The Wardrobe Storefront The side facing E Street Plaza is colorful

206 E St. (Across the street from Watermelon Music)
Sun-Mon 12:00PM-5:00PM
Tues-Fri 11:00AM-7:00PM
Sat 11:00AM-6:00PM
(530) 756-1128
Heather Caswell

The Wardrobe is the quintessential Northern California shopping experience offering artful, spirited and timeless fashions and jewels. The Wardrobe features California lifestyle collections for the woman in love with life, her family, her friends, and herself.

The Wardrobe is known for being a color-focused store and for styling an individual from head to toe, from everyday wear to special occasions. Their size selection ranges from 2-16 (Sue Wong through 14). They are proud to offer something for everyone from granddaughter to grandmother.



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2009-04-29 23:58:08   beautiful clothes of all sorts —KatieD

2012-08-16 14:26:37   Beautiful clothing, high end of pricy, but most are well worth the cost. The staff seems okay, but one staffer took 26 minutes to ring us up, AFTER she noticed that we were ready to pay. In the middle of checking us out, she stopped to help a customer that had just walked in, this entailed going to the back of the store to retrive a dress on hold. then giving her opion of the dress. Poor decision making = poor customer service. I think when I'm dropping upwards of $100 I should get resonable service. Also, nothing there for anyone in the slightly plus size area except black. Not sure I will ever go back to store as I really felt angry and ill on leaving the store. —lindaallison

2013-04-13 00:23:20   Nice store, and I have bought some very nice gifts here that were well received. Staff are friendly and helpful. Highly recommend. Jamie —JamesMorton