked, and people have had things stolen from them while they are home and in their rooms. Of course it sounds like the DPD has been much less than helpful in taking reports from people. I can't believe I have to think about buying bike locks to use inside my own apartment. —ColinMcEnroe

2008-04-30 19:46:29   Though I do not live at UVD, I must say that the parking is kind of annoying. There are never any spots to park and I know that many of the residents don't even have a spot which makes no sense. Before the beginning of the new year parking did not seem to be a problem until they started to assign spots. Anyway I hope they are able to resolve this soon. Lastly the internet is still very slow. —AnneKabala

2008-05-12 01:21:16   I used to lived here for 3 years, eventually the rent got too expensive, time to go. Anyway, the place does look nice from outside, however, yes, the management is irresponsible or super low speed, I don't know if it's still the same management but not my problem any more; but what really anger me the most is that they lied, when I moved in, it was when this place was 1st built, everything all new, although the noise from next room gets into your ear pretty easily as if no wall there at all but thin line of paper(cheap material maybe), anyway one thing that really attract my attention was that they said they have high speed internet included in the rent, they used to say it's T1 Cable speed just like the one on campus(BS), then they just changed to high speed, but everybody live there(unless retarded)knows the speed is pretty much equal to dial-up, reason is I believe, every residents(a lot)in the complex share only one portal, while that portal might be fast on its own, but if more than 50 share one, it's obviously going to be slow, although during summer when hardly anyone is here, it's pretty fast(duh); anyway, if the sign at the entry still says offer High Speed, and if the internet speed is still the same slowpoke, then someone needs to die. PS: I was living there when the riot happened...fun time..NO! —Cyclonus

2008-05-16 00:18:24   I currently renewed my lease, I haven't had any problems with managment..yes the parking situation sucks but you get covered parking for 50 dollars a month and it's not an issue. Also, the price may seem steep but it includes utilities and free (but slow) internet. I'm a Davis student and the location (right next to the train tracks) takes some getting used to but all in all this is a wonderful place to live. I have a nice sized room (4 bedroom, 4 bath) layout and if anyone had any specific questions about moving to this complex I'd be more than happy to answer them so long as you put my name on the rent application _ as a referral! yaye money for me..and info for you <3

here's my e-mail : zbreyes@ucdavis.eduZaviera

2008-05-23 15:40:41   I had rent four apartments in different areas previously. But I have never seen such poor and ineffective management. I worked my application with Mani. However, she did not tell me all the criterias for filling in application and providing proofs of income. She should have considered my situation and told me more details about the materials that were needed in order to prevent confusion. The above problem wasted a lot of my precious time. She is not organized and does not reply messages and emails within a decent amount of time. This is a bug in the new mangement. Working with her this time is a failure and gives me a bad impression of the management company. —chanming

2008-05-29 12:09:18   It looks like they are doing parking lot expansion. Hooray! Hopefully this will help those of us that have too many cars and too few spots (I park downtown, though lately my roommate has been missing, so I have had parking). Lets see how well this goes. —ColinMcEnroe

2008-08-21 23:56:28   I almost signed the lease BUT, I guess I made the right decision not to. Too bad, the amenities seem very good too. Yea.....(O.o)..I'll wait a year to see how things turn out for this place, then I'll consider to live here. Hope there won't be any crazy parties over the weekends when people steal and break into my place. As for the Wyotech students, I will far away from them if they are still there. I spend too much time and effort building/taking care of my car for them to steal my precious car. YES, I love my car. Until they move out, this place will never be a place for me. Bye. —relax

2008-09-26 12:18:11   I moved into University Village this August and have lived comfortably since then. Despite the earlier negative reviews, the staff here at UV is really nice and courteous. I had some issues prior to moving in and they did all they could to accomodate my needs. It really has a college-like atmosphere (since the end of summer) and is a great place to live. The computer lab, which offers free printing, has extremely slow and outdated computers, but that's not why I chose to live here. I would recommend this place to anyone. —mjwong89

2008-10-11 03:56:29   Hrmm.. What can I say about University Village?! Well I really like this place, it's actually quite pleasant (have you not seen the landscape?!). If you compared University Village to other complexes, you can't compare, there's even a dog poopoo areas and a pool shaped like a VW Bug and a jacuzzi shaped like a jelly belly lol. WE ACTUALLY HAVE GRASS, in comparison to other places of course. Yes, internet is slow but that's why you purchase your own internet service =]. It's actually quite quiet here too, surprisingly, the noise usually dies down between 11pm-1am.. and never over..well on my side (but then my drunk roommates ahaha nvm). Scott, the repair dood, is ubber nice and always on top of things and fixes everything in reasonable time (btw his handwriting is sooooo pretty). Lusy, one of the employees, was the one who helped me and my roommates with the paperwork and any other problems we had, SHE'S AWESOMENESS!!! So we have no problems in that. I live in the 4x4 and I think it's the best configuration possible, yes it's kind of small in size 1300+ sq. ft. but nice, especially with all the appliances and our OWN potty. =] Urmm.. yea I think it's best if you moved in with people you already know because then YOU ACTUALLY KNOW THEM!!!.. =] just a thought.. o0o.. and before I forget someone needs to clean the hallways.. they are dirty.. and full of spider webs.. ewwwww so hopefully someone will clean it up =] THANKIES!!!! and if you gotz questions feel free to ask me at: tiggerandpluto@yahoo.com or trippytriptrip@hotmail.com

P.S. my apartment has no issues with parking other than people parking in our spots and boxing us in.. we only have one car now.. so yupperz.. just take the FUDGIN bus =] it's not that difficult.. —TriPpy


2009-02-09 17:55:03   The management is extremely irresponsible. They do not offer any of the amenities they claimed they do. They changed their guest suite into a demonstration room to show future students and refused to allow my parents to stay while visiting like they promised. They did not give us the access key to the so called "24 hour" computer lab and gym until 3 or 4 months into our lease and therefore we did not have access to those amenities after 5 pm. They offer free printing but the printer was broken for a long period of time. The Jacuzzi spa has slimy water and no air pressure bubbles. The managers are fake and only nice to you at the time of signing or renewing a lease. Don't count on having more than two tandem spaces that come with each apartment which is also extremely inconvenient. There are absolutely no guest or street parking and two of my friends have already been towed to dixon. The "free high speed" internet is non existent and the computers at the computer lab hardly work. The amenities they claim to offer may sound attractive at the time of signing the lease but my roommates and I have certainly learned otherwise. —Skyler

2009-02-12 11:05:47   I have lived here at UV for two years now and just signed my lease for a third year. I absolutely LOVE it here. The apartments are clean, the management is awesome and super helpful and all the amenities are amazing. I would HIGHLY recommend this apartment complex to anyone who is looking. The entire complex is always super clean, the maintenance guys usually fix any problems we have within a few days, and all the management in the front office are extremely nice and helpful. They also have events alot with free food and music which is really fun. And during finals week they had a hot breakfast buffet every day! What could be better? UV is awesome. —Taylaur2

2009-02-12 20:47:05   Umm, University Village is amazing! Where else can you get a 24 gym, computer lab, pool with hot tub, sand volleyball courts, and, if requested, billiards room. This is my second and last year here, but only because I am done with school. Maintenance is AWESOME...they even helped me carry up my new flat screen...seriously, I couldn't have gotten it up by myself. Great for college students, I have met a ton of other U.C. Davis students who live there and made some great friends. If that doesn't do it for ya, the office staff is AMAZING. Each one of them knows all 500 residents by name...that is kind of impressive! They are so nice and the events that they put on usually rock! Does anyone remember the jump house and free pizza! I guarantee that if you give them a try you will NOT be disappointed. You can even have my spot, but hurry it is going to fill up fast! Parking is hard to deal with but I pay for a covered parking spot, and I don't have a problem? But parking is ridiculous EVERYWHERE in Davis! Ever tried parking down town? Univeristy Village has been my home for these past two years, and I will miss it a lot:( —ucresident

2009-02-14 21:01:46   University Village is a great place to live. Things to be aware before you decide: 1. The A line bus only comes every 31 minutes and is always packed. stupid bus........ sucks......... 2. A lot of the amenities are not true... the printer was broken for 1/2 of the year of my lease and useless. half the computers in the computer lab do not function. you cannot even open up the internet and is way to slow to even open any pdf files. i dont bother try to see if they got fixed or work anymore after trying repeatedly. the internet being free? the internet is WAY TOO SLOW FOR ANYTHING. you need to get your own internet end of story. 3. The place is very clean and maintenance is very efficient. 4. The walls are pretty thick between apartments because it seems pretty quiet vs. other places... within the apartment, i can hear everything my roommates say or do though. the walls are pretty damn thin. 5. Lusy and the other people at the office are really friendly. They even had breakfast available during finals. However... I mean we do pay our MONTLY RENTS LIKE ALL OTHER APARTMENTS and ALL AFTER ALL.... 6. Don't think about stepping on the grass because there is always dog shit all over. 7. PARKING MAJORLY SUCKS HERE. compared to other places where you get at least 3 parking spaces if not 4 with 4 bedroom apartments, we only get two damn tandom parking spots for a 4 bedroom. It does not make sense... There are only a few (like 8?) for the entire place for visitor parking. My friends have gotten their cars towed even for the shortest visit.... PARKING IS STUPID RETARDED DUMB HERE. I had to vent that...

If it was closer to campus, it would be so much better... —student

2009-04-08 13:10:27   I think this is probably the worst apartment in davis, i have been living here for more than 1 year and i had so many troubles with this place and i recommend everyone stays away from university village. —flyskyisme

2009-09-03 13:44:15  It is one of the worst place to live here. i lived there from 2007-2009. I had parking issues. first they were charging me $40 for the parking/ month. but then last year you couldn't pay to extra parking. if you any friends that like to visit you, good luck with parking. when they show you around the appartment as soon as you sign the lease, i swear they have personality change. there customer service is really bad. i have seen atleast 6 employees leave or fired in the two years. somebody always puled the alarm quite frequently which was annoying loud noise you had to listen to all night until the employee fixed in the morning. last year they locked me out because they changed the lock without notify me, i had to sleep in my car. now i they are gonna charge me $35-40 because i returned the pool key 2 days late. the bus line is like 10 min walk. i often missed it. there internet is a joke. the only nice thing was the gym. so in my opnion University village is one of the worst places to live. —karam

2009-09-19 23:58:34   Just to respond to a few of the comments above; University Village management do not actually tow vehicles from spots. The people whose spots are being taken (the people who are paying for those spots) are the ones who tow. —JesBisagno

2009-10-11 23:28:26   Terrible place. Please read this comments before you choose this place. I have crazy neighbors (not roommate, but neighbor). The thickness of wall in UVD between two apartments is not so thin, in fact I didn't get any serious noise at night for one year. New neighbors came, and they are devils. They are turning music so loud. The beat sound is disturbing my all life in room, and sometimes I am sleeping in living room. Their beat sound is attacking my ears and brain!!!!!! I asked manager about this problem. But no response, no change. Look at. If manager drive noisy resident out of UVD, then they lose their income. Since UVD is large apartment,to fill whole room is not so easy. So managers don't care about trouble guys. —spreize

2009-10-23 17:22:32   I don't know why people say they hated it AND lived here for 2 years! you could have moved out after your lease was over. UV is not perfect, it's like every other complex, it has its goods and bads. the visitor parking sucks no doubt, and the printer does seem to be out of ink all the time. but the internet works just fine. if you are going to be downloading like crazy then you are going to think its slow. but other than that there is nothing wrong with UV. when ever I put in a work order, it gets processed in about 2 days. management is always helpful. I use the gym sometimes at 6 in the morning and its well lit. I signed my lease after talking to previous tenants who told me they were renewing their lease. So if you dont like it, stop complaining and find somewhere else to live. —Kole

2009-10-26 23:12:51   Kole, I completely agree. While the visitor parking situation is a pain, UV has some great assets. I love having a 24-hour gym on site, and the internet is completely fine for everyday browsing and schoolwork. I had a huge copy order to fill and was able to do it at the office for free. I've had extremely positive experiences with all staff members, work orders are filled promptly, and while the apartment itself feels a little on the small side (I'm in a three bedroom), it's far from the miserable living experience other users have described. —CMJohnson

2009-11-19 09:32:43   Kole and CMJohnson I agree with you both! i just moved in with my roomates into a 4bedroom and although we paid more then it says on here and people use all the ink in the printer we really love it. they have cool stuff around the complex (TANNING and a sweet gym!!) and everyone has been super helpful. we just resigned our lease for next year and I cant speak for my roomates by I will stay here until I graduate! —sarahpurcell

2009-11-19 09:35:32   i also just want to add that i tried getting into the roomate matching program and they were full. so i rented a four bedroom and got roomates. i would suggest if you are looking for a program like that to look ahead of time to save yourself a headache. Also I was told visitors can park at the dog park??—sarahpurcell

2009-12-10 11:21:43   Just moved in this year and think the University Village is a great place to live. The apartment was clean and freshly painted upon arrival, keys and access cards were given immediately. You even get to paint one wall in your room the color of your choosing! All the staff and managers have been extremely nice and helpful. I always see the maintenance staff at work around the complex keeping it clean. The rooms are good sized; I have one of the smaller rooms and am still able to fit a full sized bed, desk, and nightstand, with plenty of room to walk around in. The distance from campus isn't even terrible, I ride my bike just about everyday to campus. The only thing that I would say is a major problem is the parking situation. The layout of roommates having to park behind one another is ridiculous, not to mention no guest parking. But I think all the better qualities of this place slightly make up for it. Overall, it is an excellent place to live. —OpticalOut

2009-12-27 23:20:14   From personal experience living in other apartment complexes in Davis:

University Village has its goods and bads. Goods: Tanning, pool, game room, gym, movie rentals, computer room, hot tub, security patrol, bbq area, volleyball area, own bathroom, inside washer and dryer unit. Bad: Parking (granted you get your own spot), price, noise Service: Okay service and can be very responsive.

