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Once upon a time, in a college town just west of Sacramento, there lived some guys. In late 2008, the idea of creating a brand new kind of fraternity came to fruition. The reason behind it? To preserve the brotherhood established during their years at UC Davis and to find new guys who were chill and interested in the same things. Rather than becoming a part of an existing group, they started fresh. And thus, The Wellmen was born.

Less than a year later, The Wellmen became a recognized group by UC Davis on October 12, 2009, now known as Approval Day. We emphasize the bonds of brotherhood, enjoying college life, as well as being well-rounded individuals. Not only are we the newest and most unique fraternity, we aim to do it without the nonsense that comes with other organizations that may have expensive dues, strict regulations, and not nearly as much fun. This is not the kind of thing that will take over your life. It’s just a great way to meet a lot of cool people and have fun doing it.

The Wellmen have an expanding membership and are already a recognized name on campus. We’re known for making generous contributions and participating in fraternity and sorority philanthropies across campus, recently winning The Kappa Klassic Golf Tournament and finishing second in the Alpha Chi Omega Kickoff, to name a couple. Our members are also involved in many other parts of the campus community, including The California Aggie newspaper, UC Davis Fire Crew, ROTC, jazz band, ICA and club sports, and many others. We have lab technicians, teacher’s assistants, DJs, and workers at the State Capitol as well. You name it, we’ve got someone doing it.

Enjoy having fun? Partying? Playing intramural sports? How about laser tag? Or going to Kings games, River Cats games and Warriors games? Maybe beer is more your “cup of tea.” In December, we got the VIP treatment at the Budweiser plant in Fairfield. Maybe you prefer exchanges? Formals? Trips to Tahoe? Going to comedy clubs? Yeah, we do all that stuff, too — all while maintaining an impressive 3.10 collective GPA.

One of the best parts about the group is The Wellmen are not confined to just one “house.” We have spots all over Davis. Come over and see what we’re about — our doors are always open.


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2010-06-28 18:37:41   This page reads more like an advertisement than it does a page that belongs on a Wiki. Perhaps someone should clean this up. —newbyx86

2010-07-14 18:57:37   This is a bunch of talk about how you're not a fraternity, and then a bunch of details that make you look just like a fraternity. Perhaps you could state specifically what makes you different?

Also, is your logo just a combination of two Vs? I think I recognize it from some sports team. —Wikianon