Theodore L. "Ted" Hullar served as the Chancellor of UC Davis from 1987 until 1994. He had previously been the Chancellor at UC Riverside. After leaving Davis he served as the director for the Cornell University Center for the Environment in Ithaca, New York, which become the Center for a Sustainable Future in 2008. Hullar's name is no longer associated with the center, as of 2009.

In May 1993 UC President Peltason temporarily reassigned Hullar to a post in the president's office in Oakland. Then Executive Vice Chancellor Larry Vanderhoef was left at the helm as acting chancellor until Hullar announced his resignation.

From Abundant Harvest: The History of UC Davis: "But the chancellor's assertive personal style — coupled with indecisiveness at key moments — had alienated some of his colleagues, and the faculty had grown restive. In October 1993, a few months after his reassignment, Hullar announced his resignation from the chancellorship, to take effect in March 1994. Summing up Hullar's career at Davis, President Emeritus David Gardner later commented that he had "very strong supporters and very strong opponents. He was a vigorous force within the Davis campus, trying new ideas, pushing for new programs, and shaking it up... Some people don't like to be shaken up."


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2009-08-26 00:49:34   Wasn't Hullar forced out of the Chancellorship position for some reason? Anyone know what the reason behind this was? —IDoNotExist

2009-08-26 01:10:06   I'm not sure about the forced part, but of all the chancellors, he was the least favored from what I gather from folks who have been on campus for decades. The campus suffered budget cuts in the early 90s, which probably also made him unpopular. —robinlaughlin