Third World Forum

A radical publication that seems to get involved in many other causes beyond publishing a newspaper. A traditional nemesis of Davis College Republicans.

The following is printed on their website as well as all their papers as an explanation of their purpose:

Third World Forum is a student organization at the University of California, Davis. (Poo-tah-toi is the indigenous name for the region now known as Davis)

The term “Third World” was created during the mid 50s at the Non-Aligned Conference in Bandung, Indonesia . Countries that had recently celebrated independence from Colonial powers chose a ‘third’ path different and separate from that of the Capitalist First World and the Pro-Soviet Second World. Many liberation movements in the US during the 60s chose this term to be a common front to fight imperialism and racism. From Saigon to Oakland , from Johannesburg to Jerusalem , from Vieques to Davis —We need Third World Unity. As people of the Third World Forum, then, we stand against all forms of oppression and their manifestations such as imperialism, colonialism, racism, zionism, sexism, and heterosexism. We demand that the University of California uphold its own mission statement of providing "service to the region, state, nation, and the world" through the following actions:

1. UC Regents to stop funding terrorism and the occupation in Palestine by divesting their $6.4 billion from "Israel."

2. UC Regents to divest from the Corporate Prison System and fight the Prison Industrial Complex.

3. UC Davis to make good on promises establishing the Cross Cultural Center at a new (separate) location as an autonomous and student-run space protecting our freedom of speech and organizing.

4. UC Davis to create an autonomous Ethnic Studies College.

5. UC Davis to highlight narratives of struggle, autonomy and resistance by minorities on campus.