EXAMPLE 1 - a certain friend of mine who lives there had roommates moving out. He/She had a big trashcan bucket full of storage items that they did not want to get thrown away. It even had a big piece of paper taped to it saying DO NOT THROW AWAY. The office was also notified that it was not to be thrown away. Well it got thrown away... two hundred plus dollars gone. On the bright side, my friend did get reimbursed for it after a few months.

EXAMPLE 2 - A more positive example would be when another friend got locked out of her room because her key got stuck (it literally would not come out of her door and would not turn anymore). It was about 4:45pm and the maintenance guy came right away, even stayed after office hours. They have their goods and bads.

Other thoughts: Don't have visitors especially during school days, high chance they will get towed or checked by security which is patrolling around. Don't rely on the office people too much... they tend to loose things a lot (receipts, keys, checks, etc.) and claim they have not received them - WATCH OUT FOR YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT!! Also, check in with your other roommates or neighbors to see what the office has told them - you might get different info such as finding out differences in rent prices or parking prices. On the neighbor note (as I had mentioned before under bad) noise can be a problem depending which area you are located at. If you are near noisy, loud party neighbors, sucks for you. Also, if you are living under somebody who smokes in their bathroom, you better leave your bathroom fan on 24/7 or your stuff is gonna stink. Some people may complain about the flat-rate utility charge also. If you go over, you get charged extra, but if you don't, you do not get reimbursed. Just depends on how you see it, if you like the convenience of not having to worry about how much to spend on utilities each month, then good. If you are more conservative and like to know how much you spend and "save", then this might not be the place for you. EX: You might not be home a lot so the flat rate won't work for you as well. If you are home a lot and use lots of electricity, water, internet, etc., then the convenience may be worth it.

Compared to other apartments in Davis, I would have to say this are is relatively cheap for a room with your own bathroom along with a washer and dryer inside the apartment(no spending quarters!!). Their office management isn't as good as many other apartment offices, but they are available on the weekends.

Ups and downs, I personally prefer other apartment complexes but University Village isn't that bad when it comes to convenience. —Toua

2010-02-25 10:50:47   Haha, management is a JOKE.

We signed a lease in June for a specific apartment, right? A legal, binding contract. THEN, one business day before move-in they call one of my roommates (just one, they didn't feel the need to let all of us know), to tell her that they changed the apartment we were moving into. We had already forwarded mail to the previous apartment, had PG&E all ready to go, and our new apartment is in a way worse location. So be warned: They could care less about their portion of the lease. They COULD have contacted us months earlier, when the people who lived in the previous apartment renewed their lease. But no, management failed to tell us, guess they didn't think it'd be that important. They ended up having to give us a tiny break on rent (after we stood in a room with the manager for about an hour telling her that breaking the lease wasn't legal and she had better do something about it), but still totally not worth it.

THEN, a month after we move in, they start posting these ridiculous and obnoxious flyers all over the place (waste of paper, much?) with "RT" all over them (to get you excited!!). RT is coming? Yeah, renewal time. They wanted us to sign a lease for Fall 10 by the end of NOVEMBER. We'd been there for two months!! All of a sudden they decided it was necessary to call every single one of my roommates and I, because it was such a "pressing" matter, at least once a week to pressure us into renewal. And I use the word pressure because they kept LYING to us and telling us that people wanted our specific apartment and we needed to renew or else they'd give it away because the apartments are in suuuuch high demand. And whoever I talked to on the phone was completely rude about it.

And yet, I check my email this morning, and of course, they've sent out their 12th request for you to refer them to your friends. AND they've extended the deadline until the end of February for you to renew your lease. After they kept calling and calling us back in November and December telling us we HAD to renew or else our apartment would be given away. Hmm... guess people aren't as gullible as you thought, huh UVD? I'm also pretty sure NO one renewed in December, because that flat screen TV they were supposed to give away is still totally in the office. So now they have to beg us and bribe us to stay here. So sad.

I'm sorry University Village, but there's not one person in the world I hate enough to refer them to live here. —JesBisagno

2010-02-25 13:33:01   UVD is not the worst place in Davis to live. It is convenient, and relatively well priced for some of their units, especially the 4x4. You get the washer and dryer in unit, plus they are totally pet friendly. It is a new complex so things don't usually break in the apartments, but if they do, Scott (one of the maintenance guys) is amazing and will fix it for you ASAP (he even saved me from a horrible mutant spider once!!). The gym is nice and usually quiet, and the DVD rentals are pretty sweet. The apartments are pretty bright too and let lots of sunlight in. The jacuzzi is huge! And although it was broken at one point i think they fixed it relatively quickly.

HOWEVER, this is about all i can say about UVD that is nice. My three roommates and i have had a pretty hard time with this complex. They cannot communicate well at all, and since i've lived here (September 2009) management has changed at least twice, if not three, times. As of late, they only have snooty temps in the office who know nothing and are not nice at all (this is because both the manager and assistant manager are on maternity leave at the same time...you would think that Sequoia would have planned something better than having placed two very pregnant women running the same complex). My roommates and i begrudgingly tried to renew our lease on the "last day" to renew (read JesBisagno's comment for further elaboration on the horrible renewal stunts they pulled), and the horrible temp girl gave us attitude and refused to let us sign (which is fine because we did not really want to renew anyway...).

To further elaborate:

-The washer and dryer keeps destroying our jackets, although i think Scott recently fixed it as best as he could. -When we first moved in, our living room REEKED OF FEET. My room was not clean at all, the carpet was disgusting, and i found pencils and change all over which to me was proof that our unit was NOT cleaned before we moved in. When we asked management about it, the manager insisted it was cleaned, despite my insistence that the carpet reeked and there was a ton of dust our vacuum picked up before we even moved things in. (So we rented a steam cleaner and cleaned it ourselves, which took care of the horrible rank stench.) -They notified us three days before move in (only one business day) that they were not giving us the unit we agreed to in our lease, which was terrible trouble to at the last minute have to change all of our addresses on legal documents, PG&E, ect., not to mention completely illegal. -Parking sucks. ('Nuff said.) -They make you get renter's insurance, i'm not sure where else makes you do that, but i think it's annoying. -It's kinda far from campus, and you can only ride the A line which isn't the best bus line. -A friend of mine who lives here had a pipe break in her apartment, which resulted in black mold. Management only allowed them to stay in another empty unit for about two weeks, and the black mold problem is still present in their apartment. The workers are still trying to fix it but it's been over a month, and management has treated my friend and her roommates horribly (when it was management's fault the pipe broke in the first place).

i've only lived here for 6 months, and although the thought of moving again in 6 months sounds terrible to me, i am happy to be moving elsewhere. It is a nice complex if you like having your own room and bathroom and washer and dryer, and the unit stays pretty well insulated (i live on the 3rd floor). You can definitely hear the train every half hour or so that it comes by but i am used to that sort of noise so it doesn't bother me. i would not go out of my way to recommend UVD, but it isn't the worst place to live; it's comfortable and somewhat secluded. But be ready to get everything in writing and stand your ground with regards to management. —aphrodite

2010-03-07 10:33:24   I just have to comment about the "mold" issue. From what i've heard the maintenance and management once again came through for their residents. Not only did they open up a vacant unit for them to stay in but they also gave them beds and dressers so that they didnt have to move a bunch of furniture and stuff. In my opinion thats pretty cool. I mean they do what they can. Sometimes I read these posts and by what is written you would think that the staff here was culled from the darkest pits of hell. That has never been my experience. I think it all has to do with your own personal attitude. Sure things get broken, then things get fixed. I mean this in a broader sense than just repairs in my apartment. I feel if we as tenants were to just slow down long enough to see objectively we would realize that the folks here are doing their best. I know of only a few other people who have lived here as long as I have back when there actually were problems. This place is a dream as compared to the old WYOTECH days. Things have improved a ton and continue to improve. Once again i'm not saying there aren't problems, but its not like this is ghetto living or anything. Far from it and I would refer people to this property regardless of its obvious shortfalls. Perspective and temperance, I think those are key. By the way if anyone finds a perfect place to live please let us know. However I think it's a pretty far commute to the university from hawaii! :) —smileygladhands

Two or more of the following comments comefrom the same IP address and may be the same person.

2010-03-11 16:50:12   I’m reading thru these comments and I have to say I’m quite surprised. I moved into my apartment in Sep 09 and I haven’t had any major problems at all. The main reason I moved in was because they had pretty decent pricing compared to other places and they are one of the newer apartments in Davis. The only thing I noticed was parking sucks sometimes for my house mates so I left my car at home and use my bike and ride the bus. I would suggest visiting this place for yourself before making a decision from reading random reviews. I renewed my lease, so did my house mates. I have referred friends here. I wouldnt do that if I felt it was even the slightest bit bad. —Ashley787

2010-03-12 09:40:24   I have been at UV for 2 years now and am sadly moving out after the summer because im graduating. Like everyone says on here parking sucks for visitors, but hey at least i have my own reserved spot, so no matter what time i get back i don't have to worry about looking for a space to park. However, there are lots of pluses about UV which is why I have lived here for 2 years. They are extremely pet friendly and have multiple places for you to take your dog out and they give out FREE poop bags. Also I love their gym. Its huge and has everything you need for cardio machines to free weights. I know they have a tanning bed there that they let ppl use for free, but i havent used it, but i heard its nice. Oh and the maintainence guys are the best. they get into your apartment and fix everything the same day you tell them about the issue. In regards to people's comments regarding office staff, I also heard that the manager is on maternal leave, but the replacement or assistant manager they have in there now is really cool and makes you feel welcome even though i just go in there to grab some popcorn and cookies. So yeah overall I have to say UV is a great place to live compared to where i stayed my sophmore year. —JasonS

2010-05-04 11:30:31   I have lived here since September and I did decide to renew my lease for next year. I think this place is great compared to the majority of run down apartments in Davis. The rent is good for being a new complex. I have no complaints so far. —Lilly2000

2010-03-12 15:49:51   my roommate just told me there were some negative comments on here so i wanted to see what people had to say. i honestly couldnt dissagree more. Though i have only lived here 7 months i can honestly say it is FAR better than the dorms on campus and where i lived my junior year. its hard to believe the people in the office are rude because i go in there on purpose just to say hi and talk to them. im staying here nest year too and i cant praise this place enough. —sarahpurcell

2010-03-12 19:32:42   Though I think everyone should make up their own minds about the place, I can agree that it has gone down hill for sure. This place looks awesome and the price wasnt bad when I signed up. I also really liked the girl who I signed up with, I think she was the assistant manager. But a month after we moved in, she was gone. The manger told me she no longer work for the company and was really rude to me when I asked about her. Everytime I walked into the office in November (trying to take advantage of the free dvds) the manager made me feel like I was bothering her, so I just dont go in there anymore. I heard from my friend that she was SUPER rude to her as well while asking if she was going to renew. Whats wrong with the management??? Obviously they need to get rid of her. Why would we give our money to someone who treats us like shit. How come they dont advertise "b$#y manager" on their flyers? I wish someone would have warned me about her, I would have moved somewhere else. Apparently she's not there right now, but who's to say shes not coming back? If you want to know why Im not staying IT'S BECAUSE OF THE RUDE ASS MANAGER!!! No offense to the new people in the office, but please stop bothering us about renewing unless you plan on getting rid of her and bring back the people who were here when I rented!! —ilovesushi

2010-03-19 10:55:07   ilovesushi-i had the same impression as you at first. Who is the manager you are talking about? We went in this week for the breakfast thing and everyone was helpful and really sweet. It has changed a lot over the past few months! We never went in the office before but now I go in all the time. It sucks people think bad about the place...i really really like it here now. —sarahpurcell

2010-04-14 15:32:29   I'm moving in here next year but I've already noticed that parking is a BIG problem. For those of you who live here now, where do your guests park?!? —Deeeee

2010-04-16 10:42:00   Deeeee- I currently live here in building 3 and yeah parking for guests can be difficult sometimes! If they are here during the day; you can let one of the girls in the office know and they are pretty cool with them parking in future resident parking or staff parking if there are any open. If it is at night they can park in the front of the office...there are usually open areas there. —sarahpurcell

2010-04-20 12:54:20   In my experience with guest parking at UV there is none. The management does not regularly allow guests to park in the office spots and if you park in an office spot overnight and leave your car there into office hours the following morning you risk having it towed.


