previously owner of Hello Gorgeous Salon & Spa now closed, But is looking for the right spot
Opened Feb 1,2012-Closed July 1, 2012
Sundays 8am/8pm
Mondays 8am/8pm
Please Call For Appointment
(530) 302-7369 Always will have the Same number,Keep calling. Thanks Always Thomas.
Payment Methods
Cash/Check Only Please.
20 years experience
Extensive training in all aspects of cosmetology
M/F Cuts -$35
Kids- $25
Facials, Waxing
Pedi and Manicures
Special needs clients

Thomas Lea, formerly of David's Haircutting, and Hello Gorgeous Salon & Spa, is NOT working, But looking for the right place] since his salon lost its lease. Thomas works with all ranges of clients and their needs, including those needing help when going though life-threatening illness.

Thomas is a stylist who truly seems to LOVE what he does. He works hard to provide the very best services for everyone. He is adept at bringing out the best of your style, and teaching you how to maintain it! Just ring the doorbell or call for an appointment.

Hello Gorgeous Salon & Spa, interior

Another Thomas Makeover Before After


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2010-05-21 11:57:32   I highly recommend Thomas Lea for the best haircut and color in Davis. It is so hard to find a good hair cutter to do your hair but I have stumbled on a rare gem. Every haircut and color is perfect and my hair looks and feels amazing. He is a perfectionist and someone who truly enjoys doing someone's hair and transforming them to a new look. Both my teenage girls go to him as well and their hair looks amazing especially on prom night. You will not be disappointed with him and your search for the perfect hair specialist ends right here in Davis. —Cchase

2010-06-09 19:54:24   If you <3 Thomas, join the I <3 Thomas Lea! page on Facebook. :) —NikiClayton

2010-06-26 16:21:16   Cut my hair so good that I created a Davis wiki account just to let everyone know he's the BEST haircut in Davis for only $25! —mik3ydumas

2010-06-27 13:59:20   Thomas is FABULOUS! He has been coloring, highlighting, cutting, and styling my hair for three years. Absolutely fabulous! —Cbw

2010-09-07 05:45:22   Thomas is fabulous! Not only is the price reasonable for students; the haircut is perfect! Without a doubt, you will walk away 100% satisfied and with a smile on your face. He has an amazing personality and great style and maintenance tips. I highly recommend Thomas to anyone looking for a great haircut at a great price with an amazing stylist! —AliBattig

2010-09-19 08:35:04   I love Thomas! He always gives great quality work for practically peanuts. I have so much hair that it takes 3 hours to do but he's so patient the whole time. He only likes to take one client at a time too so he's not cutting someone else's hair while he's waiting for you to process.

I'm a student so he understands I can't be in there every 8 weeks getting redone and he doesn't try to guilt me into coming when I can't afford it (I've had multiple stylists try to do that- WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?). Plus he gives me tips about what he's doing to style my hair and tries to teach me how to do it at home.

The best part about going to him- the conversation. He is hilarious! The conversation never feels forced or stilted- it's like you step into his chair and become a friend. He's the only stylist who'se number I've ever put in my phone and I've been going to him for about 2 years now. I moved to SF but I'm going to keep going back to Davis for Thomas! —NikiClayton

2010-09-20 17:12:19   Thomas gives good hair. —jazzcat

2010-09-21 13:42:38   Thomas cuts and colors my hair and it always looks amazing. His prices are unbelievable low (especially considering the quality of his work). He is a wonderful stylist and an exceptional human being. :) Next week Thomas is doing my hair and makeup for my wedding and I wouldn't trust something so important to anyone else! —AmandaCarpenter

2010-09-25 11:04:02   Thomas is fun to visit, does great color, great haircuts, eyebrows, the works, as well good conversation. And on top of all this he is quite reasonable. Thank you Thomas for everything, you can bet your clients will stay with you wherever you are. —cromell

2010-09-29 15:09:50   Thomas not only is an excellent hairstylist, he goes the extra mile for his clients and his rates are the best I've found. Beyond all this is his rapport and genuine connection with people. My teenage daughter and I have been going to him for about a year now and I agree with "NikiClayton" that the conversation is probably the highlight of a visit with him! He is a sweetheart and takes tremendous pride in his professionalism, and his customers continue to return again and again. You can count on my being one of them for as long as he's in business. Thank you Thomas for your friendship, your compassion and caring, and your tremendous talent! We love you :) —MargueriteMorris

2010-12-06 15:57:50   I used to think that going blonde meant pain and suffering (as a natural brunette), until I sat in Thomas' chair. Now I LOVE my color, and my poor tender scalp wasn't burned with bleach to make it so. And the cut is sassy and cute to boot! Need a cut and color? Thomas is the man. —MelanieMadden

2010-12-25 01:03:32   After one too many bad experiences with various cheap, cookie-cutter barbers I decided to look for someone who would cut my hair with care. I found Thomas on Davis Wiki. He is refreshingly thoughtful, skilled, and friendly and charges very reasonable rates. Now I look forward to going in for a haircut :) —ColinWagner

2011-01-17 21:07:40   Thomas is so fun and he knows what he's doing! If you want a stylist who listens and delivers, then Thomas is your man. —StephanieAnderson

2011-01-27 11:42:50   Thomas is truly the "Master Stylist Extraordinaire". I just popped in to get a quick trim and BAM. I look fabulous with a sharp, crisp even cut. Love him and his passion.

