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A Co-ed Professional Engineering Fraternity


Theta Tau is a Co-ed Professional Engineering Fraternity.


ΘΤ (Theta Tau) Fraternity was founded in 1904 by four engineering students at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. The goals of the fraternity are to promote the social and professional development of its members during and after their college years. Today, Theta Tau is the oldest and largest professional engineering fraternity in the United States, with a diverse membership of men and women studying engineering at more than 40 campuses.

OΓ (Omicron Gamma) Chapter was established as a colony in 2004 by 13 members with hopes of creating a strong bond of brotherhood in the Engineering Community. On April 29, 2007 the colony was initiated. Today, Theta Tau offers community service, brotherhood activities, and professional activities in the Engineering community.


The purpose of Theta Tau is to develop and maintain a high standard of professional interest among its members, and to unite them in a strong bond of fraternal fellowship.


Theta Tau, Omicron Gamma, hosts two rush weeks each year, in Fall and Spring quarters. Those interested in joining, or learning more about, Theta Tau should visit our website ( for more information about the upcoming rush. If you have any questions about Theta Tau, you can email us at, or


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