2010-04-28 12:02:49   bargain with the rents when you are desiring rent changes, seems like the apt. complex management discriminates people —Sushmita

2010-05-17 15:03:33   If you have good roomates this is a pretty good place to live. The buildings,and kitchen are nice and newer than most places in davis. One thing that is truly great at this complex is the maintenance crew. Scott and Mike, are both really nice and fix all problems extremely quick. —fg84

2010-05-27 14:50:34   Scott and Mike are the best!!!! They've been super great since the get-go! I'm going to miss them when I move next year!! (I'm not renewing because I'm changing up my roommate situation...) —sarah.kate.is

2010-05-28 16:47:07   I love living at Univeristy Villiage. The complex is clean, the 24 hour fitness room is great, and so are the maintance guys Scott and Mike. Whenever something needs to be fixed in the apartment they are there to fix it either the same day or the day after. Both of the maintance men are very friendly and always say "Hi" too. —sntanner

2010-06-02 13:33:49   The staff is friendly for the most part. :) I just wished the computer lab and fitness room equipment worked properly more often. —PaulV

2010-06-02 16:10:15   University Village is a wonderful place to live. It's situated nicely (not too close, not too far from anything). I have had no trouble living here for the past 2 years. The grounds are really well kept and the staff here is amazing. Especially the go to guys Mike and Scott! They are always super nice and super helpful. They keep the facilities well maintained and they don't hesitate to go above and beyond. I would highly recommend living at University Village. :) —DanielleP

2010-06-03 15:16:24   I would recommend University Village as a good place to live. This complex is relatively new, modern, and clean compared to other Davis apartment complexes, which tend to look old and run down. The amenities: clean swimming pool w/ jacuzzi, 24 hour gym, dvd rentals, internet access, pleasant landscaping and convenient location are other reasons I've chosen to live here. The Office staff, Ashley, Jessica, Alexis are pleasant and responsive. The maintenance crew of Mike and Scott go out of their way to make this a pleasant place to live. They are ALWAYS on the job fixing things, making sure the facilities and grounds are in top notch condition. Two improvements I would recommend to UV management are: 1) increase the WI-FI's bandwidth and range. This would be an easy and inexpensive improvement which would benefit the students living here tremendously and in turn increase tenant satisfaction. This improvement could be performed in ONE DAY. 2) Update or least repair the gym equipment. This would also increase tenant satisfaction. Its frustrating and disappointing for students with busy schedules when we arrive at the gym only to discover equipment that is broken or unusable. Furthermore it's inappropriate to photograph and present the gym to potential tenants as nice as it is if the equipment is constantly broken and/or out dated. For me University Village is a good place to live. Let's make it even better. —KMH

2010-06-05 04:23:37   I would recommend living at University Village. The staff does an excellent job keeping the place in tip top shape. Scott, Mike, Lucy, Ashley, Alexis, Jessica, and the boys(sorry I can't remember the names)are very helpful and always pleasant. Scott and Mike are the best!!! You guys rock!!! The place has a resort like atmosphere. I appreciate having a 7 day/week office hours. I miss Mani!!!


2010-06-07 02:06:20   I've lived here for 2 years and I have mixed feelings. +some of the amenities are nice. pool, workout room, tanning thing (though i never used that). +handymen here are really nice. Scott is a cool guy, always greeting residents when he's walking the grounds cleaning or doing calls +the grounds are well maintained. there is dog poop on the lawn, but it's been better this last year. -lots of crap people live here. I had a bike stolen, a rear wheel stolen, my roommate had a bike stolen, my girlfriend had her saddle and seatpost stolen (and it was locked with a chain to the frame), I see flyers everywhere about a bike that was stolen recently. You should keep your bikes inside, but it seems like bike theft for bikes outside seems unusually higher here than elsewhere. There's also an apartment down the hall here on the third floor that consistently left garbage outside their door, and one night a big puddle of vomit. It was cleaned by the next business day by staff, but who the hell throws up in a hallway? - ventilation is bad here, probably because all the windows are on one side so no way to get a cross breeze. on the third floor during the hot season the apartment is consistently high 80's if the AC isn't running, 81 if the AC is running hard. nice that it stays warm in the winter though, never had to use the heater. -garbage dumpster is a terrible idea, nobody throws the garbage bag hard enough to make it into the dumpster, they just place it in the door so it backs up and overflows all over the stairs outside the dumpster. -parking is a nightmare. though that's a common element for all apartments. part of why i'm moving to a house next year. -computer room is almost entirely worthless -they took away the guest room (room in the office you could rent for any guests, cheaper than a hotel. it's a demo apartment now or something. -sometimes the office closes early for no reason. hours say open til 5:30pm, I went at 4:45 on a friday to get a package to see the office locked, and when i knocked, I could see a woman in a side office through the blinds look towards the door, then back to her computer. wtf.

I don't regret living here, I enjoyed it. At the same time, i have no regrets not renewing. —EugeneB

2010-06-23 01:18:19   I lived here for just a year. I would not recommend to anyone to live here unless you are living with people you know you get along with very well. The place isn't that bad, but I don't have anything really nice to say about it except for the maintenance guy, Scott. He's a really nice guy.

So, for your information: 1. Management is run business-like: The people in the office are cold and sometimes come off too friendly to the point that they're obviously faking it. Sometimes they act high and mighty. They really need to get off their high horse. But really, if you're not one to interact with the people in the office and just give them your rent money, then it's not really a problem. But, even so, you get the vibe from their attitudes.

2. I have to disagree with some of the comments here about the 4b/4b layout: It is absolutely TERRIBLE and the ventilation problem is HORRENDOUS. I had another friend living in the same layout and they had the same problem. If you are planning to live in a 4b/4b, I'd highly suggest getting the room DIAGONALLY and AWAY from the side of the room that has the A/C control system and unit. The rooms next to it and the larger room away from it have problems. When the A/C is on, either room on the A/C unit side(but not the one across) will have stronger air blasting into the room and for a longer time since the other rooms will have to cool down. Let's just say the temperature difference more or less than 10 degrees. Any one of the other rooms will be the exact opposite, except for the one I suggested to get into.

3. If you get one of the larger rooms, you'll notice one bedroom wall shares with your housemate's bathroom wall and a little bit of their own bedroom wall too. Fyi: The walls are thin. I had a lovely experience... So I'd suggest that you take that into account for where ever you choose to live.

4. When the A/C units go on, you can hear the motors running really loud at night. I felt sorry for the people on the first floor. I was on the fourth floor and It was still loud.

5. Computer Labs, as someone has mentioned, are pretty much useless. They run, but they're pretty slow and you can't play sound on them. It also gets ridiculously hot and humid in those rooms in the summer. The internet connection they offer is really slow, but it's tolerable. Although, my tolerance is a bit higher than others.

6. Parking is a pain even when you do have a reserved parking spot. I had a fun time calling the towing people several times.

7. Neighbors are loud at night. Unfortunately, you can't find out until you've moved in. I was lucky. I felt bad for the others. They were so loud.

8. The billiards table was alright. Sadly, it's a bar table, not full sized.

9. The gym they have is one of the nicest that's offered in any of the other complexes I've live in. That's one other nice thing aside from the nice maintenance guy.

10. There is poop all over the place.


2010-07-23 16:43:15   I haven't lived here, so I can't comment about the apartments themselves, but I do very much find it problematic the degree to which they spam craigslist with their ads. I've been looking daily for a new home in the Sacramento area, and their constant spamming is really annoying. I'm talking about 8-10 or more ads per day. I'd like to imagine they have better things to do with their time. —JoePomidor

2010-07-31 20:14:21   Let me begin by warning you, DO NOT LIVE HERE. If you have the choice between a cardboard box in front of the post office and living here, you would be wise to choose the cardboard box.

I have lived at this loathesome apartment complex for 2 years. Before I get into the negative (which is extensive), I will point out the positive.

Scott, the maintenance guy, is nice. He does a pretty good job, but is held back from being fully "good" by the company for which he works, and the limited resources they give him. That is the end of the positive points of this apartment complex.

I was fooled into thinking this was a splendid place to live after taking a tour with a lovely girl (who no longer works here) who explained with vivid lies what I could expect. Let me set the record straight on some of the things they are going to fool you into believing.

The model is nothing like that apartment you will be given. Yes, it has the same floor plan, but that is the only similarity it will bear to your new home if you make the mistake to live here.

You will not move into a clean apartment. It will be filthy beyond the point of amateur cleaning; you will need a professional cleaning crew to create an acceptable living space.

Your counters will not be intact. They will be cracked and, as they do not even make the jurassic countertops anymore, you will be forced to live with them.

Your walls will be peppered in tack-holes, and at lease-end, you will be charged for them, as well as a full paint job to cover the spackle they won't use to fill in the holes that weren't your fault.

Your carpets will be matted and stained, but "you are welcome to hire stanley steamer clean them. They usually have deals that will do it for 30 or 40 bucks a room." As college students, we all have a couple hundred bucks to do a job the complex was supposed to do in the first place right?

Your floors will be peeling up. And no, they will not fix them.

Your dishwasher will leak, thus causing your floors to peel further. Don't worry, they'll be sure to charge you for that too.

Your faucets and shower heads will leak hard water all over your filthy sinks and tubs. You will not be permitted to change them. No amount of bleach or cleaning solution will make them clean again.

Your bathrooms will be a premium example of mold infestation. When you shower, it will make the problem infinitly worse. As I am deathly allergic to mold, they only took about two weeks to take care of this problem for me.

Your water will be hard, but your sinks and tubs will not be made of the correct materials to handle this water.

Your toilet will not work properly and if it is not flushed every....2 hours or so, your bathroom will smell of sewage.

Your neighbors will be LOUD and annoying. My neighbors, for example, liked to shoot off potato cannons at about 3 am. They also liked to throw eggs at passersby. My other neighbors have a marajuana addiction and I am forced to breathe their constant fumes through my vents (even though my windows are closed). This brings me to my next point...

Your walls will be thin. You will hear every word of the conversation going on above you, below you, and to your sides. So when your neighbor breaks up with her boyfriend at 4 am, you will get to wake up and hear every dirty detail right before your 7 am final.

You will get other people's mail and no matter how many times you inform the front office that you are not "tao ding," they will continue to send you his mail, pornography, and bills.

If you have complaints (as I clearly do), when you go to the front office, you will be "greeted" by an extremely rude employee, who will inform you in his/her own way that you are stupid and your presence is annoying. Let me give you a few examples. First, my fire alarm broke this year, so I informed the front office and was told "well that's a problem." Nothing was ever done. It was fixed after my move out inspection. Next, my neighbors downstairs were making strange noises — bomb-like noises, so, once again, I informed the front office. "We haven't heard anything." Nothing was done. Night after night, week after week, I was awoken by what sounded like gunshots and bombs going off below me. It wasn't until I called the police that my compaint was taken seriously. This meant that the management put a note on the door that said, "please be quiet." The problem was never fully remedied. Lastly, I went out of town for a week and locked my door to my bedroom. When I got back, my room was trashed. Why? Because they front lobby had failed to check the ID of my roommate when she claimed she'd been locked out of her room to get my key. She then let her friends in my room when they were drunk.

This is an unbreakable lease. You are in it for at least 12 months and THEY WILL HOUND YOU to sign another 12 months after you've been there for only 4 months. AFTER I let them know that I would not be signing another lease to live in hell for another 12 months, they continued to not only call me, but call my family members to inquire as to why I didn't want to sign again. I had to call headquarters to get them to stop pestering MY GRANDMOTHER (I did not give them her number. They searched for it).

I have yet to receive a shred of respect from anyone working at this complex. I have nothing positive to say about them whatsoever. They break laws in the way they do business and refuse to treat you will the respect any human being deserves, let alone one that is paying them $1900 a month.

I honestly wish I had chosen homelessness rather than to live here. —JaneSwithy

2010-10-09 18:31:56   University 'Pillage' has really lived up to its nickname. Trust me, I just spent a year there. Before you sign the lease, ask the overly friendly agent at the front desk to see the move-out charges sheet. They will insist the charges are only for tenants who trash the place, but that's untrue. For those who have already moved in, you can find the sheet in your "welcome aboard" package. On this list you'll clearly see a long list of bogus charges, like $30 for dusting your blinds?! Nevertheless be prepared, at a minimum, to lose your deposit and spend an additional $150. This is regardless of how well you have cleaned your place. University Pillage systematically charges everyone the prices found on that list, whether your apartment needed it or not. Don't be foolish like me and ignore the Sequoia Equity's "F" rating at the Better Business Bureau (BBB). seriously check it out:

BBB "F" rating of University Village! www.bbb.org/greater-san-francisco/business-reviews/property-management/sequoia-equities-in-walnut-creek-ca-15560

One might ask yourself - is this legal? its certainly not and thats why they have an F rating at the BBB. From their perspective, its too lucrative NOT to overcharge students. Put yourself in their shoes. Imagine 100 units turn-over each year and only 5 brave tenants take them to court for their ridiculous charges, then University Pillage just legally got away with ripping off 95 people. Besides what's a few hundred dollar fine and bad rating when you can pull in an extra $20,000 a year.

My advice is to everyone, stay away from all of Sequoia's Properties — unless of course you don't mind handing over your money to greedy people. (University Village, Sharps and Flats, and Tanglewood) —aRealPerson

2010-10-11 13:42:25   My name is Azia, I am a new resident in University Village. I have to admit, the actual apartment isn't exactly what we hd expected it to be, however, the community as a whole compensates for my disappointment to say the least. Also, Thomas and Justin are two of the friendliest and costumer(resident) oriented people I've encountered since I've been in Davis. They have made living here that much more enjoyable, had it not been for them, I think I would've broken my lease and signed elsewhere. —ajhasan

2010-10-11 14:13:41   I don't know what everyone is talking about but this is one of the best places I have ever lived in. The workers are really friendly and willing to help in the best way that they can. They are also attentive and they take actions to fix problems that you approach them with. —RitaOhaya

2010-10-11 15:07:17   Just my opinion, but if you work for Sequoia, you really shouldn't be commenting on UVD's page pretending to be a loyal tenants. —TomPike

2010-10-14 22:10:50   I was walking around the complex Monday, and it smelled like trash. It was like this abandoned, lawless frontier. —daviself

2010-10-19 09:07:38   I have always liked living here (over a year). Never really had any REAL issues besides parking and a barking dog next door. Staff is always friendly and the hallways are MUCH MUCH cleaner then last year so thank you! I will continue to live here for the next year until i have to transfer. One suggestion would be to have an event so we can meet the new people. Thanks-Sarah —sarahpurcell

2010-10-19 09:42:22   @aRealPerson after reading your comment i was kind of curious to see what you were talking about so I found my old move in packet. It has some charges listed from a company that the management must use. Do you know if the management charges and keeps the money or does the other company charge the prices and management then charges us to pay them? It might be cheaper for me if I just hire people myself to do this when I leave, we'll see. Were you able to talk to them about your charges? They have always been really good with me but im not moving so I dunno. The bad rating on the BBB looks like it was for the owners of the apartments. I tried finding out what it was for but I only got as far to see that it was from not responding to someone from a complaint...very curious now though! Thanks so much for the info I hope my move out this next year goes smooth...so far so good! Sarah —sarahpurcell

2010-10-22 14:13:30   Hi Davis Wikians…

Thank you for taking the time to log-on and tell us about your overall impression of University Village. We are sorry to hear about your move-out experience, and we regret you were not satisfied with the level of communication with regard to the vendor’s charges and overall service. We do provide a list of move out charges, so our residents can see them in advance and we only charge the exact amount we are billed. It is common practice to charge for damages (cleaning included) in order to bring the apartment home back to the condition it was originally given to you in. Thank you also for bringing up our negative BBB rating. This was actually investigated and we found that the negative claim to the BBB was made two years ago and unfortunately we failed to respond in their given time frame and thus we have a failed rating. The only way for us to improve this, is to have a negative complaint filed and respond quickly!! Lesson learned. On a positive note, Sequoia Equities was awarded with 15 customer service related awards this year by CEL & Associates, a non-biased, third-party reviewing agency.