2011-01-27 18:33:04   I must agree with everybody else when I tell you how great of a job Thomas does. As a guy with long hair, I can't settle for a Supercuts type of haircut. I want it to look good without me having to do much (or anything) to it. Every time I go in for a cut, Thomas takes about 5-10 minutes to talk through every single detail of what I'm looking for, and once he starts cutting - he doesn't stop until it is exactly the way I want it to look. It really feels like the star treatment compared to any other place I've ever gotten a cut. Plus, as a student, you can't beat his prices. He explains everything he's doing as he does it and makes the haircut experience enjoyable, not awkward like some other places I've been. If you want an enjoyable conversation and a killer haircut, Thomas is the man for the job. —jfo

2011-02-05 20:56:52   An incredible cut and style! Big-city style and skills at small-town prices, plus a stylist who listens to your ideas and creates a look that makes you look you far better than you had ever imagined. Besides giving me a wonderful cut, he taught me how to create different looks, all of which are up-to-date and age-appropriate. You can trust this treasure! —teaf5

2011-02-18 15:04:14   I just got a fantastic hair cut from Thomas. He really understands how to analyze different faces and cut hair that brings out the best in your looks. He's really charismatic and a real joy to talk to. Many very interesting stories, too! I highly recommend him and will be back for my next haircut. —IanMartyn

2011-03-06 22:18:07   Going to Thomas for a haircut was one of the best haircutting experiences I've had. Fantastic conversation throughout the whole thing, and he assures you throughout the whole cut to make sure you're happy with the style he's doing. Thomas does it for the love of the art, and it shows through his work. Best haircut of my life! —yjlee

2011-03-17 18:32:26   I saw Thomas today for the first time, and it was great! I didn't even have to say what I wanted, as Thomas knew exactly the problems with my hair and what seemed to fit my face the best. I would highly recommend Thomas to anyone looking for a great haircut in Davis, and I definitely plan on going back. —TaylorS

2011-03-26 08:02:00   At long last I found Thomas! Best consultation and haircut in my life. Not only does my hair look and feel great (even the next day!), I feel more confident about working with my hair, thanks to the all great advice he gave me. Thank you, Thomas, I'll be coming back over and over again! —TinaZicari

2011-04-01 00:18:08   Thomas is amazing! He gave me perfect bangs (I've gotten disaster bangs from others in Davis), and worked with me to find the perfect shade of red! Affordable, nice, and talented! Highly recommended! :) —SaThai

2011-04-02 09:00:11   Dude you look like the Devil. How did you get a title as master stylist extraordinaire ? I wont even recommed you to cut my dogs hair ! You hacked my hair a cheep ho a suppercuts. And than you have the gull to recommed you here on wiki for a discount on my next cut. Did you bump yo head ? Next time I will go to suppercuts and buy a bottle of tequila with the money I saved ! I'll get drunk and still look good ! :)~ —SteelyDan

2011-04-03 00:08:23   Thomas Lea, Thank you for the expert haircut you gave my husband. We were passing through Davis and stopped in on a whim- best haircut ever! The folks in Davis are lucky to have your special talent nearby. —ANDREAGAIL

2011-05-12 12:58:24   I would love the opportunity to laugh in the face of this "SteelyDan" character. Not only was this not a useful review, it was spiteful, cowardly, and pathetic. He didn't even have the brain cells to spell Super Cuts right. SteelyDan, you are a small, jealous, ogre of a person who is not worth the oxygen you breathe. To anyone reading these comments- all of them are not only positive, but GLOWING. There will always be at least one troll hiding behind a computer screen, trying to tear down someone they will never compare to.

Deep breath. Rant over :)

Thomas, on the other hand, is a fabulous person and hair stylist. He took 3 hours with me on my first cut and color! My hair always looks great. His prices are beyond reasonable. I usually feel like I'm robbing him! He was even sweet enough to come in early to style my hair at the last minute when I had to go meet my boyfriend's parents. I recommend Thomas to all my friends and to anyone else who wants great hair and great conversation! —CaitlinCarolyn

2011-06-12 19:12:01   Thomas did my hair for my wedding and it was gorgeous and it stayed in place perfectly for the whole day. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. —RohiniJasavala

2011-07-31 22:47:52   Fantastic!!! Best cut and color ever. Period. Fantastic styling and maintenance tips. Thanks! —KellyKeating

2011-09-09 03:57:44   This is THOMAS, I just want to THANK ALL of you GREAT Clients. It is Because of you I LOVE what I DO.. Big Bear Hugs. Your #1 Stylist.. —thomaslea

2011-09-17 22:48:13   Thomas always gives me a cut that looks great, and it's cut so that I can make it look good in just a couple of minutes in the morning. —DaveDickson

