213 E Street
Upstairs, in the back of the building, overlooking Pence Gallery courtyard

The Work Shop is a coworking space in downtown Davis. Its current features include two spaces: a quiet working space with open floor plan, desks and shared tables and a separate work space with two desks and a conference table where cell phone calls, meetings, and conversations are allowed. Both have wi-fi and access to a printer, scanner, microwave, fridge. Daily, weekly, monthly, night owl and weekender options. You can try it out for 1/2-day for $5.

"The Work Shop" is a misnomer, since there are no tools (saw, drill press,...) which are found in other shops. "Davis Office Space" would be more descriptive.

One of the primary intentions of this project is to create a space for people who are more productive when they distinguish work time from the rest of their lives, rather than living a life in which work can potentially be happening at any and all times.... it is meant to help free up people's lives outside of work for quality time with family, friends and community. By creating a space that motivates a focus on work - with the energy of other people getting their work done - the idea is to renew the pleasure of work, and get it done in the process.

For professionals in fields where they have to talk to clients throughout their work day, The Work Shop is exploring options and possibilities. At the moment, the office is set up for quiet working where short phone calls and conversations within the space are absolutely fine - it's not a library. The space could also work well for quiet and fume/dust-free artforms and crafts. Longer phone calls and conversations - and small meetings too - can happen in the sitting area and on the balcony overlooking E Street, and there are several wonderful places to meet with clients, colleagues and friends within a 1-5 minute walk (Tea List, Cloud Forest Cafe, Mishka's and more).


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2012-03-14 01:11:59   I glanced up and saw this coworking space, however phone calls longer than a minute being verboten is kinda a buzzkill —StevenDaubert

2012-03-14 13:12:41   There is a sitting area just outside the space (but indoors) set up specifically for phone calls and meetings with clients. There is also a balcony overlooking E Street with a couple of chairs for the same purpose. The Pence Gallery courtyard outside is another popular call-taking spot, and is just out the back door, but not so great in the rain of course! —VinciDaro

2012-03-26 11:31:54   Just booked a desk here: it is a wonderful space, with views out onto the back of Pence gallery shaded by trees, yet right downtown - and it's a relief to get out of the house and work in a focused space. It has also great potential for a whole series of projects in the future - meeting space for non-profits in the evenings, art showings, happy hours etc etc I highly recommend it! —NickBuxton

2012-04-23 11:28:40   Please note @StevenDaubert we are exploring options for an attached working space where longer calls are fine, depending on levels of interest. You and and others are welcome to fill in the survey at http://daviscoworking.blogspot.com/p/survey.htmlNickBuxton

2012-05-04 16:18:57   I agree with StevenDaubert, this is a buzzkill for phone calls...which is PRECISELY the reason I chose this place to work on my dissertation. The UC Davis library is not a place for peace and quiet (kids answer their cell phones and I witnessed a 'buffet' in the 'quiet reading room' during finals once), Mishka's has great coffee but it is too loud, and other coffee houses are also too loud because of 1) people talking loudly (I recognize it is a cafe); 2) kids screaming; and 3) cell phone users.

So thank you, StevenDaubert; you actually marketed this place by writing "...phone calls longer than a minute being verboten is kinda a buzzkill."

For those who want to be productive, need a peaceful environment, and welcome a cell phone 'buzzkill', this is your spot.


2012-05-10 12:59:45   I don't mean to compete with these guys... but I'm wondering, is there anyone else interested in a *premium* version of something like this? If you look at NYC/SF, there's a growing supply of class A coworking spaces, some of which double as art galleries. I work independently and have a big budget available to me... and I'd love a space like that. If there are enough of us, we could talk about co-launching a space that fills our needs. I'm thinking granite, floor/ceiling windows, amenities everywhere you look. —ChonT

2012-05-10 21:44:07   I've got a friend renting a space here who likes it a lot. He may leave a review himself at some point, but for the time being, I'll just say that while I don't think it's the right sort of setup for professionals in certain fields (mostly if you're handling confidential or privileged information/communications), it sounds like it works extremely well for others. —TomGarberson

2012-09-19 14:14:09   I've worked from a "home office" for a number of years — but the "home" demands (or temptations!) far too often trumped the "office" needs and I needed to figure out how to be more productive. I chanced on "The Work Shop" in a search for a downtown Davis office space. It has worked out brilliantly for me. It is a quiet work space but also a friendly environment —a place where you receive a welcoming smile from office mates and can also get a lot of work done. I've been renting a desk at "The Work Shop" for about three months and my productivity is vastly improved. The price is very reasonable and rental arrangements flexible — so it is easy to experiment with rental of a desk or table space for just a short time and decide if it works for you. It is definitely working for me!!

The issue of phone-calls has also just been solved!! The adjacent office has been leased and outfitted for meeting space and/or phone calls. I had a 2-hour conference call in the new space last week and it worked out wonderfully. Desk space is currently (September 2012) available for rent in the new room for those who wish or need to be on the phone on a regular basis. —NancyAllen