We really do appreciate comments from our customers as it is a way for us to improve our services and ensure everyone’s experience at our community is a great one. We would love to speak with you in person to clear any uncertainties and hopefully prevent anyone else from having this experience. Please contact me directly at JLowe@ExperienceUVDavis.com, or JScangarello@ExperienceUVDavis.com. Alternatively you could call or come into the office seven days a week.

Thanks again. Your feedback will help us devise new ways to improve communication of move-out charges to our residents.


2010-10-29 15:28:57   University Village is THE BEST place to live! There are so many amazing amenities at the complex including a pool and hot tub, bbq area, billiard room, fitness center, tanning bed, study room with free printing and a bunch more! On top of that, you live very close to the bus stop that takes you right to the heart of campus. One of the best parts about living here is the management-they're AWESOME!! Everyone I have met in the office so far (Ashley, Thomas, and Justin) have all been incredibly nice and helpful every time that I have had an issue or even just a simple question. They are all very willing to go out of their way to make sure that your needs are taken care of. The maintenance guys, Scott and Angel, are AMAZING and came out to fix our problem the day after we reported it!! Everyone here makes you feel at home and like family. There are also fun events complex-wide, like patio decoration contests and parties for holidays with prizes and free food! Overall, living in University Village is PERFECT!! I love it here and I plan on living here as long as I'm going to school in Davis!! —KristinHopper

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2010-10-27 15:45:49   This is my first time living at UV, but I already love it. The management is super nice and always helpful with everything that we need (especially Thomas). They always ask how we are doing and just make the living here enjoyable. Also, they definitely helped us out a lot with parking and was even able to get us a closer spot than before. The maintenance guy, Angel, always comes the same or next day every time we go in there to have something fixed. The pool and BBQ area is really cool too, lots of room for just lounging around. The gym has a lot of exercise machines and free weights as well. I haven't had any problems with the internet so far. Definitely a great place to live!!! —CarolDiaz

2010-10-31 01:47:52   I just moved to University Village in September and I have to say it is by far the best place I have ever lived in Davis! No I do not work in the office or for the company so this is a 100% genuine comment. The office staff is so welcoming and awesome to hang out with! Seriously you can just go in the office and watch TV with Justin and Thomas, or talk with the maintenance guys Scott or Angel. Seriously the 4 of them have made living at UV so much fun! If I ever have an issue such as when my toilet was not flushing it is always fixed within 24 hours. The last place I lived it took at least a week if not more for repairs. Last night they had a halloween party for the residents and all the staff dressed up, which showed how much energy they all put in to their jobs. While I love living here the complex is far from perfect, but what complex is in Davis? Perfection is hard to find and I will gladly take a few bumps in the road because everything else rocks. I mean I have never in my life had my own bathroom before, and the last place I lived did not have a dishwasher. So living here is pretty sweet! I would totally recommend checking out University Village if you are looking for some place new to live. I randomly visited the office on a whim one day and am so glad I decided to stay! After I signed my lease I read the comments on here and they kind of scared me for my move in. Most of them I have ever expierenced while living here, so just disregard a lot of this wiki page and check out the comlex. I am sure you will be glad you did! —katejohnson

2010-11-04 13:00:35   UV is the best place in davis to live. THOMAS ROCKS!!! and will get anything you need done. Scott and Angel are great too, getting all our repairs done the same day. The hot tub is a great place to hang out and you can always find other residents there. We love living in UV and enjoy al that it has to offer. —KMart&Yunji


2010-11-16 15:49:40   First of all, in searching for an apartment complex, chances are you would look at the website. This complex website has a video to see the guest room which is so similar to their other property video that they have. I wonder how is that possible !

The office people don't have professional attitude at all that one could look out for, especially owning a huge complex with 6 buildings & some having 4 floors in them. Go on Saturdays- you will see the men playing around in the office because the cats are away & the mice can play. Thomas prints some interesting upcoming events on papers for people to get themselves involved with through the office etc. Going back- generally, they don't seem to care /know how to handle roommate issues, apartment cleaning... Surely enough, they are getting the huge amount of $ including taking security deposits, instead of issuing notices with fines (which would work for lazy roommates) to get the cleaning done. There are times when they will even mock/ backbite behind you. Rude, fake professional behavior is obvious from Jessica who is supposed to be the manager there. They tell you to call mediation to solve basic important issues you might have with roommates/ they will have to call 'corporate'. If corporate is the marketing director, then she is one lady who will fib her way through to get you to rent a room, telling you that the prices won't reduce, you won't get rooms, the year's budget has increased etc. Towards the end of the yearly contracts, there are usually special rent rates going on for many complexes so remember that !

The apartment office has some awards made with glass (looks so fake). The property has facilities but for the amount you pay, they could definitely increase the internet speed & unblock the computers in the office for people to use. Washing machines with dryers are in apartments, rooms have toilets in them, & along with the office there is a Billiards room, pool, gym, jacuzzi, 3 computers in a room (adobe flash, notepad etc. can't be used) with a printer, tanning booth etc. 4x4 apt. you will pay $ 645 this year -now compare other apartment complexes' rates- this is the 2nd most expensive complex in Davis.

Maintenance people (Scott & Angel) know their work but their priorities are jumbled up because I have seen Scott refill the coffee maker kept in the office for us, while the office people are sitting there. I question that why can't maintenance people do maintenance work only as they should be doing so that there would be less work for them, meaning handling apartments & maintenance for the office. Scott actually even cleaned the office & printer room that has some computers for us to use.

'Where Experience matters' (their slogan), experience is a necessity for everyone which is one way of learning but I would rather not experience living here where they supposedly match you with roommates (doesn't work well because lets' face it ! many people lie on surveys, like say that 'she is a clean person/ she cooks' but she doesn't turn out to be that way once you start living with her). I would prefer to try for another cheaper place alone by myself, rather than be poorly matched with roommates, stuck with a year contract, along with office people that don't really help you. They give you silly reasons to try to keep you in the same apt., & not move out even though they know you have issues after they so called room matched you with other roommates. In the country we live in, freedom of speech exists but Jessica will actually interrogate & print out the comments you write on this web page ! —Sushmita

2010-11-21 17:25:03   I lived at UV for a year and was so glad to finally move out. The major perk of this place is Scott (I'm sure the other maintenance people are awesome as well, but I mostly had encounters with Scott). He is always incredibly friendly and fixes things very quickly. Even when we moved out, he told us if we needed anything fixed to just give him a call. The management here is not good, from what I experienced. Even before moving in, they told us to put a certain amount of money in our account to show we could pay rent. We did it, came in with the proof, and then they said that it wasn't enough money and told us it was actually TRIPLE the amount previously stated. I realize that maybe the first employee just didn't know what she was talking about, but seriously? This is something important to get correct. When going down to the office to get packages, they constantly cannot find things for you. I would get a notification that a package was delivered, walk down to get my package, and then they'd tell me it wasn't there. I left and would come back a few minutes later and have another employee check and then they'd find it. They're just not thorough. For our first month's rent, my roommate's account was over drafted because they were incorrect on when our "automatic withdrawal" would begin and incorrectly told us to write a check. Parking here is absolutely horrible. Tandem parking is no fun, and I couldn't even get a parking spot for the summer when literally 3/4 of the lot was empty ALL the time. During finals week people were being incredibly loud outside at the volleyball courts and my roommate called the office and asked if they could tell them to be quiet, and what did they do? Nothing. Anyone other than Scott in the office (with the exception of these two new boys) act like everything you ask them to do is a burden and you're a waste of their time. Just saying.

The facility is fine- nothing special, but we moved into a place with good conditions. There is a copious amount of birds that will poop all over your balcony, but whatever. The walls are pretty thin too. The washer ruined several of me and my roommate's clothes, but that could have been our fault (however, at our new place nothing has ended up with weird orange stains on them, sooo...).

Moving out went fine, but we lost a decent amount of our security deposit despite keeping our place clean and doing a very thorough cleaning job before moving out. We even talked to Scott before to figure out how we could best get most of our security deposit back and did what he told us too, but we still lost most of our deposit. Comparing how much we lost to other people moving out at different apartments, ours was definitely the most. They completely disregard normal "wear and tear" that occurs when you live in an apartment for a year.

This place isn't all bad, but I certainly wouldn't have chosen to live here before if I had known these things. Also, it's a long way from campus and if you want to bike, it gets annoying. The bus is convenient though. My suggestion....don't live here.


2010-12-09 15:56:13   Hello fellow Wikians...

It has come to our attention a few users within our wiki forum have been flagged as “sock puppets”. Please keep in mind University Village provides free internet service to all residents in their homes and cyber lounge. Wiki comments posted from the cyber lounge will most definitely be flagged as “sock puppets” as the IP address will be one and the same, even if used by singular Wiki accounts.

As always, thank you to all who take the time to post their experiences regarding University Village. We appreciate your time and opinions.


2010-12-10 19:23:04   Let me start out by saying University Villages meets all my expectations. LOVE the STAFF, Safety, luxurious but affordable, and the fact that they actually allow dogs here (MOST DON'T!!)( I just appreciate how they let us bring in our love ones, makes me think other apartments aren't genuine because they think pets = mess/chaos) well anyways..back to the more important info

STAFF is Great, especially JUSTIN, THOMAS, and JESSICA (HOTT GIRL), and the two maintainence men!! They always say hi with a smile whether I am walking my dog, taking out the trash (and even hog to take it out for me) or just walking.

Whenever I go into the office and wait for help, I notice that Justin and Thomas knows every persons name by HEART. kinda scary, but I feel good knowing that they actually do care =)

As for the maintainence men, They help me with everything!! There was a lot of equiqment missing in my kitchen and they helped right away! I even asked them to turn on my dishwasher (because i wasn't home)and they did! they basically do everything ask! and they don't give attitude or hate their job. I admire how they still smile when they do all these tasks. I think we should appreciate maintainance men. They are like our dads that fix everything!

I am a transfer student, and honestly UV made my experience so much easier.. They do everything for you, unlike (houses, and other apartments)I love the free internet, laundry in our apartment, beautiful pool/landscape, tanning salon (HOW BOUG-IE) . What I really like is how they have few activites or give backs the residents. For example, during finals week, they offer free breakfast. For halloween, they have a cute party with free beer..THere is always something to look forward to each month. A lot of freebies!

One time we actually partied and I was so loud. Security came and asked if we were okay, lol. But they didn't do anything, they just asked to keep it down so neighboors do not complain.

I would renew my lease again next year. I have checked out so many other places and no other compares! I think because there are so many young works (all under 30) ..they connect more with you and actually have experience of what you went through . They actually helped me with advising too. Justin and Thomas are extremely smart and graduated from UCD too.

Anyways, if you are interested in living here feel free to email me at darlenetran1@yahoo.com and I can clarify my experiences here. Pros/cons etc. Also, there is a REFERALL PROGRAM If I refer anyone.. I get money..so If you plan to live here, Ill give you 50 bucks! just email me!

I always I am a transfer student, and had a hard time adjusting. UV made my experience so much easier. Living and school is actually pretty hard to juggle at the same time. I always heard living is hard, but honestly, they make —Darlene

2011-01-20 02:31:04   Just wanted to add my 2 cents on this. Lived in UV for 2 quarters now and I can't complain. I did the roommate matching program and got my own room+bathroom. Parking is a bit expensive and the fact they require renters insurance is sorta annoying, but other than that, I'm pretty satisfied. The staff has been very nice and attentive to me and the maintenance people have always fixed my problems within the day(or within an hour when it came to my toilet). Only reason I'm heading out is that I just can't afford the rent anymore, so moving in with more people. —JonathanHong

I highly recommend looking into getting renter's insurance through your car insurance company. The discount I get on my wife's and my car insurance for having a renter's policy is actually more than the cost of my renter's insurance. So it ends up being free renter's insurance, and a small car insurance discount. This is through State Farm Insurance (Heather Copeland's office is great... I imagine the others are, too), but I assume other insurance companies have similar options. —TomGarberson

2011-01-20 17:59:10   UV is an overall good place to live. I would live here again next year possibly if they had singular one bedrooms. The only downside is that it's slightly further away from campus than I would like. (all my classes are in the science labs)

Other than that the complex is great. Friendly staff who know people by name. Always seem willing to help and never seem put out to talk to you like some complexes. Noise has been a minimal problem for me.. Maybe one to two times I've had an issue but only for small amounts of time. Maintance is efficient, quick, and friendly. Parking is good for me because I have a spot but extremely annoying if you have guests.. The uncovered parking spots are also very close together. The stair area and hallway can sometimes get a little dirty with trash around.. But not that bad. Also, the trash compacter seems like it's too far away and they don't have enough trash cans around.. Although they do have valet trash pick-up. But the limit is two bags.. When there is four people one person usually ends up capitalizing on that. Porches are small but rooms are an okay size. Plenty of storage in closet and bathrooms for me. I have a room with the closet in the bathroom which actually turned out really convenient. I would recommend it. Closet doors have mirrors. No problems with bugs or anything like that. Although they allow animals, I have never seen or heard many. (which for me is a good thing) The windows are really heavy and I have to get my bf to even open them for me.. Maybe its just my unit.. but make sure to check before moving in. When we first moved in, the place was really dirty. But the office re-called in there cleaning/carpet people and immediately took care of it. ALl you have to do is ask and they will make sure things get done.