2011-10-31 22:17:57   I got my hair cut by Thomas for the first time today, and he gave me a great haircut! He asked lots of questions and showed me examples of different cuts to make sure he knew what I wanted, and took the time to really make sure my hair looked good. It's clear that he enjoys what he does, which made for not only a great haircut, but a great experience. I would definitely recommend! —KaileyKawolics

2011-11-08 12:49:25   Thomas is a color master! I hadn't ever done a permanent color before going to Thomas and he really does an excellent job choosing the most natural shades that work with my skin color. He also does a great cut! And, to top it all off, his prices are very competitive. He also makes the whole experience a fun one!! Thanks, Thomas :-) —AhnaHeller

2011-12-23 21:49:02   Thomas is a wonderful person and an outstanding stylist. He has a lot of knowledge, and when he's done, he makes sure you feel and look great! Excellent hair color and haircut. I highly recommend him, especially during the Holidays. Thank you, Thomas! —ElviaRubald

2012-02-05 17:32:22   Thomas beautified my hair — highlights, lowlights, cut, and style — and my 15yo daughter's long hair — cut and style — this morning. We both feel gorgeous now. —Chamoudah

2012-03-15 11:52:03   I just moved to Davis a couple of months ago and being a city boy, I was worried I could find a good hair stylist/hair dresser. I first met Thomas at David's Haircutting after reading good reviews here, and what a rare gem! My first cut with him was absolutely fantastic, professional, and very modern. None of that buzz cuts! On top of cutting, he is also incredibly creative with colour and styling. I strongly recommend Thomas, especially for the guys! Even after Thomas left David's to open his own place, I will remain his loyal and happy customer! —VictorWong

2012-03-15 14:50:21   I hate to leave a negative comment for someones business, but I think the feedback on this page does not describe the service I had here and I wish I had known before I went in that I would be so disappointed. After going in to have a couple inches taken off my hair, it looks like someone literally took a weed whacker to my head. He curled my hair as he was cutting each layer so it was not until the next wash/blowdry that I noticed the jagged cuts and staircase looking layers. I went in to have it fixed and all he did was put product in it and cut random little pieces by my ears and curl it up a little more to cover the botched job, and then when I tried to explain that the layers looked like a staircase he just said basically that's how it's supposed to look. He had such an attitude about it that I didn't dare ask for my money back. I am thankful actually that he didn't try harder to fix it because it probably would have ended up looking even worse. I sincerely wonder if this man even has a cosmetology license? I went to Supercuts to get it fixed. Lesson learned. My advice to anyone looking for a stylist: save money and get a better haircut at Supercuts, or spend the extra $15 and get a nice cut at a professional salon. I am really sorry to leave negative feedback Thomas but I don't want other people being swindled to getting a haircut as terrible as mine —Brittlw

2012-05-28 17:58:45   This man is a GOD! I would recommend him to anyone for anything... cut, color, therapy! lol. But seriously he really cares about his client and not about the money or time. I feel so gorgeous :)! —KatrinaForrest

2012-06-25 12:52:05   I had to add this here as wells as at the Hello Gorgeous page.....I introduced my mom to Thomas about two months ago. She has been very dissatisfied with her current hair dresser and was ready for a change so I hoped Thomas could work some magic on her. My mom is on several medications and as a result of that and the butchering she received from her previous hair dresser; her hair was quite thin and has lost its previous natural curl. I explained to Thomas that we needed something versatile that she could style herself, but to make it a little spunky. The first time he cut her she was happy and decide next time she would have him help her with her color. Well two weeks ago she came to visit and had Thomas give her a color and cut. She asked me yesterday and requested that I leave a comment on that "internet Webbie Wiki thing" so that EVERYONE would know how much she appreciates the fantastic job Thomas did on her hair. She informed me that on a DAILY basis people she works with and total strangers are stopping her on the street and telling her how great her hair looks, ESPECIALLY the color. She is so happy that I was able to find her such a talented and affordable artist to work on her hair. Thomas is the best and no matter where he is, we will seek him out and keep coming back for more fabulousness. Thanks again Thomas!!! Momma is feeling like her "red" hot self again all because of you!!! —SherriMarie

2012-07-09 13:35:50   I first went to Thomas about a year and a half ago. He gave me gorgeous bangs and I haven't wanted to change my style or hairdresser since! Til this day, I still get compliments on how gorgeous my bangs are! Everyone I know is dying to go to him! We will follow you Thomas! Can't wait for your new spot! —SaThai

2012-07-10 15:13:54   I let my hair grow for almost 3 years before I decided it was time for a BIG change. I looked up Thomas, who had given me my last trim years before, and brought him several photos of what I liked (and a couple photos of what I didn't think would work.) He really took the time to look at what I wanted, and he did a wonderful job! He did just what I wanted and tailored it slightly so that it worked with my face. I went from very VERY long hair to a very VERY short, chic cut. I've had SO many compliments on my new look, and I feel years younger! He also helped me donate my overgrown locks to Locks of Love. Thomas is very affordable too, which helps now that I want to maintain my shorter hairstyle so I will be going more often. I will follow Thomas to his next shop, wherever that may be! Thank you, Thomas! —ChristinaHooke

2013-05-28 21:21:06   Thomas, Where are you? xo —Chamoudah