In 1990, Thin White Rope released Sack Full of Silver

A significant Davis band formed in 1984 and disbanded in 1992, Thin White Rope produced some of the most powerful music of the late eighties and early nineties... a significant band in alternative music. Critically acclaimed by indie media, Gavin Report, and noted as a musical influence upon bands that followed. Guy Kyser continues to work at UC Davis. Members of the band used to live at 616 Anderson Road and put on lots of house shows.

They have one of the greatest write ups ever at

Official Thin White Rope website with some good images, album art, and lyrics.

And a more extensive one at

Their song Hidden Lands, was the first track of the 2010 fundraiser collection Audioversity in the Little Tomato, and can be heard here.


Guy Kyser - singer/songwriter/guitarist (major: Geology) Roger Kunkel - guitar Jozef Becker - drums Stephen Tesluk - bass Jon Von Felt - Replaced Tesluk on bass Matt Abourezk - Replaced Becker on drums Stooert Odom - Replaced Von Felt on bass Frank French - Fill in drummer, recorded at least five songs w/ the band


Exploring The Axis - 1985 (Frontier Records) Moonhead - 1987 (Frontier Records) Bottom Feeders - 12" EP - 1987 - (Zippo/Frontier) In The Spanish Cave - Full title - Captain Long Brown Finger In The Spanish Cave -1988 (Frontier Records) Red Sun EP - 1988 - (Demon) Sack Full Of Silver -1990 - (BMG) Ants Are Cavemen b/w Little Doll 7" - 1990 (Sub Pop) The Ruby Sea - 1992 (BMG)