It is overall a good place to live if you don't mind the somewhat further ride. —MegM

2011-01-29 13:25:40   Honestly, as a first time renter this has been one of the best living situations I have ever had! The management team (Justin, Thomas & the ladies) and the maintenance team (Scott & Angel!) make living here worthwhile. I regularly go down and visit the office to say hello to our wonderful leasing staff, and they are always willing to help us with our issues, (be it a maintenance issue or a personal matter regarding my living situation..) They are prompt and they follow up with you to make sure that things have been taken care of. If you don't mind the 10 minute bus ride to campus, and you're looking for a place that, "has it all," UVD is the place to look. The internet available is slow, but you have to realize there are 500 other residents also using it. I highly suggest getting Comcast and splitting the costs with your roommates—saves a huge headache and isn't even that expensive when you look at it. The only thing I would wish for here is more guest parking!

I don't understand why there are people maliciously spreading inaccurate depictions of the staff here because they work really hard to make sure that everyone who lives here has the best experience possible. I would put the great staff up at the top on the reasons to live here!


2011-02-19 13:12:46   Hey YoditMerhazan here!

I wish I can edit what I wrote but I can not. I wanted to revise what I thought about University Village. I really got so frustrated when they made fun of me and our former friend that I had to step up and write nasty things about them. Honestly, I thought the staff's intention was to humiliate people when they were joking around so much. In fact, I should be speaking about puerile. That is not the case as I just painfully realized. They bantering is quite infectious. In fact, their goal is to try to connect with you so that you feel like you are at home. Any problems regarding your day, they are always there listening and trying to do everything they can to make your day even better or even suggest what coffee packets to mix and let me tell you it's really really good. Justin and Thomas are really affable and I want to apologize for the harsh things I told them in the last review.

To be honest, I feel like a inane fool to deter people away from this complex when they have done so much to help us. For instance, my roommate was short in rent this month but Ashley accepted it but told us to pay later with the next month's rent. What Ashley did would not have been done in another complex. This is what really impressed me and what provoked me to write an updated review.

As for Jessica, the mother comment, again I said that out of anger. Although, I have to admit she did come off as rude at first but now I can really see that she really tries to talk to you. They are some bumpy moments with her though but we do everything we can to resolve this issue.

I really think this complex is trying to appease people. Again, I am sorry for misrepresenting and deterring people away from University Village. My advice for the people who are using Davis wiki as tool for finding out if UVD is right for you is to not trust the reviews (as proven in this review) posted on here. You will be surprised how many people exaggerate on here, come to UVD office and ask for tour from Justin or Thomas! They will def. be your pathway for an experience that matters!

One thing that I will beg for them to have is free wireless internet downstairs in the study room, I think it would be a nice commodity to have while people are studying for the midterms or doing their homework.

In Lamen's terms my TRUE rating from University Village Davis went up after this and call me harsh grader but I give it 8.5/10. B would be fair grade to give them.

Hopefully my updated and honest review will encourage you to move at UVD because it is truly "Where the experience matters!"

Rave ends here!

PS: The F Rating from BBB is an inaccurate rating. That rating is three years old and a lot of things have changed from that time.

The only reason I am not staying here is because I am graduating but I would stay another year if I had the chance.

(T_T) —YoditMerhazan

2011-03-13 18:19:59   Renewed my lease for the 2nd time, and just wanted to update what I said last time. Since last year, they had hired another maintenance guy, Angel, and he is awesome, just like Scott. Both of them are friendly and will go above and beyond what is asked of them. This is probably the most stable the staff in the office has been since I moved in. Justin and Thomas are great, they get to know you personally, so when I walk in I don't even have to tell them what apt I am in, they know right off the bat. Love the garbage pickup once a week, I live on the third floor, so it's nice not to have to walk down with two huge garbage bags. Parking is still horrible as always. I had hear rumors of them increasing parking, sadly this has not happened. Guests usually have to go park by ink monkey or goodyear. The apts look new from the outside, but some things definitely need to be replaced. Our bathroom sink is falling apart, and my roommate's tub does not drain properly. Also, they have started sending out newsletters, to give us updates, which is nice. Always know what is going on. Overall, no place is perfect, so UV is a nice find. Next year will be my third year here, and I am glad I stayed. Oh, and if you are considering roommate matching, don't! Just find roommates yourself and rent a 4/4 unit, you will save hundred of dollars each month! —Kole

2011-03-15 18:01:42   I've lived here for about two years and I've got some mixed feelings about UV. The largest concern for most people is the parking. Do check with Jed's Towing right after you get your parking assignment before the office closes, otherwise you will not be able to tow a car parked illegally in your spot. Learned that the hard way, as the office never updated the lot assignments when I got a new space.

As for rent - my rent was decent to start, but I can no longer afford to live here. The leasing office here I've found less helpful in this sort of situation than the places at which I've previously resided at. However, my roommate only pays $525 a month for her room currently while my rent is $595. We're both on individual leases and she signed hers later, but if they can afford to offer her a lower rate than I why do they refuse to offer me a lower rate when I ask the office if there's anything they can do? I don't need that much of a difference in rent to be able to afford to stay here, but unfortunately they refuse to help. But if you're down to the wire looking for a place to live or starting late (winter quarter), check here as one of your places to look as they tend to lower their monthly rates for individual leases drastically. That's how my roommate ended up with only $525 a month.

Besides that, This is actually a good place to live, so long as you get paired with good people for those who choose to lease on the individual lease. My first roommates were horrible, to the point where their disrespectful actions became a problem for my work performance. Management responded and moved me to a different apartment with no charge left on my safety deposit which I appreciated greatly. My new roommates were much more considerate. Maintenance is very prompt and Scott is great at what he does as well as very friendly. They welcome pets here as well and for those with blacklisted breeds they generally don't enforce their pet policies well. The appliances and fixtures are new, though some leave something to be desired as far as quality of fixture. However, most things will work and if there's a problem, Scott or another maintenance staff member will fix it or replace it if it's found to be defective. It's not very close to any productive busline, though Unitrans has now added the A Limited, which may be a faster and less crowded alternative to the only twice an hour A-Line. The nearest 42 route stop is very far away though - so if you're only mode of travel is bus, this may be slightly inconvenient as the A-Line doesn't run on the weekend and the O-Line doesn't stop at the MU (so you can't transfer to an out-of-town bus line).

All in all, not the best place that I have lived at, but it's decent enough. I do wish that they had a car wash port - that'd make the $20 a month for keeping my car nearby much more worth it. If I could stay another year I would. Unfortunately, I have to commute to work and that commute as well as the increase on my student loan payments makes it impossible for me to do so. —PaulineMiller

2011-03-27 00:36:26   Hey all! We (4 girls) moved into this apartment complex last September and loved it enough to sign the lease for another year. Amenities are as described, but I have to say the best ones in my opinion are the laundry machines in the apartment and the free basic internet. We've never had a problem with the internet going down, but of course it's slower during high traffic times and fastest during school vacation times. It's never too slow where it won't load a page forever, but if you download large media files expect to wait a bit (or just download in the morning). I love all the office people, especially the boys (Justin and Thomas, who we interact with a lot) and Scott the AMAZING fix-it and general problem-solver man. There's honestly not much I don't like about this place that I find the complex and workers at fault for. Problems that they aren't at fault for would include, of course, the silly parking and loud people in the hot tub at night (generally during the weekends and most will shut up if you yell at them). My honest rating for this place would be a flat-out A or maybe a 9/9.5 out of 10 —nmendoza

2011-04-13 11:47:46   I've lived in this complex for three years. It's generally good place to live, except for the roach problem. There are many many big black roaches that get everywhere, including your laundry and your bedsheets. I'm very good about being clean, my apartment is professionally cleaned once a week, but the roaches still manage to infest everything. That's not really the apartment's fault though, the facility is located in a formerly rural area. If you can overlook the roach problem, this is actually a pretty nice place to live, but many residents leave because of it. Also, I wish the leasing office noted the problem to me three years ago, but they painted an abnormally rosy picture per usual. —SamWeeks

2011-04-19 23:19:52   This is the worst place good citizens dwell in in Davis. Before I moved out from UV, I encountered four criminals arrested by police, one of whom I was sharing with a house. No wonder the police station is next to these complexes which generate criminals day by day. In addition to those idiots, the quality of the management is totally rotten, collapsed and messed up. The manager, Jessica is one of the worst ladies that I saw in Davis. Although she superficially looks good, her attitude toward residents is unbearable. She did not receive any complaint of the roommate and had me wait long time, ignoring completely the problem after all. Having people wait long time is their strategy to condone a complaint. Many residents included me ran away from this obnoxious place: You can easily find how unpopular this is when you look at the countless advertisements drawn with a pink gorrila mascot throughout UC Davis campus. They are looking for ignorant students, some of who might be victimized in the future.

Be careful!

Stay away here if you can. —roacher

2011-05-21 22:26:41   I lived at UV for 2 years. If you like a loud, party environment with the least helpful staff on the planet (other than Scott, the maintenance guy) then I highly recommend it! The girls who worked in the office treated me like an idiot and were completely unresponsive when I came to them for help with a situation regarding my neighbors harrassing me. I see above that the company who owns this property has an "A-rating"... obviously the people who voted for that have never experienced living at UV. Also—worst bus line ever. I know they created the A-limited line now, but there were days the bus was so packed that we had to sit on people's laps just to get to school. (I know that's not directly about UV, but it is the ONLY bus line that takes you to campus within a reasonable distance of the complex.) We ended up getting almost half of our security deposit back, but I think that's just because I took pictures of how clean it was when we left and made sure they knew it. Also, I hated that my friends had to park at the police department in order to come visit me. Overall, the apartment itself was pretty good...and the amenities... (as much as it pains me to be nice, I have to be honest) my main problem was with the office staff! —JennyAnnMcAllister

2011-08-27 19:32:36   My experience living at University Village was absolutely horrible. -The “free high speed internet” is super slow. You have to buy an ether net cable and since you're sharing with basically everyone sharing your wall, it gets EVEN SLOWER—especially when you really do have to use the internet, like, say, finals week. How slow is slow, you ask? It takes almost 45 minutes to wait for a 5 minute Youtube video to buffer. The computers in the computer lab are even slower and don't work properly with flash media. There is a printer, but you'll have to bring your own paper to use it and it's frequently broken.

-The “inspections” are a joke. When we entered the apartment, the previous residents had left all their disgusting old things behind, like old underwear (EW!), hairballs, old rags, furniture, and other junk we ended up having to clean up. The carpets were disgusting. The walls were covered in gray marks, as if someone had rubbed their greasy hands and feet all over it. The sink was full of unwashed dirty dishes and food debris (and this was after they had allegedly moved out). The tubs were literally black and moldy. And some of the cupboards were smashed in. Apparently you can opt out of having a walk-through inspection. Sucks for the person coming in next, doesn't it?

-The residents are inconsiderate jerks. This is a party apartment complex, so if you care at all about studying and going to bed early, you probably shouldn't live here. When it's nice out, people have loud hot tub parties and blast music at inappropriate levels of volume. I've found puke in our hallway before (and it wasn't cleaned up for days—it stank something awful!!) and once we actually had one of our ceiling lamps fall off and SHATTER because the people above us were stomping around too much, which meant I was vacuuming up glass at 2am. Lucky me. Our neighbors were also ardent smokers of weed. Not that I have anything against pot-smokers, but because of the way the vents were positioned, our WHOLE apartment ended up reeking of weed, and so did we.

-When you move out, they'll usually charge you for repainting the walls/cleaning the carpet. Carpet cleaning is like $100, and painting is $100 PER room. They say you can do it yourself but “strongly discourage you” from doing this because you have to paint the walls in a special way—no streaks, from ANY angle. They will actually shine light on it diagonally and if there's any streaks at all they will make you pay for the wall painting on top of whatever the paint and time cost you. Because it's not “aesthetically pleasing” to the new tenants. Well, neither are grody walls.

-The management sucks. They don't take your problems seriously and they're only nice when you're signing the lease—or when somebody who is signing the lease is present. When I've come down with problems and prospective tenants were in there, they shushed me, took me into one of the side offices and closed the door so the prospective tenants wouldn't hear my complaints. It made me very uncomfortable. One time we found a note on our door that said that we needed renter's insurance. There was an addendum on the note that said that if we didn't get said insurance, we'd be evicted within the week.

-The parking is ridiculous. Not only is “tandem parking” super inconvenient (that means that your housemates/roommates park in front or behind of your parking space—so you'll have to ask them to move your car before you can back out), there is no street or guest parking nearby. You can't use one of the other spaces, either, because the people here tow aggressively. Your car will then be taken to Dixon and you'll have to pay $200 to get it back. I've had people yell at my parents and friends for just borrowing the space for a couple minutes while they waited me to come down—very rudely! I don't appreciate that at all.

-It is RIDICULOUSLY far from everything. You're close to Target, the Police station and . . . yeah, that's pretty much it. The only bus that goes right by there is the A/O line. Since this is the only bus-line that goes here, the A is always crowded with UV people. Rainy days are even more ridiculous. And on Thursdays and Fridays, it's always jam-packed because the A line is also the only bus that goes to Amtrak. It's about a 20 minute bike ride from campus, and an hour if you're going by foot.

So what's good about UV? The maintenance guys, Scott and Angel, are pretty helpful. Angel, especially, was amazing about repairs. And he's really nice, too. Also, they have free bottled water in the lounge, a plasma screen TV, free popcorn, free movie rentals, and free coffee machine. I guess. But there are much better places to live than here. —nutmeg

2011-09-09 18:05:43   I agree with the previous comment- nutmeg When you move out, just like many apt. businesses ! they enjoy charging you for moving out ! & writing lies for the charges ! They actually wrote the reason for moving out is 'rental increase' ! I graduated ! Sure, the rents have increased ! When you move in, they require you to get rental insurance which would cost around $ 100. I left it the same way, the way I moved in - absolutely clean. My friend knows that. Let's not forget that when I moved in, the carpets were stained among several other things ! I have the move- in check list, which you are supposed to complete & sign in 3 days after moving in. I had cleaned plenty after moving in. In the same manner, I cleaned & moved out. I didn't pin anything on the walls or leave any tape marks, knowing them but they charged more than double the amount of the security deposit ! I was the only roommate who actually, sincerely cleaned around in that apt. living with the poor roommates that this apt. complex matched me with. I left my room in the middle of June & continued to pay rent up to Aug. end because they don't allow to end contracts earlier, as soon as you graduate. Only around Aug. 18 did the management do an inspection of the room ! Now, they are giving me 15 days to pay the extra charges. Their paper listing the charges is dated Sept. 1 & I received it on Sept. 9 ! The management is terrible ! The internet they provide is terribly slow & their office- computer lab is even worse + they have blocked many programs from your usage ! The rents are high here. Target, Nugget stores are still far, being what is near the apt. complex. Live somewhere else, people & I am being sincere. Those cheap people know we are students; still they have no mercy to over charge you ! I'd say, the management people these days have forgotten the meaning of security deposit, which is usually given back unless I caused the damage to the apt. The management is not supposed to charge for their regular cleaning after a resident vacates ! They are supposed to clean for 'hygene' standards after we keep it 'move in, move out' condition. It's fraud what they are doing, sorry to say.


2011-10-06 13:48:36   Every single time I have gone into the office, the workers Thomas and Justin have been extremely helpful to me and everything that I need. If ever I need a fax sent or something printed, Thomas always stops what he's doing to help me out. Besides that there is a real sense of community here at UV and although I was really hesitant about moving in after reading several of the reviews, I am extremely glad with my decision. For the price that we are paying, our apartment is really spacious and we even got one month free. I love living here and have not regretted my decision so far. —GabeGarcia

2011-11-18 17:45:54   This place is horrible. Belive me!!!!! That's why this apartment have the best deal. Own bathroom and bedroom for $600 plus utilities ??? You pay what you get. sighhhhh Internet is super slow. Free internet? but you get ETHERNET.....you have to buy your own parking. If you dont believe all of the comments above, try to move in and experience it.maintenance guys are ok. They are nice. —hadong

2012-03-11 22:32:39   Yes, the management people & corporate office are all cheap; only interested in making money & not concerned about their tenants. After I moved out, the office charged me for cleaning, painting etc. even though I lived there only for 10 months. Contract was 1 year & all along I kept the apartment neat & tidy (move in- move out condition). I did everything legally but they did not like they charged me without providing proof (receipts, invoices). So I was advised to take them to small claims court. They have been called to court before, too. The manager ends up coming to court even though she is not the defendant. At court she made up a story, saying that she cancelled all my charges & had sent out a cheque with my security deposit. They are so cheap & cunning. So I advise anyone that faces my situation to take them to court & sue them in front of a judge for how much you think you deserve, & make sure you get that amount back from them. —Myrah

2012-03-15 16:14:43   I don't have a chance to leave at this place so I don't know if all the complain about the place is correct or not because the manager don't give me chance. Nevertheless, I have to say I have a very bad experience at this place. The first impression seems nice when I came to have a tour here. The model seems nice and I eagerly decide to sign a lease with them last Sunday. I have to mention this, on my first day when I came here I told them my financial aid will cover for my rent, but they think it is not enough (they didn't even ask me how much I've got- I am pretty sure it is enough)so they asked me to have a co-signer or I should have a part time job. Then, I ask my Dad to co sign for me. I give them $200 security deposit. And the application for my application and my co signer application is $60- and it is non-refundable, I understand. The next day I received a phone call stated that my dad was not qualified to be a co signer, I should find another one. I started to feel something wrong and fishy here. Are they try to make this hard to ask me for an additional $30 co sign application? I don't have any other co signer but I told them again and again I have financial aid to cover for me. However Justin told me,"no, we can not accept your financial aid because we are not sure whether you go to school on summer so maybe you don't have enough money"-they didn't even give me a chance to give them my documentation. They told me either I find another cosigner or withdraw my application they will return $140, so I lost $60. That's fine, I don't want to live there. I learn a lesson now, I decided to sign a lease with other apartment. BUT they don't stop here, the next day Justin called me, and told me that if I give him my financial aid document. I told him I don't want to live there anymore and end up sign a lease with another apartment. I couldn't believe what he said to me. I still need to give them my document so they can run it, if it is not approved they return my money just $140 , but if it is approved I will lose all of my deposit. What a ridiculous rule. He insistingly told me that I already sign the lease and there is policy required me to provide them my document, if I try to withhold information I am violated their policy-(he threatened me- who withheld the information-He did tell me my financial aid can not use when he didn't even ask for it). I was so angry from what I heard, and I talked to his boss Jessica. She listened to me and told me she will talked to Justin and called me back later. Guess what I have never received her phone call. Today I rode to tanglewood because I thought she was there and it turned out she at University village. So I have to ride all the way to UV (I don't have a car-I ride my bike). Just to hear her say she already processed my refund 140 dollar. I asked her why i haven't received any phone call and she just said she sorry. Yeah her apology don't enough for my losing time and money. Because I have to deal with them on the phone, I reach my minute limit and cannot be able to call before i come that I have to waste a trip there. They just care about money and they can think of anyway to steal your money "legally". DON'T SIGN THE LEASE.DON'T SIGN THE LEASE.DON'T SIGN THE LEASE.DON'T SIGN THE LEASE.DON'T SIGN THE LEASE OR YOU MAY HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM —Hangchu

2012-04-30 20:36:17   -The parking here is a serious problem, as previously mentioned. I want to feel at home here, which for me requires an occasional visit from visitors outside of UVD. I cannot help but express how difficult it is for them and I to meet up initially because of the limited spacing and pay-to-park policy. They should like convert some of the free space nearby into a parking lot or something. I don't want my guests to park all the way at Good Year to come visit me. Parking is expensive, too. More expensive than my parking permit for UCD. -The maintenance guys are very diligent working and friendly. They don't even mind doing the odd jobs most people wouldn't do themselves. They're extremely helpful and responsive. They usually get your problem solved right when they visit or within the next few days. They're also very friendly and cool guys to have as friends. One of my favorite things about this place. They're up bright and early every morning just to make sure we have a great stay here. -The walls are relatively thin between apartments. I wish they were a bit more thicker. -The swimming pool, volleyball court, recreational area attached to the office(tanning, pool table, etc.) and the gym actually are better than I expected. I anticipated that these would be crap and that firms just pretty up each of the facilities for pictures and then don't maintain them well, but here they're actually in pretty good shape. -I understand that we should pay higher than most other apartments for having more services and more stuff available to us, i.e. own bathroom, laundry only for the whole apartment, etc., but I still think the pricing is a bit too high still. They have to take into account the distance inconvenience we are away from campus/downtown as well as noise/construction inconvenience going on around us. That stuff wakes me up every morning. -Towing is very responsive. Getting people's cars towed when they're in my parking space is quite fun. -I'm very concerned about some of the fees, i.e. 50$ maintenance fee if something goes wrong when the office closes. That's pretty harsh. Furthermore, in all honesty, I think the office closes too early. -They offer a lot of courtesy services, i.e. Valet Trash. -The grass in the common areas around the pool is not maintained so well. -Some areas around the apartment complexes seriously need WD-40. -Lighting in the hallways and around the whole apartment complex is kind of lacking. The hallways themselves aren't maintained pretty well. Every time I walk through them, I imagine myself in a slasher movie about to get my throat slit or something haha -The faculty is very friendly and welcoming. However, sometimes I feel like we're denied some liberties unless there's a profit motive for them. We're not given a clear reason sometimes about why we can't have something done a certain way. -Utilities 50$ is fixed, which I think is not so good. I don't use nearly as much utilities as 50$ covers. I think they should make utilities not a fixed amount, but an amount dependent on how much used. -Courtesy notices about certain events (community, package delivered, etc.) quite nice. It's the small things that count. -"Come as friends, leave as neighbors." I have no idea what the heck this sign in the entrance of the complex means. I think they should switch it around "come as neighbors, leave as friends." Minor detail. -Own bathroom and spacing is quite roomy. -A giant portion of the common areas inside an apartment is unlighted. -Their "high-speed WiFi" is not so high speed. -The referral program for friends is pretty generous. -I like the appearance as I drive in. It's a nice view. The office looks pretty comfortable and welcoming, too. Complimentary drinks. Overall, I'm quite content with my stay here and look forward to another year here. I hope they take into account the parking and the rent I mentioned. That's really bothersome for me. —ArenElgincolin

2012-06-29 18:40:54   I'm mainly posting to beat the dead horse... Yes, parking. Although I can tell you that is one of the many things that has left a sour taste in my mouth with University Village. Let me start off by saying Justin is incredibly nice and the maintenance guys are great too. But, I really want to share my experience of the problems here.

Since it is a college community, you have to deal with a bunch of older high school students. I really should have taken that into consideration before moving in, but I had an opportunity I couldn't pass up. Often, you will hear people being horrendously loud past midnight. It's annoying, but I can live with it.

One of the big problems that also stems from that is the garbage. By the compactor, you will every so often have bags upon bags of garbage down the stairs and into the actual parking area. It is disgusting and really shows the kind of people who live there. They do also leave dog crap all over and seem to think that it's the maintenance people's responsibility to clean up after them regardless of what mess they make. Aren't we adults?

Now, onto the parking problem. My significant other visits from Sacramento and stays overnight. The parking is such a problem, it has made me count the days until I can finally leave. One of my roommates even had his vehicle towed... TWICE. After sending an E-mail asking about the parking situation, we received a copy-pasta response that had spelling errors and even led to the wrong website. Congrats, UV employees.

Today, we almost got towed while being in one of the "visitor" parking spots... One of which we were told to park in—the future resident parking spots. Somebody had parked behind her car to block her from backing out. She went into the office and was rudely told that now anybody who doesn't move their vehicle by 10 AM from those spots will be tagged for towing.

Come on, UV. You've been endlessly berated for the parking problems... Are you ever going to get your heads out of your asses and fix the problem? A majority of residents even have bikes... Do you need to have dozens of unfilled spots each year to potentially squeeze out of residents? It's pitiful. A co-worker asked me about living at UV and I told him to avoid it as much as possible. The prices are decent for Davis, but when you have to deal with the noise, the trash, the residents, and the parking, it's not worth it. —Iwontcomebackalive

2012-07-10 21:08:26   I have lived at University Village for the last year and just renewed my lease for another year. I have been very pleased with my experience living here. Justin, Scott and the staff are eager to help and very friendly. I enjoy using the gym and the pool. I recommend this location to anyone looking for a modern, peaceful, and well-maintained place to live that is in close proximity to campus (10 minute bike ride). —JayR

2012-08-12 17:21:14   University Village is one of the best apartment experiences. The management is conscientious of the tenant’s needs when it comes to getting stuff fixed and listening to your complains... Anyways, that is not my main point; my point is U.V. is the ideal place for a college student to live for several reasons. One reason why you SHOULD come live at U.V. is because of the fun events they host. The Beach Ball, held on Aug.8th 2012 was phenomenal. There was a free BBQ, sand volleyball tournament, games with great prizes and there were even live music performances by The Verge and Open Mic around our pool. This is not the only event of the year they host. University Village strives to host other events too like breakfast, lunches, or dinners for students during finals week. I am thankful to be living here. The people are right; experience DOES matter at University Village, Davis.

Some of the complaints about the management on here is understandable, but you should take into consideration of how much work the staff has to go through each day. There are many tenants with many needs and only so many staff members that can help accommodate everyone's wants and deal with multiple situations at once. For my housemates and I, there was some physical issues with our apartment when we first moved in. Of course we got frustrated because we had to make several trips to the office to remind them about our problem, but every time we talk to the staff about it their sincerity and consideration shows. In the end, our problems do get resolved. There are many advantages to living in University Village and I would highly recommend college students to consider living here!

ALSO, props to JUSTIN, one of the UV staff members, for helping us with everything. He's the person we go to whenever we need help with something because we know that he'll get the job done, even when he's juggling a zillion other tasks. He's helped us from the day we moved in til the day we decided to renew our lease. In all seriousness, THANK YOU JUSTIN! Without your help, UV would not be as great as it is :DDD —ONEofakind

2012-09-07 18:13:37   Here are the problems on the first day:

Amenities: Complimentary wall color: When touring the property months ago, the leasing personnel told me they have a complimentary room-painting option: I can pick any color I want, "even fluorescent pink if I really want," for my room and they would paint my room that color for me. On move-in day, they say they charge $100-150 to paint a room and that usually is only for one "accent" wall. Only some people are offered the accent wall for free but I have to go to another table in the leasing office to see if I signed something to receive that. I went to that table and they said I can call maintenance "in a week or so" and ask them about it (so, basically, I can ask someone else to handle it once these temporary workers are gone!). Furthermore, I can only pick from one of six colors! They put it in my file that I chose a color, and "will get back to me on if we will do that."

Amenities: Complimentary bikes: When I signed my lease they offered a free beach cruiser. They said they would hold it for me until move-in day. I arrive on move-in day and they tell me they don't have enough bikes but can get one for me in about two weeks. I told them that's not what I agreed to, so someone wheeled out a bike with small dents, scuffs in the paint, scuffs on the seat, and a near-flat back tire.

Free $$$$ gift card: I was offered a $100 Visa gift-card when signed (months ago!), but they told me I would get it on move-in day. On move-in day I'm told they don't have any so I can get it "in about a week." Strangely, my roommate was given her gift card the day she signed her lease, a month ago. She was also given free rent for the month of September, and was told to just tell the leasing office that on move-in day. On move-in day the staff make her leave the complex to go get a money order for $508 for the month of September, and that in October they'll give her the free month.

Internet: There is not "wifi" here, there is ssllooww cable that you must connect to via a cable.

Apartment: The apartment was advertised as a 4-bedroom, 4 bathroom 2100+ square-foot home. It's actually approximately $1400-1500 square feet (per a contractor in my roommate's family), and I personally believe that's a generous number. Sadly, the 2-bedroom model unit they used to show us an example was BIGGER than our entire 4-bedroom unit!

Apartment (part 2): Our apartment was missing shelves in the kitchen pantry and the fridge. There's red food stains on the outlets next to the stove and on the vent. Our patio ground came with black flattened gum, stains all over (puke, maybe?) and blue nail polish-like stains. All doors were dented, scratched up with dozens of scratches. The front door had previously been kicked in, and they just painted white over the cracked threshold, and didn't replace the ripped out weatherstripping. There are dents in the walls and holes screwed in my bedroom ceiling. My bathroom light fixture is MELTED. Our window screen pane is BENT.

Things they don't tell you: The parking spaces are 2 spaces to a row, so you'll almost always be blocking someone in or will be blocked in. They charge monthly for a parking space. You cannot ride your bike to school 60% of the time because it's over 90 degrees. The roommate program charges $2,400 for four people— plus $60 each per month for utilities (I've been living in a house of 4 that never had an electricity bill over $100 for all 4, and they're collecting $240 per month). They charge you a fee if you use a certain amount of electricity. The closets are anything but "spacious." There doesn't seem to be security patrol. You WILL hear parents yelling in the halls about the frustrating staff, their kid's dirty apartment, and/or unfulfilled amenities. This is one of those situations where: Office staff is reluctant to do anything the leasing manager promised you; the leasing manager is also reluctant to put anything in writing, but by god if she promises you something GET IT IN WRITING or I promise you can consider it gone. —KTreinen

2012-11-20 18:08:07   As a student living at University Village, I can honestly say that I am pleased to live here. DeAaron, Justin, and Avey are always in the office greeting me as I come in to take advantage of the delicious and free coffee that UV offers. The DVD rentals are a nice touch and the parties are great because not only do I get to eat for free, I also congregate with the other students that live here. I've made a lot of friends here. I believe that this is because of the pervading friendly atmosphere of these apartments. The friendly atmosphere is partly generated by the kind staff here at University Village in Davis, California. —LuigiSEbrahimi

2012-12-18 12:22:47   As a exchange student from China, I will live there for 9 monthes. This is a quiet place which is very nice for student. Bus station is near and you needn't get a bicycle to campus. Most important one, the staff here are so friendly and I really love this place. Recommend to all international stduents in Davis. —HAN@ucdavis

2013-02-13 18:13:16

a==============================LISTEN TO MY STORY. WILL SAVE YOU HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS.=========================================

Okay I had to make an account just to write a review here. LISTEN PEOPLE. most of the "nice comments" here are written by University Village themselves. click on each of their names and see if they have any other posts other than on here. They were all new accounts. think about it, people don't make an account just to post once about how nice the management is. people usually make accounts and post ONCE to complain, not to praise. listen to my story, it will be very helpful.

LET'S SEE.... first of all, parking is strictly enforced here, people get towed ALL THE TIME even if they live here. The first week I moved in, there was a big flood all over my room which wet half of my whole room's carpet. The maintenance came to fix the leak at 12 at night and they put a big blowdryer, the size of a 18 inch car wheel in my house and had to leave it on for 3 days. It was really noisy as if it was a leaf blower in my room. also to fix the wet damage, they put a gigantic moisturizer in my room and told me not to open the bathroom door because it would suck up all the water. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LIVE HERE? i slept there with the dry blower on for a day and with the moisturizer and got VERY SICK. It was sooooooo noisy. you guys don't understand. I talked to the manager TONY about it and he gave me a "i don't care" face. he kept hinting me to leave the office and he didn't even care. I dragged him to my room and showed him what's up and how noisy it was, and how dry my skin got dry and cracked from the moisturizer. his response was "so what? this is what you are supposed to do if there is a flood". I'm like... so what??? aren't you the manger? At least apologize or something. Everytime I have a problem, he's not very helpful and he gives this "vibe" that's very negative. Tony always talk to me like i'm lower than him, and looks down on me because i'm younger than him. He is very rude, and only nice when you are signing the lease. Afterwards, he doesn't care about anything. TRUST ME, READ THE REVIEWS ABOVE ME. So, I decided to move out after 3 months of stupid flood and problems with the house and hostile management. Oh yeah and if you sign up for roomamte matching program, the rent is NOT 550 DOLLARS!!! it's 550 dollars plus 50 dollars for month for parking, 25 dollars per month for pet, 400 dollar pet deposit for the year, and addition 60 dollars a month for utility (whether you use it or NOT) and 150 dollar security deposit. The utility is ALWAYS 60 dollars, and if you go over, you have to pay more. if you use less, you still pay 60 dollars. So, the rent ends up being over 680 dollars instead of 550, which was what they asked of me. Okay.. well Tony was being very unhelpful and he gives me attitudes and is very careless, so i decided to move out. a girl replaced me, and I gave her 200 dollars in cash AND i let her have my security deposit because I was so desperate to get out of this place. I told the office that I atleast wanted the pet deposit back, which was 400 dollars since the new girl that is replacing me doesn't have a pet

So the new girl and I went into the office to get my name off the lease and exchange it to hers. On a friday, or was it saturday... the managers were NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. no one was in the office besides the new guy, Dearon and this other girl, which was also new. The mangers were NOT there according to Dearon, for some reason. I told Dearon I wanted the check sent to my house in Los Angeles because i'm graduating and leaving the city, and he had me write down my address on a piece of paper and I signed my name off the lease and replaced it with the new girl. GUESS WHAT? 7 weeks pass, and no check comes in the mail. by this time, I already graduated from UC DAVIS, and I no longer live here.

I went back to the office and asked what happened. Tony, who was the manager, had no idea about this whole idea. Isn't he the one supposed to be managing stuff if he is the manager? He said maybe the inspection was done, maybe it wasn't. Maybe it was... come on... what the heck? Dearon clearly told me that the pet inspection was supposed to be done 1 day before the new girl move in, and after the inspection was done the check will be sent to my dad's house in Los Angeles. WELL.... THE INSPECTION WAS NEVER DONE. Now, they're telling me that since I signed my name off and the new girl lives there with her own name on the contract, I have no rights to the apartment and I cannot get my pet deposit back. WHAT??? I told Tony what Dearon told me to do and I followed his instructions. Tony replied "he's a new guy. he messed up". no apologies, no nothing.

He told me to get the money from the girl (this is after 7 weeks of moving out) and the inspection had to be done again with her permission. SHE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A PET. and he also said that since the apartment is under her name now, she can refuse to give me the money because my name is no longer on it anymore. This is FRAUD AND A SCAM. TRUST ME... they have done this many times before. READ THE REVIEWS ABOVE ME. The girl doesn't even have pets, so she has no rights to even keep my pet deposit. I called the cops and they explained to me that, this is what apartments do to get around things "legally" and keep residents' money and there is nothing i can do about it, besides taking it to court, which is going to cost me over 400 dollars anyways. Luckily, the girl was cooperative and I got the money. If she wasn't cooperative, the University Village would've kept my 400 dollars. The new girl doesn't have any pet, so they wouldn't give it to her. University VIllage was trying to take my money, just like they were trying to take past residents' money (read above reviews). Since a lot of international school students live here, they think they can do this and get away with it, because they're leaving the country and probably think that's how it's supposed to be done in another country. Man this place is waste of time. Tony is so rude... he is the manager and he has no idea what is going on. I even called the corporate office to talk to the HEAD manager, and I haven't got a reply back yet. CAN'T BELIEVE THIS HAPENED. went through all these trouble. The management here sucks... TRUST ME. save your money and live somewhere else. They're only nice to you when you sign the lease and afterwards when you need their help, they're careless and RUDE. on top of that, don't expect to get your security deposit back. I know at least 3 people that used to live here and they all never got anything back and they're all quiet people, and NEVER party. the house was VERY clean. REad the reviews above me and decide for yourselves... if they take your money legally, there is nothing you can do about it. They do it LEGALLY through LEGAL loop holes, and there was one girl who took it to court in the review above me, read what shes said.

Tony keeps telling me, do you have anything that Dearon said in writing? any proof he said that? because he says if i take it to court, i won't win because I already signed the paper saying that I give up my legal rights of this room to the new girl. Why did I sign? Because Dearon TOLD ME TO and he said he would give my money back through mail.. WELL AFTER I MOVED OUT, NO ONE CARED TO DO THE INSPECTION LIKE WE AGREED. THE REASON WHY I SIGNED IS BECAUSE HE SAID HE WOULD SEND ME THE CHECK THROUGH MAIL. Tony just keeps preaching me "you have to read everything before you sign when you go out in to the real world... blah blah" and giving me a cold shoulder. and keep asking me "do you have anything in writing? because I do... here, you signed and you gave up your lease to her". Look at the review (two above mine). that person said they will refuse to have anything in writing.

they always take your security deposit money and try to scam you, then why wasn't the flood taken care of? where is that money going to? The room wasn't even ready before I moved in in the first place!!! So where did all that money go to? because security deposit money is supposed to be used to fix the room before the new people come in. I talked to the maintenance people and they told me there were 3 or 4 other residents who had flood in their room , just like me, ONE WEEK AFTER MY INCIDENT.

i have pictures of the flood, the leaf blower in my room, as well as the moisturizer along with other pictures regarding what I said, because I wanted to take it to court. i'm now awaiting for corporate office' reply. I had to call like 3 times and they finally picked up, but the manager was not there. Even if you live here don't expect to find anyone ABOVE tony, because they're careless and they don't care what you have to say. it's very hard to get a hold of someone above Tony or Justin ( who are managers there).


2013-02-17 14:08:10   First in response to Alanlee19 requarding the post about University Villiage. Fist I ask if you read anything you sign if you had you would have know your rights. ALWAYS read what you sign then you wont have these problems.

Now back to Univeristy Village - I will have to agree with all the previous postings this place is a very pleasant place to live. The Manager Tony, Spent allot of his own time during the Holidays Cooking a Thankgiving dinner for all students that were not able to go home. YES he cooked and help serve them all at NO CHARGE to the residents. He even had entertainment for the residents.

Tony has always been Very couritous to me everytime I talked to him and he and his employees were always the same way. The best thing to ever Happen to University Village Apartments is hiring Tony. There have been allot of improvements since he took over the as Manager.

As far as Parking goes...Everyone Complains about the Parking and the only way to fix that is to tow cars that should not be there so the residents have parking spots. Unfair to Complain about the Parking and Towing at the same time. If you should be there make sure you have a updated parking pass so you will not get towed, if you don't its your fault not theirs. I have found that since they started inforcing the parking with the towing it has been MUCH EASIER to park when I get home.

I myself am super happy with Tony and his Employees, There has been a Huge Improvement since Tony was hired as the Manager at UVV.

Signed Happy Resident! —ShannonSmith

—— Edit conflict! Your version: —— 2013-02-17 14:42:48   and lastly, i did what your "employee" Dearon told me to do and followed his instructions. later you tell me, "oh hes a new guy." "he messed up" like it's none of your problem because you weren't there. no sorry, no nothing. man how unprofessional. if you are the manager, take responsibility for what your workers do. he has no idea what's going on in UV trust me. press CTRL + F and type "manage" and you will get all reviews of their management and manager. and by the way, if you are going to respond to me again, don't make another NEW fake account. i'll see if you posted only once or not. BTW, today is sunday and tony could've wrote the review himself. shannon smith refers to UV as "TONY AND HIS EMPLOYEES" yeah right... there is justin too who is also the manager. i had NO PROBLEMS with him. he is a very nice guy and he was picked as manager of the year or something like that. —AlanLee19 —— Edit conflict! Other version: —— 2013-02-17 14:42:48   and lastly, i did what your "employee" Dearon told me to do and followed his instructions. later you tell me, "oh hes a new guy." "he messed up" like it's none of your problem because you weren't there. no sorry, no nothing. man how unprofessional. if you are the manager, take responsibility for what your workers do. he has no idea what's going on in UV trust me. press CTRL + F and type "manage" and you will get all reviews of their management and manager. and by the way, if you are going to respond to me again, don't make another NEW fake account. i'll see if you posted only once or not. —AlanLee19

2013-02-17 14:44:36   Wow....Alanlee19, something is wrong with you. You posted that comment 10 min after to posted a review. I do not work for UV nor with I ever. You can not say everyone is a liar that likes this community. Seems to your just mad at yourself for not reading what you signed.

I suggest to anyone who wants to live here approach any resident living here before singing the lease and make your own decision. —ShannonSmith —— End of edit conflict ——

2013-02-17 14:54:12   shannonsmith there was an "EDIT CONFLICT". LOOK. you tried to edit what i said. why would you do that??????? i'm not saying you work for UV. but why would you do that?? hmmmmmm. yes, these are just my OWN experiences. decide for yourselves, and make sure you do that CTRL + F, "manage" but the decision is yours, not mine. —AlanLee19

2013-03-01 09:56:41   Prior to moving into University Village, I was enthusiastic and hopeful that I will have a good year because it seems like such a great environment since it looked nice and newly renovated. The rent didn't seem bad at all. However, when I moved to UV I had such a bad experience with this place that it completely changed my perception of the City of Davis alone. There are good and bad things about this place but the bad things surely outweigh the goods. The good thing about this place was that they would throw party and events for residents (which goes on during exam times and is right next to the computer lab so you can hear the music pounding on the wall as you study or the shouting of people rooting for a sport team), they will cook for you during thanksgiving (can food and semi-cook turkeys) and arrange stand up comedy and musics. I cannot deny of the management efforts on entertaining the resident but I can SURELY say that the professionalism, security and caring for the peace of mind of the resident AREN'T there. There are so many stories that I want to throw out right now to express my anger for this place but it wouldn't matter though I will say one thing. I DEFINITELY WON'T RECOMMEND THIS PLACE FOR ANYONE. It is not a safe environment and the management will not care for your well-being. —Entertainment

Two or more of the following comments comefrom a shared IP address.

2013-04-12 15:17:47   Cool place to live! the staff is friendly and very helpful. The complex is always having social gatherings including pizza nigh. There is a big pool that is cool to swim in. The volley ball court here is meant for the Olympics, not to mention the sand is always clean. Hands down, the best part of university village is the Billiards room. The table is professional grade! with the confertable chairs and TV, the Billiards room has became a popular place to hang out amongst the community.

The four bedrooms four bathroom apartments are really nice. The rooms are a good size, however the bathrooms are pretty large. The best part about the kitchen has enough counter space for cooking! not to mention the kitchen is fully loaded with a dishwasher and garbage disposable.

I really enjoy living at University Village, I highly recommend you stop by. —fakewater

Two or more of the following comments comefrom a shared IP address.

2013-05-10 17:25:10   University Village Davis Apartments is the place to be. I have lived here for about 2 years, renewing my lease for the second year (2011-2013). If your looking for a community of friends and a staff that enables community building, long lasting friends and a beautiful vacation stress-free resort this is a place for you. Being a transfer student, I was a stranger to the campus and the whole university college scene. I had no idea what to expect. I was so lucky to find this place. To keep this straight and to the point I'd like to share what I thought were the best features about living in this apartment complex. -Best friendly staff that goes the extra mile to fufill needs and requirements. They are so friendly, great personalities and truly love their job and residents. They make University Village Davis home without out being parents, but like an older brother & sister that got your back. -The facilities go beyond many other apartment complexes. LOOK AT THE PICTURES! A pool like resort, bbq pits, palm trees, pet-friendly, gym, volley ball court, balconies facing one another, sun booth, hot tub, Billiards. This place screams community! Imagine summertime at this complex with neighbors congregating to have a good time. Pool parties and bbqs in the spring and summer time. -Reasonably priced. Well, we can't actually put a price on the college experience but this complex does do a great job being accomodating price wise. Many bonuses are added when signing a lease, as well as renewing (just ask!). There is no malicious intent, and just like I and the staff that works here, University Village Davis is just offering what they know is the best place to live in Davis & spreading the news! -Location can either be a pro or con. A community oriented community in East Davis can serve to be a secluded location less than a mile away from downtown and a little over a mile to campus. I rode my bike everyday and everywhere. I had no problem because I loved the scenic trains, the dog park close by and feeling like "getting away from it all." The location not being such a hot spot downtown or close to walking/driving/biking traffic, this place is so so completely safe. I could trust my neighbors, the people I live with and I can feel at ease having the police station a block away. (not many residents at other apartment complexes can say that) There are many more great things I left out and listed what made my stay here as the best experience. But read other reviews, google, get a hold of residents who also lived here to get a better Idea of the place. This is only one review of University Village. Give the staff a call. This place is the real deal. On that note, I am so sad to leave this community, my friends and the staff behind. Being my last year, I knew I couldn't stay for a third year due to my personal reasons of wanting to experience a different change (good or bad).Even though a new change probably won't be the best change. I know in my heart that having any other experience would not compare to some of the best experiences I've had at University Village Davis —ChriselleJVinson

2013-05-16 16:18:40   ChriselleJVinson and fakewater are both from the same computer and newly created account. they have same ip address and both posted the comments from the same computer. both have only one post. im disappointed in you UV, making your own reviews.


Farmer's Market-the following comment was received by the Manager of the complex. -PeteB

  • We totally beleive in being transparent and completely agree with you that faking reviews is unethical and highly inappropriate. Although these reviews did come from the same IP address (our computer lab that all of our residents have access to) these reviews are 100% genuine and were written by two different, current residents that truly live here. —TonyWilson

2013-11-10 14:31:42   I love living at University Village! I have lived here for a year and a half now and I've never regretted moving here. My bedroom is a great size and my bathroom is unbelievable. I searched a lot of different apartments before selecting UV and this was by far the best I saw in my price range. Although the amenities are all wonderful, the staff is even better! Whenever I have a problem with my apartment it is fixed within a couple days. Sometimes even a couple hours!! I especially like DeAaron. He's always in a good mood and has a smile on his face. He is approachable and is never too busy to answer my questions no matter how simple or complex they might be. I'm actually choosing to write this review now because last night I had a question about my lease and I called the office at 5:55pm. DeAaron answered and spoke with me until 6:10pm with no complaints even though the office closes at 6:00pm. He was so nice about it and I can't stress how important that is when you're choosing some place to live. Definitely come take a look at this apartment complex! You won't be disappointed! —DominiqueDavis

2014-03-21 17:54:28   Hi, does anyone know how they enforce the breed policy? Do you just say your dog is an allowable breed and they accept it? or do they require you to show them the dog? Do they ever require genetics tests? —SarahJacobs

  • Hi Sarah, We asks our residents with pets to fill out a pet application and provide us with a current picture, inoculation history, city license, and any breed certification that you might have. We currently do not mandate genetic tests. Thank you for your inquiry. --Tony Wilson

2014-03-23 15:45:30   University village is an excellent place to live. Before I start in on my review, I want to make a few things known. I live in the four-bedroom four-bathroom model, all of my roommates were placed together by the roommate matching program that University Village offers (which is great if you are a transfer who doesn’t know anyone), and the staff is incredibly accommodating. I can’t stress that last bit of information enough.

A sticky situation developed a few weeks back with one of our roommates. Three out of four of us got along great, but this fourth one just wasn’t working out. The office handled it in the most professional way possible. They heard both sides of the story and came up with a solution that benefitted everyone in the end. They didn’t drag it out at all either, which we all really appreciated. If you have a problem, talk to the office and they will fix it! Also the living facilities are great. Scott and Dave do a fantastic job maintaining everything.

Avelina Presley, Tony Wilson, DeAaron Waters and Deedee Meisanbach have been nothing but resourceful and efficient since I moved in. They are more than accommodating and the epitome of professional. They are always quick to greet residents by name, and they often go a step further and ask if there is anything they can do for us.

I can’t say enough about the environment that they have created. I was more than comfortable in voicing my concerns about my roommate situation with them. It’s really fantastic to have a resource like them available. Avelina constantly DELIVERS in working to provide a quality living experience, DeAaron gives great advice (I bought that Beyonce CD, man!) and is a master at connecting residents to other residents, and Deedee always makes great conversation and has answers to all of my questions, which has been incredibly helpful. Tony keeps it real, and navigates difficult situations with total mastery. Really though, Tony manages to have a solution for every tricky situation.

On a final note, I would like to say that it’s always nice walking into an office with such a friendly staff. They have a great dynamic which is really apparent in their work. They really do craft a pleasant living experience.


  • Hi Steven, Thank you so much for providing this valuable feedback for our community. We strive to create the best living and rental experience possible, and reviews (like yours) help to create this within our community. Thank you so much for sharing! --Tony Wilson




(2/17/15) WORST PLACE TO LIVE! Yes, it's a beautiful complex but this place has the worst management ever. They do not care about their residents when they have a complaint and their maintenance team never actually fix things in the house. When DeeDee and DeAaron were here, this place was great because they were amazing people. But now, Tiffany and the new staff, including Tony (who is old, but is still nonetheless horrible) makes living at the UV, the U or whatever they want to call it, a TERRIBLE experience. Can't wait to move. Honestly, ask people about it before moving here since these comments aren't even recent and these residents had the old management, but that has all changed. Go on social networks and Yelp before considering this place. 

  • First, I would like to thank you for your valuable feedback. I'm sorry that you feel this way and would love to discuss more in depth on how we can make this right to provide you the best living experience possible. Please feel free to email us at:  info@theudavis.com or just come visit us at the office to discuss how we can serve you better. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions that will help us provide the highest level of customer service to our valued residents. --Tony Wilson


WORST APARTMENTS EVER! They don't care about their residents at all. They come into their resident's homes without permission, let you go days without trying to fix the internet and they laugh in your face if you come to them with any other problems. They have the WORST management I've ever experienced in my life. Do not live here at all. Also, all those past reviews about DeAaron or DeeDee are true but they FIRED their old staff last summer, so none of those people work there anymore.

2015-10-13 23:04:05   After looking at all the comments and seeing the negative remarks about this place, I decided to sign their lease and see it out myself. BIG MISTAKE! First off, way overpriced. I'm paying the same rate as they do at the West Village with worse amenities and no interaction with other residents. This place is so far off campus (and everything else) it is a hassle to manage your time in between schedules. There is nothing walkable (within 15 mins) in the area. The buses do not run frequently nearby and even on bike everything is very far away. Another thing I mentioned, the amenities are not that great here. A VERY small gym, a small clubhouse only open during day hours (which you don't really want to come back from class to here just to use) and a pool that's ok but no one uses it. There's a computer room with 5 systems for free printing. Also everything they say about the management (even new management) is true. The customer service students in the leasing office aren't nice at all and won't really go out of your way to help you. Yes I'm talking about people like Sarah who works there. If you do make the stupid mistake of coming here, make sure you speak with a Manager or Assistant Manager to get more accurate details on the place. But if you are going to pay the kind price they ask for, you might as well look at other apartments who are in much better locations nearby. —golden10

2016-01-27 01:38:51   I lived here from 2013-2014. Before I signed up, there were so many terrible reviews, and even afterwards there are terrible reviews. However, my experience was just fine. I had no noise problems, employees were always in the office if I needed help, the pricing is okay, they have a nice air conditioned gym, a lounge with a pool table that nobody's ever in (i lived here for a year and I've never seen anyone else in the room, which is a good thing if you want to bring friends), and a dank swimming pool (i only swam in it once. swimming is boring). The complex is beautiful, the grass is maintained, and parking is not a problem. The employees are cool, except that one overweight janitor guy with the long-ish hair. He seems like a douche, but not a complete douche, he's cool sometimes, if you get my drift. Keep in mind that only people who have bad experiences tend to write about it on this site, and the people who have okay or good experiences don't because they're satisfied (like me, writing a review 2 years after I've left). So the real rating of this place is probably a 3/5 or 3.5/5. —whatsupkidz

2016-02-10 23:37:11   The U Apartments--- Good part of it, plenty of room for people to share, as long as you all mind your business, be respectful it's a perfect plan. However, when I moved the whole point of doing the roommate program was to safe money. So that I can safe for school and not use student loans. But unfortunately, that blew up in my face. When they match me up with their Leasing Manager, yes their own employee who turned out to be a mental case. She was hostile, threatening, trying to force me to put the PG&E bill under my name when she opened the account, when she had been a resident since 2014. She would not clean after herself; the kitchen was left so dirty, it became so disgusting and unhealthy. I got an attorney involved and moved out. Their shareholder claimed to be investigating, which she never did. They of course claimed their employee was in compliance, but still terminated her (LOL!!) but I still moved out,. I received an email yesterday from that douche bag Thomas McCormick, Landlord demanding rent for February (I don't live there) or they are suing me, ok.. So of course I will be countersuing them too. Good thing I documented everything their employee did, took pictures, sent emails to their Corporate Office, asking for them to intervene regarding their employees threatening behavior, her profanity use toward her boyfriend, toward me, other roommates witnessing her disturbing behavior, and I also wrote and sent pictures to the Founder/CEO of Greystar to make him aware of the behavior. Especially, after someone posted a note insulting Tenants calling everyone spoil brats. Their employee abuse her position as Leasing Manager and they did nothing about it or even tried to rectify the situation. They expect me to continue to pay rent even though I had no choice but to leave. Now they raise their rent to $1300 for a room. They are not worth it! The staff is rude and unprofessional, they do not inspect these apartments like they are regulate to. They violated the California Civil Code Section 1927 affords every tenant a right of quiet possession. Moral of the story.. all you students need to stop these property owners of making suckers out of you.. They are regulated to inspect the apartment before you move in by law. You are in titled by California Civil Code Section 1927 affords every tenant a right of quiet possession. If don't, you need to start report these property owners or start writing the Davis Enterprise or the City Manager of Davis, CA. I have lived in Davis, CA most of my life and this has been going on for a long time. Rent seems to get higher and higher, but these property owners, don't get held responsible for their part of legal obligations. START REPORTING THEM, YOU HAVE RIGHTS AS TENANTS. I INTENT SUE THE U APARTMENTS FOR THE HARASSMENT AND DISCRIMINATION I WENT THROUGH. —slim

2016-03-18 13:33:22   I never received the $800 dollar deposit after 7+ months of waiting. Management has been absolutely no help. We moved out in August 2015 and planned to have the checks mailed four ways. The checks never came even though we were told the checks were sent. About two months later we request to have a single check cut to one person that was in the area. After that The U had no record of us even living there. Management has said they no longer deal with deposits so we had to contact the corporate company Carmel Apartments that owns The U. Carmel told us to contact Greystar. Greystar said they would put a team on it to figure this out yet they have done nothing. Really do not know what else to say but The U/Carmel Apartments stole $800 dollars from us. Up to you if you want that to happen. —adarkerforest

  • They have greatly exceeded the legal time limit for refunding your deposit. Might want to look at this resource. If your dealings have only been with local management, then they should resolve it. (This is not legal advice). -DavidGrundler